Is Parish really gone ?! Noo !!!!! That Haig guy. I’ve seen him somewhere before.
Omg ! His supernatural side is coming out now. I really need to put a name on that.

Parrish: Are all of you like Lydia ? Are you all physic ?

Sheriff: Your not supposed to take care of me. I’m the dad. You’re the son. You get it. Dad. Son.

Who’s faxing Liam the dead pool ?? Isn’t he on it ? Okay, it’s not fax then. Attack of the crazy printers.

D: Scott. Banshees don’t predict danger. They predict death. No! No! Don’t you dare be cool with knowing you’re gonna die !

Mason: Statistically speaking, someone on your team has gotta be on my team. Love that while the others are busting their asses with the dead pool business, we have Mason just searching for a hunk. who can blame him 😉

Sti: You read that movie ?! L: It was a book first.

Updated dead pool. Guess Derek got taken off seeing as he’s not even supernatural anymore. And his death is pretty much been predicted.

Hey. What are you doing here ? Getting drunk. What are you doing ? Trying to make sure no one gets hurt. That sounds fun too.

Who’s Brunski ?? The creeper at Eichan House ?

It was the damn music making them intoxicated. Now there’s even music which can specifically affect the supernatural ?? And how the fuck did Haig control the Security at a high school dance ? I know he’s police and all but..

S: What happened to the gun ? D: You’re covered in gasoline. S: Oh yeah.

Brunski: Young deputy. You’re just a kid. I bet you’ve never even fired a- You really shouldn’t say things like that. Just in case it convinces the person to pull the trigger.

Meredith is the benefactor. :o What. The. Fuck. I thought she died. Obviously she faked it.

Romance Road


So you’re telling me to keep liking you even when you don’t like me ? I don’t know how great you are, but don’t play around with a person’s heart.

Lol selling her brothers autographs for money xD

It wasn’t about me. Then why did you ask ?

I knocked hard enough to get bruises
/pinches her mouth/ You’ll become a duck that way

At least the chancellor is on Seok’s side.
Wait! If Tae Joon just found out about the MT now, did Seok lie before ?

Omo ! Please don’t ruin Seok.
If Gyu Won had seen this, then she would have totally swooned! Shin immediately looks over to them. We cant just tell people that we are going there to have fun.
I love the way he is. Everything about him.

Her stare is so cute that I want to bite her.

The reason why your singing doesn’t have any feelings, is bcoz you don’t know about those feelings. End my prejudice. Sincerely

I need to go to the bathroom! Have a long and comfortable talk. Lolz Gi Yeong’s face when she asked him to teach her about feelings

Don’t you think it’ll be better help than you ? Oh really. Have fun listening to his life story 😛 In your face, Lee Shin

Lol. Bet Madame Goo wasn’t really joking about tagging along.
What did you do ? Strip. Dies coz Seok did too 😀

Daamn his legs went to sleep
That one is in a band. The other is old. Which one is better ? Lool

God ! The coach scene !! Everyone dying for Yoon Soo to sit by them :D ^_^
That guy who just randomly speaks English 😛

Lol ! Is Sarang eyeing Su Myung ?!
She has everything in her suitcase ! No wonder they’re heavy 😛

I want to be Su Myung’s girlfriend. Get out ! His face though >_<

Lool Joon Hee sucking on Hee Joo’s finger ! So naive. My bby  :x
Omo ! Whats up with his mom though ? Is she sick ?

Losing each other in the market. Shin got so scared :)

Lolz uncooked rice & weird dinner ^^ The work of Joon Hee & his Natasha

Damnit ! Wanted to see Gyu Won perform the 2NE1 Song 😦

Don’t get hurt. I’m concerned
Awwee the song Shin sang ^^ Who’s it originally by ??

Joon Hee’s just all over Shin whilst sleeping ^^
Amount of times she’s said gwenchana to him

Do you want me to tell you my wish ?
That you would … Like me again.

Ep 9-11


Episode 9

The boat Ji Hoo left for her at the pool. She never got it 340

Woobin: What’s wrong with that kid ? Did he eat something weird at Geum Jan Di’s house ?

Jun Pyo: Do you guys even know about life ?
Yi Jung: It was better when he used to get his sayings wrong. Woobin: I’m scared of Geum Jan Di more than a tiger or smallpox.

After his attempt at not being desperate with Jan Di, Yi Jung: It’s embarrassed that he’s my friend.

Ga Eul’s bf is kinda rude. He’s got a really wide mouth.

Oh… He was talking trash about Jan Di. That’s why he got beat up.

Sup with that phone call Yi Jung got ?
When he saw Ga Eul crying. I’m like Be a man get out of the damn car.

Fuckin hell ! Finally !! They fuckin kissed. At the park ^^

Episode 10

What. The shit wants Ga Eul back now ? Bitch.

Please. For Gods sake. Don’t give Ji Hoo a valentine gift.
She’s made Jun Pyo cookies ^^
He’s touched by them, I can tell.

Shite ! His mom is here. Why is she taking him away ??
He never took the valentine prezzie with him 340

Poor Ga Eul. Obvs Yi Jung gets loads of valentines gifts.

Ji Hoo. Doesn’t that hurt ? The biccies. You know they’re menna be Jun Pyo.

He always ends up with everything Jun Pyo gives her or she gives Jun Pyo. 
He also eats everything she gives Jun Pyo. Lol !

I luv it when he has a ponytail ^^
I thought Jan Di’s mom would force her to sign it.
Okay … Not so great. Pouring sugar (?) on her head

Ji Hoo also plays piano, as well as guitar & violin

Jan DI: Whenever an alarm rings in my heart. Sunbae appears in front of me.

That bitch ! She’s fuckin shutting Jan Di’s family down !

Jan Di’s mom, making them scream but she can’t do it herself.

I knew she’d see one of them 😦 It had to be Jun Pyo.
Well, she got another kiss 😉

Jun Pyo asked for the same promise as Ji Hoo. Tell me if anything happens. But to Ji Hoo, she just said it ain’t so serious with Jun Pyo anyways.
Jun Pyo’s gonna treasure the fuckin can.

Ji Hoo: My heart hurts. /pause/ If I was Gu Jun Pyo then my heart would hurt

Where the fuck has she gone to now ?

Episode 11

She gets into all sorts of shit. Their pervy smiles don’t wipe off.

Ha Je. Plz don’t start liking her.

Ji Hoo. Good guy. I’ll pretend I never saw you two
Knew Jun Pyo would get jealous. Now they broken up for real

Be gave her the red card :O
He’s the type. But he changed. He did !

Ji Hoo : Don’t make me regret it. Coz he gave her up for Jun Pyo.

So who is Ha Je really ?? He did all those things. I have a feeling he’s working for Jun Pyo’s mom.