Get In Contact | Q&A here as well


So I’ve been getting people asking me how we can get in contact.

Well I made an email just for you people ! 😀 So be happy  338

Anyone wanna shoot me an email ? Go ahead


Q & A

I’m also just gonna answer any other questions people have asked me, on here. Because replying to individual comments means I’d also have to sort through all the spam I’ve been getting.

  • Host ? Theme ? Customization ?

As you can all see, my blog is hosted by WordPress. It is a free hosted blog therefore I do not require any html coding etc. This means customization is fairly simple.

My theme is one which is offered by WordPress. I simply tweaked it around a bit. But thank you for the compliment.

  • Subscribing ?

Well there are two ways to go about this. There’s a button in the sidebar, where you can subscribe by email.

And if you are a fellow WP user, then you can follow me. By clicking on the + in the ribbon at the top right-hand side of the page.

  • Creating a blog ?

As I’ve mentioned above. Making a blog on WP is quite simple.

I’m not sure about hosting platforms etc. My one is a free blog therefore I have no experience with the other.

  • Sharing ?

Yes you may share my blog/posts on social networking sites. But please ensure you credit me. Else it is plagiarism.

  • Spam ? Plugins ?

As I am using a free hosted blog, I do not use any plugins. Can’t advise anyone on useful plugins against hackers, spam etc. Sorry about that.

I’m actually dealing with my own spam. And believe me, it is not pretty.

  • Guest Bloggers ?

More than welcome 330 Just email me if you’re interested.

Lastly, thank you to all you beautiful people who have been reading my posts 3281 Hope you found them worthwhile.  

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