Sweet Crybaby


Waaee … O.o Why did this episode start from here again ?! Goes to show winning isn’t everything. Hee Joo never got congratulated even.

What are you ? Her manager. Lol
Omo! I didnt expect Shin to tag along :o with her in Seok’s car !
Did you guys fight?

Why Seok lying to Yoon Soo ? Ach worried :/ I’m feeling nervous right now. Shin: If there’s any shouting, I should run inside. Seok: You can do that too.

Course you get Hee Joo, Yoon Soo. You’re both the same.
Ugh. Hee Joo’s mom stepped in !!

Glass scales :o Check your weight in style

I left my bicycle there yesterday. Bcoz of someone. Well no one told you to get in Seok’s car with her. The way he has to think before letting her on the bus first 😛

What’s with you ? You don’t have class in the afternoon today.

Sorry but I cant sympathize with Hee Joo crying. But Joon Hee is so cute with his comforting ^^

If you go, you might gain something from it. And carry their instruments for them too.

Lolz all the grannies want the handsome kid 😛

Lol. He’s twelve 😛 Don’t worry I go for the younger ones too. Know how that feels 😦 these Korean guys
Omg ! I love it when they get drunk in these dramas 🙂 She even became his black rose for him ^^ Her friends lol “Lets leave” when they see the two of them on the steps.

Hello, I’m Hee Joo’s boyf… Whack! Don’t say useless things.

I told you that I would forget you. But why are you always hanging around me ? What did you do that’s making you look so giddy ? ~ 😉
These days your face seems brighter. Its a relief. Ofc, he’s hanging around her !

Seok Hyeon’s so in love it’s cute ^^ !

She obviously doesn’t know its her birthday. Happened last year too. Lool what 😀 ? Should’ve had that soup lol. Probably won’t get another prezzie from Gramps 😛

She gets up from her comp without saving her work ? worried :/
Aww her telling him about her gayageum. She’s so into it. It’s like their first convo ever.
Lolz grandpa wanted Seok’s number for that ??

Her lil bday celebration 😀 Putting cake on Shin’s face.
Fell down the fuckin stairs when he said Happy Birthday ! Way to go.

Gramps is boring the director with his life story 😛

Yes boys. Its rude to watch her sleep
She may not be as strong as you think.

Its so funny watching her girls walking with his band. Why the fuck do they look so lanky ?? They don’t usually. And the girls aren’t normally so teeny looking

Lolz he fell asleep whilst listening to her 😛

Fireworks ! Daamn Joon Hee’s awesome ~ Obvs them two would end up alone. Don’t stop liking me ~ Damn those fireworks at the right moment lol

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