Let Go To Complete Your Dream


You told her not to act like everything’s fine in front of you. Stop this nonsense Shin 😦 You’re hurt

Fuck ! She’s going to England.
After surgery, can I play guitar again ?

When I think of you I feel very sad, lonely & upset

I think we’re fated to live apart. I come & my daughter goes.

He delaying his surgery till Gyu Won goes abroad.
SH: Why are my bad perceptions never wrong ?
S: If she knows, she’ll definitely say she won’t go.

S: If I look at that, it truly feels as if you’re going away.
GW: There is a person I have to be next to right now.

S: My hand … Is all better. And .. Lets stop now.
S: I said lets break up.
If the distance between us widens, so will my heart distance itself. Honestly, I have no strength to wait for you. But he’s gonna keep her pic right 😦

Oh. He cries. I’m crying 🙂

~ One Year Later ~

Gyu Won grew her hair out.

Ji Yeong is editor now & pouting at Seon Gi to work with her. Them two are so cyute. If you ask like this I cant refuse.

Jeong Hyeon is studying TM !
She can totally keep gramps in check 😛

Ride this poop car again ?! A year has passed & you haven’t changed at all.
He claims he left to do soul searching. But in my opinion I think he left to pick up girls.

Swear to God Tae Joon needs a fuckin life.
So happy Seok Hyeon isn’t here. And he just walks up like You guys having fun ? PMSL
Please take me out of the Myeong Joo plan. I’ll use my own ability & be evaluated. /legs it/

For being a man, he’s so petty. I should go & scold him tomorrow.

Ugh. Making them awkwardly work together again.
Shin is not up to it this time. At least I can rest assured there’s still feelings there.

I’m not the Lee Gyu Won I used to be. Throw anything at me. I’ll just go against it. I want her to get it this time.

You should understand. When men get upset, it usually lasts longer.

Straight from the bottle. I’m going to drink to my heart’s content. Take responsibility for me until the end. ~Calls Shin to help carry Gyu Won home. He calls her dad instead.

All the songs he wrote were sad. Well he is kinda heartbroken.
SG: If one of us had plucked the courage, we wouldn’t have ended up like this. Couldn’t you do it first ? Crying in her sleep ? Or did she wake up.
She wanted it to be Shin who brought her home.

Seok gives the sad songs to Gyu Won. They’re probably about her anyways.
If I leave you two alone like this, I think that you’ll both die from being lovesick. Oh. So Shin’s still keeping his distance so she never knows.
Finally ! I was thinking, I would totally corner him in the practice room if I were her. Not knowing that, do you know how hard I worked to hate you.

Going through their memories :’) together but separately.
Lool. Both of them came from separate ends ^_^ :D Its fate
His smile bursts.
Apologize before you say you love her 😕

Mashup ! Of both their songs 🙂

Sweet Crybaby


Waaee … O.o Why did this episode start from here again ?! Goes to show winning isn’t everything. Hee Joo never got congratulated even.

What are you ? Her manager. Lol
Omo! I didnt expect Shin to tag along :o with her in Seok’s car !
Did you guys fight?

Why Seok lying to Yoon Soo ? Ach worried :/ I’m feeling nervous right now. Shin: If there’s any shouting, I should run inside. Seok: You can do that too.

Course you get Hee Joo, Yoon Soo. You’re both the same.
Ugh. Hee Joo’s mom stepped in !!

Glass scales :o Check your weight in style

I left my bicycle there yesterday. Bcoz of someone. Well no one told you to get in Seok’s car with her. The way he has to think before letting her on the bus first 😛

What’s with you ? You don’t have class in the afternoon today.

Sorry but I cant sympathize with Hee Joo crying. But Joon Hee is so cute with his comforting ^^

If you go, you might gain something from it. And carry their instruments for them too.

Lolz all the grannies want the handsome kid 😛

Lol. He’s twelve 😛 Don’t worry I go for the younger ones too. Know how that feels 😦 these Korean guys
Omg ! I love it when they get drunk in these dramas 🙂 She even became his black rose for him ^^ Her friends lol “Lets leave” when they see the two of them on the steps.

Hello, I’m Hee Joo’s boyf… Whack! Don’t say useless things.

I told you that I would forget you. But why are you always hanging around me ? What did you do that’s making you look so giddy ? ~ 😉
These days your face seems brighter. Its a relief. Ofc, he’s hanging around her !

Seok Hyeon’s so in love it’s cute ^^ !

She obviously doesn’t know its her birthday. Happened last year too. Lool what 😀 ? Should’ve had that soup lol. Probably won’t get another prezzie from Gramps 😛

She gets up from her comp without saving her work ? worried :/
Aww her telling him about her gayageum. She’s so into it. It’s like their first convo ever.
Lolz grandpa wanted Seok’s number for that ??

Her lil bday celebration 😀 Putting cake on Shin’s face.
Fell down the fuckin stairs when he said Happy Birthday ! Way to go.

Gramps is boring the director with his life story 😛

Yes boys. Its rude to watch her sleep
She may not be as strong as you think.

Its so funny watching her girls walking with his band. Why the fuck do they look so lanky ?? They don’t usually. And the girls aren’t normally so teeny looking

Lolz he fell asleep whilst listening to her 😛

Fireworks ! Daamn Joon Hee’s awesome ~ Obvs them two would end up alone. Don’t stop liking me ~ Damn those fireworks at the right moment lol

I’m going to … I’m going to forget


So. I guess she’s figured out who the necklace belongs to.

Ugh. I thought Shin was gonna treasure the frikkin umbrella.

Yeah. Gyu Won’s sick coz she was looking for the necklace. For you 😛

I know my words are not comforting.
You’re calling my name. It’s the first time.  I was practically sobbing after that.

Unnie ! You’re not cheating on me with Gi Yeong hyung, are you ?

Wait, this isn’t revenge, right ? Uh course it is dude. Lol ! She piled so many books. Did she honestly not realize ?

Awwee ! Her daddy came to see her !!

The way he just took them out the running for lead. Scene stealers my ass.
He’s like just eff off already. Am I supposed to make them all Miss Koreas ? Or make them the first, second & third daughters ? Lool

Ghosts that hide in water are the scariest !

Sadness is love. Hatred is love. Pain is love.

Ach. Knew something would happen to her at the karaoke. Are those toilets for anybody ? O.o Coz then he snuck into the ladies ?! You don’t have to pretend that you are fine in front of me. Don’t do that. I got caught.
Lolz. He gave his hand for the tambourine, not to help her up 😛

Those little stare things on the bus. Then her falling asleep.

Did he listen to all of that ?? Grandpa screaming at her.

Director & Lee Shin both going to rescue her.
Knew Seok Hyeon would get there first. Coz it needa be time for Shin to see now. Lol. Using his sister as bait. He paid her xD

Why does he have a bike of all things ? Taking so long to get back to school 😦
OhMyGod freakin call Seok ! Since you got his number anyways. Then he’ll know you’re on your way !

I don’t think I will be able to forget you immediately. But I will try my best.

I love the studs Shin wears. Especially the star ones.

She sings beauts doesn’t she ? 😉 Brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

How ?! Rigged voting bitches !! Ugh. How did Hee Joo … !!!

Reject your neighbor, but take up the director’s offer to drop you off. Well … What did you expect ? She is  avoiding you. Trying to get over you.



Today … I met my father. I just … Wanted to tell someone. Knew it ! Knew it ! He wasn’t in the dark about that 😀

So Yoon Soo had an accident which killed her career ? Explains her dancing & constant stumbling in the dark then. Plus the reason she became a choreographer.

Omo ! The letters were frikkin hilarious !! Did she write them both or … ?

Lolz. Random moment where the lights go off 😛

Whats Iraiza ??? She called Hee Joo that.

Who’s Gi Yeong ??

You want to eat with me ? You want to go out with me ? Gosh he’s so damn cute getting excited !

His lil poem for her ^^ You fuckin cutie.
But seriously though, who is Natasha ?? :/

That random scream when Joon Hee’s bored.
You spat on me ! HEYY !!!!
You cant cause any trouble. Hes like their baby ^^

Did you, by chance, hurt your head ? /feels himself/ I didn’t get hurt

To the people who know how to have fun … We are the nations champions ! I bloody adored this part ^_^

Lee Soo Myun ! That Ha Rim’s name in this 🙂
If you caught on then … Lets go in quickly.
Hyeon Gi Yeong. Omlg is it his brother or something ?! Nap it cant be. He is Kim Seok Hyeon. Lolz forgot ;P

Awwweeeee !!!!! Their music got to him ^^ i’m gushing over the cute of this !!! He’s getting rid of his stage fright.

I’m so touched I’m about to cry. Yes. I feel like that atm. But your face really shows it, doesn’t it ? 😉

Hee Joo looks so grossed out in that hospital bed.

Ey ! Dont tell my bby to go die 😦

Have you ever injured your head ?
I’m really good at running. Even when I run 100m, I don’t lose my breath. Only when I see unnie I lose my breath. This is Love !

Ah, in a little bit, watch out for a guy who doesn’t look like he has much (in the head). The last drummer looks like Onew sometimes.
That person is very cute. But, is a bit crazy. Yess …. But that makes him cuter 😛

Lolz. Passing the candle job on 😀 He’s called Narcissistic Prince on her phone xD
Why are you still alive? Didn’t I tell you to die ? Omg!! What a greeting ! But his reply is even better. I’ll die a bit later, lets go unnie.

You crazy person. >only for you<
What the baloney is going on right now ? I don’t know either.

Its love. >yes it is 😉<

Yahoo! Hee Joo unnie ate my choco bar ! You fuckin cutie. I cant get enuff of him. Thank You !!

Before you graduate, the least you could do is receive some lines. Oof~ That bad girl. What a diss ;P

I washed it last month. Lol !
That fox is flirting with my Joon! Bbygal he was neva yours ;*
Does that look like flirting in your eyes ? Of course. >TALKING to my bby is already flirting<

And he fuckin gonna stay coz of her !!

Aand we have a love pentagon ! Way to go ~

Ep 9-11


Episode 9

The boat Ji Hoo left for her at the pool. She never got it 340

Woobin: What’s wrong with that kid ? Did he eat something weird at Geum Jan Di’s house ?

Jun Pyo: Do you guys even know about life ?
Yi Jung: It was better when he used to get his sayings wrong. Woobin: I’m scared of Geum Jan Di more than a tiger or smallpox.

After his attempt at not being desperate with Jan Di, Yi Jung: It’s embarrassed that he’s my friend.

Ga Eul’s bf is kinda rude. He’s got a really wide mouth.

Oh… He was talking trash about Jan Di. That’s why he got beat up.

Sup with that phone call Yi Jung got ?
When he saw Ga Eul crying. I’m like Be a man get out of the damn car.

Fuckin hell ! Finally !! They fuckin kissed. At the park ^^

Episode 10

What. The shit wants Ga Eul back now ? Bitch.

Please. For Gods sake. Don’t give Ji Hoo a valentine gift.
She’s made Jun Pyo cookies ^^
He’s touched by them, I can tell.

Shite ! His mom is here. Why is she taking him away ??
He never took the valentine prezzie with him 340

Poor Ga Eul. Obvs Yi Jung gets loads of valentines gifts.

Ji Hoo. Doesn’t that hurt ? The biccies. You know they’re menna be Jun Pyo.

He always ends up with everything Jun Pyo gives her or she gives Jun Pyo. 
He also eats everything she gives Jun Pyo. Lol !

I luv it when he has a ponytail ^^
I thought Jan Di’s mom would force her to sign it.
Okay … Not so great. Pouring sugar (?) on her head

Ji Hoo also plays piano, as well as guitar & violin

Jan DI: Whenever an alarm rings in my heart. Sunbae appears in front of me.

That bitch ! She’s fuckin shutting Jan Di’s family down !

Jan Di’s mom, making them scream but she can’t do it herself.

I knew she’d see one of them 😦 It had to be Jun Pyo.
Well, she got another kiss 😉

Jun Pyo asked for the same promise as Ji Hoo. Tell me if anything happens. But to Ji Hoo, she just said it ain’t so serious with Jun Pyo anyways.
Jun Pyo’s gonna treasure the fuckin can.

Ji Hoo: My heart hurts. /pause/ If I was Gu Jun Pyo then my heart would hurt

Where the fuck has she gone to now ?

Episode 11

She gets into all sorts of shit. Their pervy smiles don’t wipe off.

Ha Je. Plz don’t start liking her.

Ji Hoo. Good guy. I’ll pretend I never saw you two
Knew Jun Pyo would get jealous. Now they broken up for real

Be gave her the red card :O
He’s the type. But he changed. He did !

Ji Hoo : Don’t make me regret it. Coz he gave her up for Jun Pyo.

So who is Ha Je really ?? He did all those things. I have a feeling he’s working for Jun Pyo’s mom.