My Feels Won’t Go


Is it wrong for me to still be sad over Yifan ? Its hard to forget someone who’s been there for so long 😦 Not that I will be forgetting him anytime soon. I’m 100% behind him whatever he path he chooses to follow now.

But I am so sick & tired of people bashing on others for still missing him & mentioning him. Of course we will feel incomplete without him ! EXO began as twelve. Grew as twelve. We obviously respect what they are now doing as eleven. But we cant just forget him. A piece will always be missing.

I will always love my ot12. But I can still support the 11 now. And I totally do.

But please stop acting as if its possible to just act as if he never existed.

That would be heartless.

They will always be incomplete without him. But that doesn’t mean I can’t love EXO. Why can’t that be respected ?! Its not specified how long we can mourn him.

So can we please end this nonsense. I’m sick of it tbh.