You’re a little Slow


Are you here bcoz you cant trust me ?

They so cute being all shy. Knew he’d do something like not ask for Gyu Won’s hand really 😛
There’s only one solution if we don’t want our hands bumping into each other. You just have to go by holding hands. >Their faces though<

Yay ! Ji Yeong & Seon Gi know about their kids now ^^ The reason I decided to come back to Seoul … Is not bcoz of father. It was bcoz of you.

Ice cream. Cutie date (?) please ^^

Sarang & her girls backtracking :D ^_^ lool they just look so funny Who ? Girls who say they love me.
Like you didn’t do anything ? I don’t get what she’s getting at :/ confused/googly

I usually don’t share with people. Bcoz its you, I’m specially sharing it with you. Hey ! Don’t do that to Joon Hee’s food :O scared

Wahay !! There goes your reason to ruin Seok 🙂 Hee Joo’s mom don’t want you to do it anymore
If your finished your speech would you go ? I have to prepare for class.
Please don’t come to talk to me about Seok Hyeon again. It doesn’t reflect well on you.

What was that ? Showing off how well you play ?
GW: But, what did you want to tell us ? SH: You guys have already said it all ! I wanted you to fight it out. Gyu Won talking through her teeth to Hee Joo 🙂

Oh! We’re seeing each other often. Lol ! If I were Shin I’d have strangled Bo Oon by now. Cha Bo Oon ! >:( angry
Did you eat ice cream with Lee Shin ? How did you know ? How could we not ? It spread all over school.

That would be even worse than being tired. My hair … worried :/

Why are you looking at couple t-shirts ? Who will you wear it with? Oh … I wear it with my grandpa

Aww bby ^^ you putting yourself through hell just to talk to Gyu Won. Se’cute. Cha Bo Oon wont follow her here, will she ? You don’t know how wrong you are 🙂 Aww his poor legs. He should sit more comfortably but its probably rude. Shin’s face when he said “… I looked JUST like you

Lee Shin. Why are you here ? >his face is just …<
He almost fell ! Bo Oon’s lil :O look. Is she FINALLY getting it ?
Why does Cha Bo Oon keep following you around ? Bffs bitch. We joint at the hip.
You guys are a bit strange today. I noticed you are often together. Aren’t they always ? Even when he hated her.
You, who majors in TM … Does it make sense that you didn’t get to hear it ? I’ve heard too. Since you came over here … How about hearing about it ? Really can I ? Bo Oon actually looks like she’ll enjoy it.

I’m sorry. For what ? Do I have to say it in words ? Yas plz 🙂

How is it ? Her face. So cute.
Don’t just look at my face. Listen to the music ….
They shouldn’t be allowed to be so cute together 🙂

Ouch ! Bo Oon was there all day :/

Crap ! I’m a total mess. Dying over how cute Shin is with the bike seat ^_^ :D Hold on tight. I said hold on tight.

Hey ! Others will see us like this. I don’t want my hair pulled out. Shite ! Causing uproar in the school :D ^_^
End it before your hair gets it 😛

Is something going on in school ? The school was so noisy. Gossip time for the teachers. Really ? The show. Is that the only reason you don’t like Gyu Won dating ?

Gi Yeong’s got a lisp thing going on ^_^ ayee its so fuckin cute

Joon Hee making Hee Joo low calorie lunch box. Such a cutie. You can’t reject him no more, kay ?

Kim Seok Hyeon, lets see your talent. Oh, you’ll see it alright. I don’t doubt him at all.

Why do you have your hair like this ? I don’t know when my hair will be pulled out. I’m here next to you, so rest assured.
Cha Bo Oon, I was wondering why you hadn’t arrived yet …?

I thought Shin would freak seeing Gyu Won holding Gi Yeong’s hands.

Hyperventilating. No. I’m not well. I was holding back in front if Gi Yeong oppa bcoz I thought he might run away.

Look at the audience like this …. And share my thought. You’ve fallen for me.

Daamn ! Gyu Won was awesome. They loved her.
Hee Joo got slapped by her mom in front of Joon Hee 😦

And we back to ruining Seok. *sigh*

She’s not a child. Jealous 🙂 Shin

Why are you smiling ? Its funny. Is that funny.
What did I do wrong ? Your being popular is your wrongdoing.

I will tell you once. Clean this up. Yes. He will only tell us once. Hurry up.

SH: Whats wrong with your face ? GW: Compared to Lee Shin … Am I such a loser ?? SH: Who says that ? GW: All the kids. SH: If there’s anybody who says that, bring them here. I’ll punish them.

SH: Gyu Won, you have the ability to move people’s hearts. And there are only a few people who can see that. GW: Really ? SH: Of course. I see it with my eyes.
If Shin hurts your feelings, tell me. I’ll punish him.

Today you also came to listen ? Lool ! No. I have a part time job today.

Laughs. I just know one thing, I didn’t even think about that.  Aah Madame Goo & his damn business dropping.

Lee Gyu Won, just ignore it for now.
She can’t last a minute

Lolz. The crowd goes quiet when she appears 😛

Awee !! Kiss ^_^ !

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