Let Go To Complete Your Dream


You told her not to act like everything’s fine in front of you. Stop this nonsense Shin 😦 You’re hurt

Fuck ! She’s going to England.
After surgery, can I play guitar again ?

When I think of you I feel very sad, lonely & upset

I think we’re fated to live apart. I come & my daughter goes.

He delaying his surgery till Gyu Won goes abroad.
SH: Why are my bad perceptions never wrong ?
S: If she knows, she’ll definitely say she won’t go.

S: If I look at that, it truly feels as if you’re going away.
GW: There is a person I have to be next to right now.

S: My hand … Is all better. And .. Lets stop now.
S: I said lets break up.
If the distance between us widens, so will my heart distance itself. Honestly, I have no strength to wait for you. But he’s gonna keep her pic right 😦

Oh. He cries. I’m crying 🙂

~ One Year Later ~

Gyu Won grew her hair out.

Ji Yeong is editor now & pouting at Seon Gi to work with her. Them two are so cyute. If you ask like this I cant refuse.

Jeong Hyeon is studying TM !
She can totally keep gramps in check 😛

Ride this poop car again ?! A year has passed & you haven’t changed at all.
He claims he left to do soul searching. But in my opinion I think he left to pick up girls.

Swear to God Tae Joon needs a fuckin life.
So happy Seok Hyeon isn’t here. And he just walks up like You guys having fun ? PMSL
Please take me out of the Myeong Joo plan. I’ll use my own ability & be evaluated. /legs it/

For being a man, he’s so petty. I should go & scold him tomorrow.

Ugh. Making them awkwardly work together again.
Shin is not up to it this time. At least I can rest assured there’s still feelings there.

I’m not the Lee Gyu Won I used to be. Throw anything at me. I’ll just go against it. I want her to get it this time.

You should understand. When men get upset, it usually lasts longer.

Straight from the bottle. I’m going to drink to my heart’s content. Take responsibility for me until the end. ~Calls Shin to help carry Gyu Won home. He calls her dad instead.

All the songs he wrote were sad. Well he is kinda heartbroken.
SG: If one of us had plucked the courage, we wouldn’t have ended up like this. Couldn’t you do it first ? Crying in her sleep ? Or did she wake up.
She wanted it to be Shin who brought her home.

Seok gives the sad songs to Gyu Won. They’re probably about her anyways.
If I leave you two alone like this, I think that you’ll both die from being lovesick. Oh. So Shin’s still keeping his distance so she never knows.
Finally ! I was thinking, I would totally corner him in the practice room if I were her. Not knowing that, do you know how hard I worked to hate you.

Going through their memories :’) together but separately.
Lool. Both of them came from separate ends ^_^ :D Its fate
His smile bursts.
Apologize before you say you love her 😕

Mashup ! Of both their songs 🙂

Give Me A Smile


Hee Joo’s got tears too. About time she showed some emotion.

Even though you didn’t go up on stage. You are still the real female lead to me. I’m sobbing btw ~

Ripping young ! Su Myung’s jell 😛
SM: Instead of just focusing on his abs, you should’ve focused on the performance. S: We are also human, why are you so mad ? Oppa, can we have an encore ?
Yah ! Also here … I have … I have stomach fat.

SH: Eh you little rascals. You should have warned the director. I nearly lost my child. GW: Eh … What do you mean when you’re a man !

At least Hee Joo told the truth, about lip-synching. Good for you girl. You seriously need friends. Shin’s shrug when Gyu Won looks to him during the pictures.

Han Myeong Joo. Is that Hee Joo’s sister ?!

Takes teddy off. GW: I knew this would happen. You got tired of it quickly. S: That’s not it. I want to change it for this one. GW: Actually … I wanted to do that too. Pffft

Joon Hee all sweet before her operation. Mom has got to see how sweet he is now right ?

Produce an album ? Baam ! Awesome 🙂

Ya! I’m not leaving because of you, I really am leaving just now. He wants couple tees now 😕
Bo Oon ! You can’t talk like that in front of the guys. Poor Joon Hee covering his eyes like he can see it.

Hangs up & Su Myung & Gi Yeong are there 🙂 I almost choked.
I’m pretty sure as men you have caught on. Today is a very important day to me … So, you have to help me okay ? Oh fuck !! Just got it. He’s gonna propose.

Gramps will kill you if he finds out. Joon Hee ! You silly klutz ^_^ Banged your damn drum

SM: Use more strength ! Whats the point of those abs ? GY: What abs are you talking about ?
SM: Uh. About that. The car is on strike. SH: I knew that crappy car would cause a problem someday. You are ruining his proposal !! >:( angry

Fuck ! Why is Gramps so controlling of Gyu Won ??

The event is not that important. The most important is the idea. Seriously ?! How did you forget about  the ring so quickly ?? You literally just about put it down.
Singing for her ^_^ :D

Call your mom & her dad for help 🙂
Really bitch ? Because it totally looks like your dumb ass grandpa is doing all the deciding for you. Do you honestly feel like you’re making your own life choices ?

Joon Hee looking after Hee Joo ^^ Sarang’s clique & the boys are so fuckin shocked.
Sarang: I must have been a traitor in my past life. Ohh. Does Su Myung like her ? I thought he asked her out to be nice.
GY: It looks like it will be hard for you to date her until they all get boyfriends. SM: Yeah ? gy: Yeah. It will be hard. SM: Aren’t you lonely ? >Not yet. He’s got you.<

I wanted to give you the last chance. But no matter what you choose. I’m by your side. And she just about said she wont run away.

Shite ! I think he might have sprained it worried :/

Eek ! Fuck ! Shit ! She’s living in Shin’s house.
GY: You can cook ? S: How many times do I have to tell you. There’s nothing I can’t do.

S: No regrets in leaving home ? GY: Thanks to that I get to see your room.

It’s good. I feel like crying. You gone give her your daddy’s record ! So’cute.

I feel like my guitar is trying to mimic it. I just wanted to listen to it with you this once.
When I become a great guitarist one day & have my own album out … You can give it back to me then.

Best time to interrupt Jeong Hyeon. Gyu Won was so bloody embarrassed.

Gyu Won was being scouted !
Another poor victim of grandpa 🙂 Jeong Hyeon

He’s gonna let Gyu Won do it !! Woohoo !

Ugh ! Knew Shin’s injury would turn out serious 😦



Could it be that … It’s cancelled because of me ?
When they all cried ~ Sarang & her girls wailed ~ I just felt so bad for Gi Yeong 😦

Unnie, I believe in you. Until you come back, I’ll wait for you.

I’m not bragging, its just that I was born well.

Madame Goo’s :O face when asking what Seok was talking about to that guy.

The ding when Shin got his idea 🙂

Reminiscing in the hall 🙂 Seok. You are so cute

Who thought of this cool idea ? *ahem* If Lee Shin drops out, I’ll do it.

Seok was gonna go back to Broadway ?!
No one will help them put on the performance
Awweee ! Everyone giving their money. That’s definitely my Shin. B: Don’t make it so obvious. /turns/ /thumbs up lol/

Madame Goo is so fuckin cute. Squishing Seok & fuckin pecking his cheek !!

Lol ! Shin making eyes at Bo Oon to get lost after the other two went to get food :D ^_^ Can I come back now. After I went out, I realized there’s nowhere to go.

There’s a lot of people obstructing her & that’s what saddens me the most. That’s why I pay attention to her more. And because of that I had a lot of misunderstandings.

All shy after kissing Shin’s head. Oh my God I’m dying here !! :/ confused/googly 🙂
Aaah. Caught by your kids. Seon Gi’s first love.
She fell asleep so quick. Coz of his song 😕 😛

Lool. Tryna make each other jealous at the bar.
Right now, I’m holding it in because you’re cute when you’re angry.

Get lost bitch ! I swear. I wanna kill her. It was fuckin cancelled coz of her. Gyu Won wanted to do it so bad. It was pretty much back on for her. By Shin. If you want to cry then cry. In front of me, you can cry.

Ugh. Her mom just barges in to demand her daughter. But Seok doesn’t wanna hear no shit 😛

Course you should. Who’s girlfriend do you think you are ?

Awwee Shin’s nervous ^_^

The musical is awesome. But where is Gyu Won ?? Unneccassary shirtless scene. Whoop ! He is hot ya’know. She kissed him ! She kissed him ? Hee Joo ! Gi Yeong ! :O

I know right. How is she gonna sing. I have a bad feeling about this.

Knew it ! Lip synching. Gyu Won’s crying 😥

Bloopers again ! Does Shin mess up a lot or … ?

Don’t Cry


I’m not going to go. I said, I’m not going to go.
It’s fine now, right ?

I guess he must be angry.
That side if him I’ve only seen twice. Once when you ran away. Something is not right. Ugh ! Now they just look more guilty.

Knew he’d say she was more important.
It has to be a production you are happy in, or it means nothing to me. >squealing<

Poor Joon Hee. So stressed over this. Its just not him.
He’s acting weird. He isn’t looking for food like before.

Nonsense ? Her getting sick is nonsense to you, her mom ?

He bought the teddy keyring ^^ Lol comparing her to a teddy bear

Shite ! Seok is drunk off his ass.
Shin kissing his key-chain goodnight ^_^

She isn’t helping rumors by running like a mad person to meet Seok. If you quit, there won’t be any meaning behind him taking your side.

Bitch Tae Joon came up with a fuckin shit ass script. You just gone mess up.

Ugh. Gyu Won needs a hug. Shin’s so close worried :/

Oh ! She can hear his song ?!
Let them have some time alone. Oh right. Lee Shin would hate me if I interfered again. Finally !!

Did you cry it out ?
Don’t cry if I’m not there.

Seon Gi ! Kicked out before you even move in

Although he’s easy to talk to, at times it seems he needs to speak to a man.

Why is Shin bitchy lil sis grassing her up for ?!

Don’t you think grandpa will faint bcoz of Joon Hee ? Joon Hee is a bit … >I’m dying !<

Seok Hyeon gone fishing.

Pffft. What else did you expect ?? Big shot Director quits, duh (!) your sponsors will drop.

You have a lot of things to be sorry for, so tell me one specifically. Proposals are supposed to be made by men.

I can see your butt itching to jump back in. Lool !!
Even having skills is tiring.

Su Myung jumps him. SH: Hey ! Hey ! What are you doing ? I don’t like guys. SM: I don’t either.

Hee Joo refusing to practice.
Lool all the kids jump Seok. Ah, this popularity never dies down.

I was going to quit, but they kept calling me.

Tae Joon just fuckin desperate to screw someone over.
Knew something would happen to Hee Joo.

Oppa, you changed, but you changed too much.
Return to the cold beauty please
Aah ! Knew back then that those pictures would resurface.

Replay ! Lool. Now that I think about it, you were chasing me first. The proof is right here, isn’t it the truth ?

S: Don’t get nervous. Right now, Cha Bo Oon is on her way /snap/ B: Gyu Won ! S: See. She will always appear no matter what.
B: Not you, Shin. Did I do something wrong again ? Am I wrong ? S: No. You’re just doing your part. Now I’m used to it. B: Don’t do another revenge on me again.

What the fuck was that, Tae Joon ?! Just pop up to try & make them nervous >:( angry

The girls … Are they all going ? Yes bby, your girl’s gonna be there too 😉

Shall we go look for the ghost too ? SM: No, then that wouldn’t be fun. The girls are looking for a ghost so what do you think we have to do ? But if we get caught by the director, we’ll get in trouble. SM: Don’t worry. The director also said the same thing when he went to this school. Lool
I saw your stuffed bear already. I know that you cant leave your teddy bear but I need to take your phone. >Just kill me now<

Damn! The guys look scary :O scared
So obvious Gyu Won would end up alone. Her punishment. Shin’s so cute in that hoodie.

Omg !! They all got scared I’m dying 🙂 ! Gi Yeong got beat up. Let me live.

I wanted to throw it out in front of you.

Exercising. Shin’s a lazy shit.
Cancelling the fuckin performance ! You have got to be kidding me. Just because you can’t bare to see someone else succeed.

At That Place, At That Time


You are in trouble now 😀 Lol

S: What do we do know ? I’m worried what will happen to your hair. GW: I guess I’ll have to wear a swimming cap. S: Nothing will happen. Believe me. You don’t believe me ?

Her face looks like its going to break.

The way shes just rolling around on her bed ^_^ :D I wanted Shin to frikkin squeal or something

Bcoz of Shim I will hold it in.

That museum is so fuckin awesome !!! :O

Noo !!! Don’t use Joon Hee in your evil plans, Hee Joo you bitch ! That’s taking advantage of an innocent baby 😦

No ! Don’t compare Shin to your dad. That’s just gross :P :O
Whats wrong with you Lee Shin ? You’re only tough on the outside, aren’t you ?

I don’t care what anyone thinks. Don’t you know that already ?

Don’t hold it in & just hit them for once.

Bitch !! Used Seok’s fuckin phone after he sent him out.

While I was crying & playing around, you were just born. Lol ! I just find that a weird thing to say 😛

How can someone small like her be a noona ? Lool

Crap ! Shit ! Cameras ! It doesn’t help that Seok acts all suspicious. Plus he’s so handsy with Gyu Won.

Ugh ! Poor Shin. What’s he gonna think ?

Fuck ! Seok & Gyu Won met at a hotel !! I’m dying here !!!

You gone keep doing this to him, Hee Joo ? My poor baby.
I’m going to be sad, but I will do it.

There’s no one else that would call at this time besides her. Lool

If you are really are thinking about Gyu Won, you should meet up with Tae Joon sunbae. Yoon Soo is so understanding he’s lucky.

If I knew it would be like this I’d have brought sunglasses. Shall I buy you some ? Lool what did you buy her Shin 😀 Oh, you eat so well. Does it taste good ? They so cute.
She’s strong. His face :D ^_^

Seok looks like he wanted to kill Tae Joon when he came to talk to him.

S: Calm me when your grandfather isn’t there. GW: Then … It will only be the two of us. S: Don’t think perverted thoughts. I don’t want to hear his traditional life story anymore.

I think I will think perverted things without knowing.

Punch that bitch’s teeth out Seok !
I am a person who does art. I don’t want to mix with those disgusting people.

What a proposal Yoon Soo. but he said no 😦

My bby Joon Hee ! He doesn’t know what he’s a part of.
Hee Joo’s voice is going isn’t it ?

If you go now, you & I are over.
Don’t go. Please don’t go.

Those bloopers killed me *_*

You’re a little Slow


Are you here bcoz you cant trust me ?

They so cute being all shy. Knew he’d do something like not ask for Gyu Won’s hand really 😛
There’s only one solution if we don’t want our hands bumping into each other. You just have to go by holding hands. >Their faces though<

Yay ! Ji Yeong & Seon Gi know about their kids now ^^ The reason I decided to come back to Seoul … Is not bcoz of father. It was bcoz of you.

Ice cream. Cutie date (?) please ^^

Sarang & her girls backtracking :D ^_^ lool they just look so funny Who ? Girls who say they love me.
Like you didn’t do anything ? I don’t get what she’s getting at :/ confused/googly

I usually don’t share with people. Bcoz its you, I’m specially sharing it with you. Hey ! Don’t do that to Joon Hee’s food :O scared

Wahay !! There goes your reason to ruin Seok 🙂 Hee Joo’s mom don’t want you to do it anymore
If your finished your speech would you go ? I have to prepare for class.
Please don’t come to talk to me about Seok Hyeon again. It doesn’t reflect well on you.

What was that ? Showing off how well you play ?
GW: But, what did you want to tell us ? SH: You guys have already said it all ! I wanted you to fight it out. Gyu Won talking through her teeth to Hee Joo 🙂

Oh! We’re seeing each other often. Lol ! If I were Shin I’d have strangled Bo Oon by now. Cha Bo Oon ! >:( angry
Did you eat ice cream with Lee Shin ? How did you know ? How could we not ? It spread all over school.

That would be even worse than being tired. My hair … worried :/

Why are you looking at couple t-shirts ? Who will you wear it with? Oh … I wear it with my grandpa

Aww bby ^^ you putting yourself through hell just to talk to Gyu Won. Se’cute. Cha Bo Oon wont follow her here, will she ? You don’t know how wrong you are 🙂 Aww his poor legs. He should sit more comfortably but its probably rude. Shin’s face when he said “… I looked JUST like you

Lee Shin. Why are you here ? >his face is just …<
He almost fell ! Bo Oon’s lil :O look. Is she FINALLY getting it ?
Why does Cha Bo Oon keep following you around ? Bffs bitch. We joint at the hip.
You guys are a bit strange today. I noticed you are often together. Aren’t they always ? Even when he hated her.
You, who majors in TM … Does it make sense that you didn’t get to hear it ? I’ve heard too. Since you came over here … How about hearing about it ? Really can I ? Bo Oon actually looks like she’ll enjoy it.

I’m sorry. For what ? Do I have to say it in words ? Yas plz 🙂

How is it ? Her face. So cute.
Don’t just look at my face. Listen to the music ….
They shouldn’t be allowed to be so cute together 🙂

Ouch ! Bo Oon was there all day :/

Crap ! I’m a total mess. Dying over how cute Shin is with the bike seat ^_^ :D Hold on tight. I said hold on tight.

Hey ! Others will see us like this. I don’t want my hair pulled out. Shite ! Causing uproar in the school :D ^_^
End it before your hair gets it 😛

Is something going on in school ? The school was so noisy. Gossip time for the teachers. Really ? The show. Is that the only reason you don’t like Gyu Won dating ?

Gi Yeong’s got a lisp thing going on ^_^ ayee its so fuckin cute

Joon Hee making Hee Joo low calorie lunch box. Such a cutie. You can’t reject him no more, kay ?

Kim Seok Hyeon, lets see your talent. Oh, you’ll see it alright. I don’t doubt him at all.

Why do you have your hair like this ? I don’t know when my hair will be pulled out. I’m here next to you, so rest assured.
Cha Bo Oon, I was wondering why you hadn’t arrived yet …?

I thought Shin would freak seeing Gyu Won holding Gi Yeong’s hands.

Hyperventilating. No. I’m not well. I was holding back in front if Gi Yeong oppa bcoz I thought he might run away.

Look at the audience like this …. And share my thought. You’ve fallen for me.

Daamn ! Gyu Won was awesome. They loved her.
Hee Joo got slapped by her mom in front of Joon Hee 😦

And we back to ruining Seok. *sigh*

She’s not a child. Jealous 🙂 Shin

Why are you smiling ? Its funny. Is that funny.
What did I do wrong ? Your being popular is your wrongdoing.

I will tell you once. Clean this up. Yes. He will only tell us once. Hurry up.

SH: Whats wrong with your face ? GW: Compared to Lee Shin … Am I such a loser ?? SH: Who says that ? GW: All the kids. SH: If there’s anybody who says that, bring them here. I’ll punish them.

SH: Gyu Won, you have the ability to move people’s hearts. And there are only a few people who can see that. GW: Really ? SH: Of course. I see it with my eyes.
If Shin hurts your feelings, tell me. I’ll punish him.

Today you also came to listen ? Lool ! No. I have a part time job today.

Laughs. I just know one thing, I didn’t even think about that.  Aah Madame Goo & his damn business dropping.

Lee Gyu Won, just ignore it for now.
She can’t last a minute

Lolz. The crowd goes quiet when she appears 😛

Awee !! Kiss ^_^ !

Romance Road


So you’re telling me to keep liking you even when you don’t like me ? I don’t know how great you are, but don’t play around with a person’s heart.

Lol selling her brothers autographs for money xD

It wasn’t about me. Then why did you ask ?

I knocked hard enough to get bruises
/pinches her mouth/ You’ll become a duck that way

At least the chancellor is on Seok’s side.
Wait! If Tae Joon just found out about the MT now, did Seok lie before ?

Omo ! Please don’t ruin Seok.
If Gyu Won had seen this, then she would have totally swooned! Shin immediately looks over to them. We cant just tell people that we are going there to have fun.
I love the way he is. Everything about him.

Her stare is so cute that I want to bite her.

The reason why your singing doesn’t have any feelings, is bcoz you don’t know about those feelings. End my prejudice. Sincerely

I need to go to the bathroom! Have a long and comfortable talk. Lolz Gi Yeong’s face when she asked him to teach her about feelings

Don’t you think it’ll be better help than you ? Oh really. Have fun listening to his life story 😛 In your face, Lee Shin

Lol. Bet Madame Goo wasn’t really joking about tagging along.
What did you do ? Strip. Dies coz Seok did too 😀

Daamn his legs went to sleep
That one is in a band. The other is old. Which one is better ? Lool

God ! The coach scene !! Everyone dying for Yoon Soo to sit by them :D ^_^
That guy who just randomly speaks English 😛

Lol ! Is Sarang eyeing Su Myung ?!
She has everything in her suitcase ! No wonder they’re heavy 😛

I want to be Su Myung’s girlfriend. Get out ! His face though >_<

Lool Joon Hee sucking on Hee Joo’s finger ! So naive. My bby  :x
Omo ! Whats up with his mom though ? Is she sick ?

Losing each other in the market. Shin got so scared :)

Lolz uncooked rice & weird dinner ^^ The work of Joon Hee & his Natasha

Damnit ! Wanted to see Gyu Won perform the 2NE1 Song 😦

Don’t get hurt. I’m concerned
Awwee the song Shin sang ^^ Who’s it originally by ??

Joon Hee’s just all over Shin whilst sleeping ^^
Amount of times she’s said gwenchana to him

Do you want me to tell you my wish ?
That you would … Like me again.