20 Once Again [Back To 20/Miss Granny]


Two freaking hours ! I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it :O turns out it wasn’t nearly long enough.

That kid Mengjung shaded with her umbrella on the bus, he’s that recurring role from from Never Give Up, Dodo !! Omg I didn’t expect to see him here :O Coz even Lu’s twin sis, she’s from that too. The whole way through that I was like, Daamn this girl looks so much like Luhan it hurts. Buuut.. guess she’s a perf twin for him then. I didn’t know she was in it till I saw her on tumblr the other day. That reminded me to watch it.

Xinran’s dad is her teacher ! Just reminded me of Teen Wolf.

The band’s lead singer, did she get pregnant or something ?? Her singing sounded like she was dying.

I was actually scared about Lu’s mom since I first saw her. She looked so sickly, I thought what if something happens to her during the movie ? But when they decided to send Granny away coz of her, I seriously thought she would kill herself or something. Coz she goes the picture can be used at her funeral, give the family something to remember me by.

The fact that she spent her first night on the streets made me so sad 😦 But then she went to live with Grandma Li lmao. And ah at that club >_< all three of them amazed at her voice. Goes back in age and she’s pulling all the men.

But when Qianjin was asking her to join the band, I loved that scene. She so totally thought he was asking her out. Plus even in Li’s house, he just turns up and it was so awkward. Li just blurts out, You’re blood relatives. I’m like, the fuck ? Turns out he was just on about his drama.

Been a while .. Since you’ve had a drink with a boy ? I don’t know why, but I was a fuckin mess at this part ^_^ :/ confused/googly !!

Lijun: You people, dragging a girl to this godforsaken place. Qianjin: This is rock & roll. Roll ? Lijun: Where are you rolling to ?

She goes over to his place, and sneakily collects the stuff she left behind >_< I was so scared she was gonna get caught ! But then Grandpa Li found her bloody stuff. I knew that would happen soon as they started bringing in kidnapping. And he stared a little too much at the umbrella, though at first I thought he’d realise she is the old lady. But he thought she was the kidnapper.

Ha! She totally transformed a rock band to this. I’m not totally sure what this is.

Lmao Grandpa Li tried to sneakily marry her ! Omg halp I’m dying !

The music beats faster than your heart~ :D ^_^ That killed me !

I’m crying fucking rivers at the song telling her life story crying :'( crying :'( And oooh the way she shut that guy down at the club !! But I had no freakin idea why her and Li were freaking out over her cut. I was like, Why you sewing her fuckin foot up ?! Put a damn plaster on it or something. Until he said the area around it was aging.

But his daughter got such a wrong idea, I think I’m gonna die from laughing.

Poor Mr Tan 😦 He’s fallen so deep, but he has absolutely no chance at all. And she seriously is not easing up on him at all. He is so freaking cute being scared of the dark !! But she just sits there and takes care of him like a child. Do you know its giving the poor man all the wrong signs ?

Poor Cindy comes over and sees her boss had a night time visitor 😛 That just made things awkward as fuck. Plus Mr Tan saying he doesn’t like Qianjin’s songs is literally a scene out of Heartstrings ^__^ !! I squealed at that.

The dad, Guobin, thinks Grandpa Li is gone a bit out of it ^_^ :D Lmao its from when he spilled water on it that morning !!

Yah :O that other lady passed away ?? And then Qianjin’s accident was literally straight after !! His grandma is so sweet, she completed it for him, so he won’t regret it later on like she did.

Little Button was Guobin !! And he’s finally realised Lijun is actually his mom de-aged. When he puts what he did, like that, sounds so much worse than what I assumed at the start.

I wonder if anyone saw her go back to her real age after giving blood ? Didn’t the doctors think anything ?? Or is it a slow process ? So she stayed at Li’s till the process was over.

Who knows 🙂

But n’awww he put his sister in his band ❤ ❤

Kill Me, Heal Me [Ep1-4]


Argh !! Why did I even start this when I’m already watching Hyde, Jekyll, Me ?!!?! Anyways I started this yesterday coz was watching it with friends.

It’s like a more serious version of the other. Not so much silliness. But omg Shin Se Ki is so goddamn hot :o !! I was confused at first coz I didn’t realize this was another D.I.D.

I thought Oh Ri Jin was a mental patient in the psychiatric ward at first. Took me a while to realize she was a doctor. Specifically up till she took her coat off to reveal her outfit.

I really wanna know why the grandma and the whole fam treats Do Hyun’s mom so bad. Plus I know the grandma from another drama :/ Just can’t remember where from atm.

Even his cousin, Ki Joon !! I know him too. And who the fuck is the girl Do Hyun can’t forget ?? I’m still waiting damnit. Is it Chae Yeon :/ He was meant to meet her on Christmas, but got dumped by one of his alters’ girls right before she turned up ?

I really like Heo Seok Hee’s character 🙂 She’s so crazy. And she appeared to read Do Hyun so well at the club. It doesn’t help that Ri Jin totally acts like a crazy person.. So easy for Ms. Seok Hee to pull that act of being the doctor, not the patient.

I’m finding it so hard to get the thought out of my head that Se Ki might’ve met Ri Jin when they were both children. Seeing as he said he met his first love. I doubt he means he fell in love right then for the first time ever.

h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 h7

But her inner monologue totally kills me omg.

Judging by Doctor Oh’s screams, she isn’t hating it. Lmao. Just strips off everything :O


Can’t stand that fuckin intense stare. Can’t blame her though. Who could ?

look down


only one


How could I forget the look in those eyes ? And he rocks that guyliner <3_<3 heart eyes

But he looked so freakin scary here. Se Ki being Do Hyun for a bit. This face will haunt me.

happykill me

It’s twilight burgundy.

siberian husky

Its EXO’s Baekhyun’s makeup. Don’t you know ?

Her meeting her mom was the fuckin cutest shit ever ! This goddamn family man. They’re so cute ^_^ :D

Why does her bro have pictures of Do Hyun in his room. Saw it on a paper in his car aswell. And he’s voluntarily given himself different personalities. Guess this will help Ri Jin realise about Se Ki/Do Hyun.

Damnit ! That guy goes and kidnaps her coz of the freakin jacket. Ugh ! More piss taking is neither Se Ki or Do Hyun know where the damn jacket even is ! But obviously no one lets the damn girl even speak -.- But Secretary Ahn, what fuckin weak punches were those ??

Soon as the yellow eyes showed, I knew Se Ki wasn’t coming out. He’s the purple eyes. Perry Park !

When that guy was preparing for Se Ki to turn up, what kind of training do you call that ? He’s like, come at me slowly. Ah, so he stole the boss’ jacket. No wonder they’re dying to get it back. Plus the drugs too.

Bloody glad for that secret code to her bro. I was thinking how the fuck could you not even worry about them attacking your brother ? So what if he’s having a gathering. What is a group of authors or something, against these guys ? Turns out they were cops and shit lol.

But Perry’s fail bombs though ^_^ :D Well they did go off later on, at a more inconvenient time. I’m glad she’s starting to see his personalities, and the difference between them.

The fuck does Chae Yeon wanna cross the line with him ? I already don’t like this girl. I thought she was meant to be with Ki Joon, guess she isn’t really that into him.

I totally forgot the doctor who’s the boss of Ri Jin, actually knows Do Hyun & his alters. Totally slipped my mind till he got shocked over her mentioning Se Ki.

I totally hate the fact that he’s going through all this alone. He literally only has Secretary Ahn.

do hyun

All the fuckin staff just left their work to come and watch her talking to her boyfriend ? Really professional, guys. Real professional.

But omg the cuteness was just killing me. But when he knelt in front of that chief, it just hurt realising how much he goes through to fix everything his alters do.


Why did Ri Jin’s mom get so touchy when that guy brought up her kids not looking alike ? Is it true ? Are they really not related ??

What’s Ri Jin’s dream all about ? And Ri On’s interpretation, of Se Ki’s words, is killing me. You flirted with me first. Just now. Lets go to a hotel.

A man knows men well.

Omo! New alter :O But I’m literally want to reach through the screen and hug him. He look so vulnerable sitting in his car and asking if he’s gone crazy 😦

Okay, is this what I think happened. Judging by the intro to the first episode, and everything so far. Do Hyun’s biological mom and granddad died in that car crash. His dad probably got into his current vegetative state due to that fire, which also caused Do Hyun’s multiple personality disorder. Do Hyun, as a kid, knew Ri Jin (and Ri On ?) Somewhere also Do Hyun was abused, which is why he gets those flashbacks whenever anyone is violent towards him. Ri On and Ri Jin are NOT siblings. She’s probably someone important from Do Hyun/Se Ki’s past. Okay… End of my jumbled thoughts

Omg daaamn ! Do Hyun’s in a fuckin mirror world :O scared

Never Give Up, Dodo


Okay, I watched this like last Thursday but I’ve been writing this bloody post bit by bit since then 😛

I watched this in one sitting :O But it was really good !! A lot of laughs, even though I literally sobbed through some scenes.

When Li Dong kept kissing her with every fuckin word he said :x I liiike seeing Xu Fei being possessive !!

Babe, being a man means that you must be confident.

But that plushie Li Dong gave her … It’s a bit cute. But the way se makes it speak English ^__^

Yu Chun Hua was totally trying to sabotage them, wasn’t she ? Coz Xu Fei may be a dumb fuck who somehow doesn’t see how wrong it is. But I doubt she is aswell.

Qing Qing told her he was trying to force her to leave the house. Oh the irony !

Li Tong. These names are too similar -.- sigh. I really started to hate him coz he was hitting on her. And omg I can’t believe I never realised he showed a nude of him ! I just saw and assumed it was of Xu Fei. I only realised like waay later, but before she told Xu Fei about it though.

And the fuck bruh, you don’t go admire your mate’s tats when he’s buck naked O.O The gay between them is way high. They even showered together ?!

Funny how soon as Dodgay, o starts collecting evidence, he’s no longer interested. But then …


This happened and my gay theories were confirmed (!) Then I just felt sorry for him. And she came out and saw them asleep.

Never Give Up Dodo Ep 3

Plus the convo she had with him when he was just about to leave, without waking Xu Fei. But lucky us that he did wake up 😛


He obviously has a very open mind, seeing as he isn’t even affected by the fact that his male friend just kissed him on the mouth !

That’s right. I am crying for you. Hit me so damn hard in the feels. Amazing how it takes me from clutching my sides, to dabbing at rivers down my face. But that Xiang Yu though, for a bit I thought he actually would be dangerous coz of the way he popped up at such perfect timing every time.

I didn’t really like, or understand, his sisters (and brother). But second sister is really pretty. Is the eldest a nun or something O.o ?? Turns out they only meant well though. But what happened to the bad stuff she read in the notebook though ? How comes Xu Fei never saw it when he read it ?

Dodo’s roleplaying always gets them in trouble omg ! It’s actually hilarious. Like when she cornered him at work, at first I didn’t get it. I had a little voice at the back of my head thinking it was for real 😛

Never Give Up, Dodo

This one was kinda hilarious, but also kind of hot bcoz I simply can’t resist him tied up ¬_¬


Ugh ! Look at that face !! Anyways, its adorable how they literally look they don’t know what they’re doing ^_^ :D Especially how she kept hitting him without knowing it actually hurt. And then he accidentally kicked her off the fuckin bed 🙂

But the prostitute one has got to be the best !! I just knew something like that would happen, especially with him throwing money around the car ^_^ :D lol.

That prenuptial contract thing, he only did it to make her happy coz he thought she actually wanted it. Like it would ease things for her. Almost ruined them and it was just killing me.

Jia Bao, poor guy tried so hard to impress her. He even did the thing where he uses another girl to make her jealous, but bitch messed up lol. But seriously what is with these parrot people that keep popping up everywhere ?! I started realising it when she went to the club.


The facial expressions are killing me :/ confused/googly My heart. But the best thing was her cousin walking in on them. And then imitating them.

So his bestfriend staying over turned out to not actually be a test for her. But she deffo set one up for him. I swear I was mega annoyed up till they had the convo revealing it was setup and intended. Zi Xuan is fuckin pretty though, if his character wasn’t the way he is I would be seriously freaking out that he’s gonna get distracted.

brother-in-law or daddy

bro-in-law deffo

The poor guy tries so hard to avoid these situations. Trying to lift her with fists though ^_^ :D That was so hilarious !! But when it’s all done, he seemed so upset that Dodo allowed this all to happen.

My taste is just as strong as you guys, huh ? But that guy she landed though !! Holy fuck. I always knew her taste was strong. I just never knew that that was her type.


Goes to the same strip club. Wah daebak ! What’s up with that Judy, another addition to the freaky supporting characters 😛

Lmao expect girls to just take a female dancer in the stride. Hold a conversation even whilst just enjoying Sofia’s dance. Omg I fuckin love these girls. Their counter-attack was fuckin awesome !! Happy, what a stage name. When Lao Meng started to enjoy himself though 😉

01 02


I knew it would backfire though, soon as she was asked to go up to dance. Coz do you really wanna see your girl performing for a whole club full of people ?? at first his face was like, Yeah she’s mine. Then it just dropped. And even more when he realised she hadn’t returned to her seat.

But I just don’t know if I love her or if I need her.

always in my heart

Kim Bum : GoF


You know it’s quite funny. Earlier today I was dying to see Kim Bum with long hair.

Then I ended up on Moon Geon Young coz they were dating right ? I found out the two were in a movie together, Goddess of Fire, and just had an urge to find out how he looked in there.

Just in case he had long hair. Just a feeling.

And wouldn’tcha believe what I found !

Lol 😀

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

He is freakin gorge ^^ His smile melts

Haptic Mission S2


Apparently the last 4 episodes were Season One. So now for Season Two.

Episode 5

Not impressed with new member. Lol !
Hyun Joong still doesnt know whats going on.
Minho nervous on his first day. Omo it’s so weird calling him Minho ! I’m used to only calling SHINee’s Minho.

Jun to Hyun Joong: I can see your liking this xD
Awww. HJ: I’m worried about the other team. You cutie ^^

Hyun Joong to Jun: Something something, Yo. Before he left to prepare for the CF. Made me laugh coz Woobin used to say it a lot in BBF.

Girls school. Teachers dying over Jun Pyo 😛
Seriously (!) Flirting with the teacher.
They’ll never rub the board again !! He fuckin wrote on it.

Hyun Joong saying he’s very cheap
He took her to guys who fuckin crack her up 😀
HJ: 501 is korean ^^
Dalbit. I love the sound of that ♥

He don’t like English. Lool. Cant see why 😉

Minho getting hit. Got scared. The lil scene play 🙂 That whole encounter with that school was funny.

Episode 6

That woman keeps touching Minho

I want it to be Dalbit. It sounds so nice. And Twilight is -_- I hate that movie.

That too tight shirt 😀 Jun’s face when Minho put the scarf on him. Lol xD

Lol Hyun Joong. Taking a girl shopping. She gets soo distracted

M: I really miss you Jan Di 🙂 And the pic of them at the zoo with the baby. You cutie. If you gon play BBF, remba you’re her hubby now 347

Dam Bi when she saw the tie again, It followed me !

HJ: Want to get our fortune told. DB: And ask about our health. HJ: I just had my check up I’m perfectly healthy. Then the fortune teller’s all, You’ve got to listen to the woman. HJ: Twilight’s fine.
But when he mentioned Marriage lol ! All I could think of was Ji Hoo & Jan Di, when they were thought to be newly weds by that food-cart lady.

Minho & Jun, Home late ! 🙂 And they didn’t even get anything useful.

I want to vomit blood. He looks fuckin awesome as a vamp 327

Minho doesnt like his clothes 333 She’s angry Lol ! Storming off like that. Their faces though 322 Like so guilty

But that coat thing is real gross though.

Episode 7

Minho totally bought their shit. Jun:  Did you go to the wrong room ?

J: You took snacks ? /nods/ What about here ? /sheepish/

Cool ad. It makes every woman special. That’s just cute ^^

Hmmm… Was Minho surprised when he saw Hyun Joong & Dam Bi’s actual CF ??

M: Sorry. This is my first time being MC.  As he flips through cue cards.
Jun & Hyun Joong crashing Dam Bi’s stage & attempting to join in.
Poor Minho. The balloon 😛 Horribly wrong.

Hyun Joong !! His performance 3271

No ! They can’t all win. That’s so lame.

Haptic Mission S1


Episode 1

The way they filled out the forms.

Hyun Joong’s interview was fuckin hilarious xD He’s got Jun Pyo’s phone cover from BBF Omg ! I luv this already.

Their English is just … ^^

KHJ : Caller Ring. Lol !

Episode 2

Poor Hyun Joong making coffee.
Kim Bum is so professional 🙂 Gets lots of stares.
Jun got scolded for answering the phone. Haha 😛 Him photocopying 🙂 Not a sight I’m familiar with.

Welcome party 🙂 !
Hyun Joong’s mike. He didn’t strike me as the 4D type in BBF. But it is most certainly welcome.

Dam Bi’s performance.
Who’s next ? Random guy: Kim Hyun Joong ! /looks over/

Lol he was too bossy. Asking them to clap a beat, then they’re too fast. They made him change song. I luved that one. Someone got angry.

Him & Jun together ! Yay ! Almost paradise. I freakin love that after BBF.

J: Why aren’t you singing ? HJ: Coz Im not in this section. Bursts into I’m Stupid. SS501 !! That other guy. Lol ! His t-shirt.

Hyun Joong late. Looks like a kid late for class.

Episode 3

Seriously. The two idiots together.
They wont do shit.

Hyun Joong & Jun going to Ever Wonderland. Knew they would just mess about. Texting strangers & betting. Hyun Joong & UFOs. He is weird.

Dam Bi asking random shity to Bum, like his bllod type. Aha, they’re both O 😉

Chased by girls ! Acting like they don’t realize. That ride looks awesome. Perfect image destroyed 🙂 Soulless.

Lion got Gu Jun Pyo’s hairstyle 😀 Haha he called him Jun Pyo !

Like Kim Bum’s luv heart idea.
Hyun Joong just bothering the girl. And His UFO idea is quite cool. 🙂
Like Jun’s one. It’s cool. The first one suits him. And the second, magic eye one is cool too.

Bum’s presentation;  So … You played with dolls ?
Dam Bi’s; Are you hoping for love ? Why so many hearts ?
Hearts, cigarettes & alcohol.

Episode 4

Knew Hyun Joong’s was awesome.

On the pics outside the phone shop …. Hyun Joong is on Jun Pyo’s cover. Jun is on Jan Di’s. Lol !

Bum & Dam Bi just get noticed for looks 😛 People are dazed by them !

Lol, Hyun Joong cleaning. Reminds me of I can clean too. From BBF
Asking about lunch break already, Hyun Joong ?!
Hyun uses self as advertisement. Lets put ourselves at the window.

That woman who’s like, Autograph plz. And he’s all, If you buy it you can take a pic with me, and keep it forever. But she just ain’t interested.

Autograph session to get customers !
Lol ! Seduction much 🙂

Bum: Smiling till my face cramps. Talking of fan meets to Dam Bi.

Hyun Joong’s popular with the guys too.Guy 1:  But Hyung summat summat handsome. Guy 2: Is he hyung ?

Bum’s like, two can play at that game. And starts doing his own personal service.
But Bum didn’t get good comments though. How comes he won ?

Hyun Joong. Yay ! He sold the most. Obvs, have you seen him ?! And he gave pics out for buying.

Ep5 in the morning 🙂

Just discovered this after watching the special BBF episodes.