Feelings To Be Forgotten


That roar (:
Girl problems ? Is it serious ? Lets play guitar. Lolz guys man.

I feel so sorry for his mom. She really does try 😦

As you wished, you found a grown man.
I’m happy when I’m with him. Not with you, Shin.

First step to forgetting Yoon Soo. Get rid of the necklace.

Don’t betray the people who believe in you. Why don’t you believe in him though ?

Isn’t she pretty ? She’s my Natasha.
Who said I was yours ?
As you can see, she’s very shy. Isn’t she still cute though ?
There’s a possibility that he’s a bit crazy … So don’t take him seriously. You’ll get a migraine. >I’m totally dying right now<

Oh so Tae Joon is the Dean of the school. College. Whatevs.

Omo ! Hyun Soo stole Ji Yeong from Gyu Won’s dad right ??

You went to Shin’s house dressed like that ?! Yes you did. I love how she’s totally freaking out way too late 😛

Don’t give the role to Hee Joo just coz that bitch wants.

Ouch ! To die hated by those who meant the most to you. He literally died straight after. Shin always meets these people on his way in to visit his dad.

Oh. So it was just a seizure. He’s still alive.

Pumpkin pancakes. Wtf man ! I didn’t know that existed :/ Oh. Not actual pancakes lol
Her dad is here.

Why does he want it back ? She gets her friends to help.

His dads funeral 😥
Alcoholism. Is it hereditary ?

But, why would you look like him ? Oppa, is he your father ?

But Ji Yeong can’t have had Gyu Won with Seon Gi coz her & Shin are the same age.

Bar sales go down if Shin don’t perform 🙂 Lool
Oh ! This was the song from one of his first performances.

Ugh. I didn’t want her to stop the fuckin car !
But he does badly need a hug though. But … Mom. Sis. Gyu Won even.

Shin’s crying. I wanted to be the first to tell him. Are you alright ? Everything’s going to be alright. Shin is in someone else’s arms right now. Not in mine, but in someone else’s arms.

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