A Promise To The Dead


Yes I am watching it today for the first time. Literally six months after it aired. I just didn’t get time coz I actually wanted to start the season again and watch it in one go coz it was confusing the crap out of me. But then, summer finished and I had to go back to college and I just got so busy.

I like Deaton being a total badass and saving people. It’s not like he just sits at his work place all day looking after animals and waiting for when the kids come to him with problems.

Poor Liam is losing it. He can’t even sleep at night :O And when he was tryna make Mason stay… Somebody get the kid more friends to have sleepovers with. He’s getting major creeps from his first monster encounter.

In a way Scott giving him the option to not be with them in all this is nice. But right now he actually does need them, I assume he’d feel safer around them than alone, or with his other friends.

Derek’s loft is just gonna become a sex-den at this rate. And uh now that they know all the money’s Peter’s, can they use a little ? But talk about awkward moments- Lydia turned up in the night and they confronted her half-naked. And now Kate burst in on Kira and Scott.

Did Lydia turning up to scream mean another sign that Derek’s gonna die ? worried :/

Sheriff: Malia. What’s your favourite food ? M: Deer. Sti: Pizza. She likes pizza.

Ouch! The way Peter shoved that rod in Chris and bent it, totally reminded me of TVD :O scared He was bleeding out all over his shoes by the time Parrish found him. And uh yeah, Parrish’s eyes <3_<3 heart eyes They look orange to me. still need to know what he is …

Oh God. Deaton spent the entire episode totally out of it. I hope he got some answers. I didn’t realise Lydia’s banshee powers could do that. Talk to him when he’s in whatever he was in.

Why does Peter want Malia to kill Kate ? Is he double-crossing Kate ? Or just purposely endangering Malia ?

Okay, so Scott did ask Derek before using his loft. That was one less way of them being interrupted. The only way I was assuming they would.

And oh my fuckin days !! That bitch is turning Scott into a berserker :O :O

At That Place, At That Time


You are in trouble now 😀 Lol

S: What do we do know ? I’m worried what will happen to your hair. GW: I guess I’ll have to wear a swimming cap. S: Nothing will happen. Believe me. You don’t believe me ?

Her face looks like its going to break.

The way shes just rolling around on her bed ^_^ :D I wanted Shin to frikkin squeal or something

Bcoz of Shim I will hold it in.

That museum is so fuckin awesome !!! :O

Noo !!! Don’t use Joon Hee in your evil plans, Hee Joo you bitch ! That’s taking advantage of an innocent baby 😦

No ! Don’t compare Shin to your dad. That’s just gross :P :O
Whats wrong with you Lee Shin ? You’re only tough on the outside, aren’t you ?

I don’t care what anyone thinks. Don’t you know that already ?

Don’t hold it in & just hit them for once.

Bitch !! Used Seok’s fuckin phone after he sent him out.

While I was crying & playing around, you were just born. Lol ! I just find that a weird thing to say 😛

How can someone small like her be a noona ? Lool

Crap ! Shit ! Cameras ! It doesn’t help that Seok acts all suspicious. Plus he’s so handsy with Gyu Won.

Ugh ! Poor Shin. What’s he gonna think ?

Fuck ! Seok & Gyu Won met at a hotel !! I’m dying here !!!

You gone keep doing this to him, Hee Joo ? My poor baby.
I’m going to be sad, but I will do it.

There’s no one else that would call at this time besides her. Lool

If you are really are thinking about Gyu Won, you should meet up with Tae Joon sunbae. Yoon Soo is so understanding he’s lucky.

If I knew it would be like this I’d have brought sunglasses. Shall I buy you some ? Lool what did you buy her Shin 😀 Oh, you eat so well. Does it taste good ? They so cute.
She’s strong. His face :D ^_^

Seok looks like he wanted to kill Tae Joon when he came to talk to him.

S: Calm me when your grandfather isn’t there. GW: Then … It will only be the two of us. S: Don’t think perverted thoughts. I don’t want to hear his traditional life story anymore.

I think I will think perverted things without knowing.

Punch that bitch’s teeth out Seok !
I am a person who does art. I don’t want to mix with those disgusting people.

What a proposal Yoon Soo. but he said no 😦

My bby Joon Hee ! He doesn’t know what he’s a part of.
Hee Joo’s voice is going isn’t it ?

If you go now, you & I are over.
Don’t go. Please don’t go.

Those bloopers killed me *_*

Ep 9-11


Episode 9

The boat Ji Hoo left for her at the pool. She never got it 340

Woobin: What’s wrong with that kid ? Did he eat something weird at Geum Jan Di’s house ?

Jun Pyo: Do you guys even know about life ?
Yi Jung: It was better when he used to get his sayings wrong. Woobin: I’m scared of Geum Jan Di more than a tiger or smallpox.

After his attempt at not being desperate with Jan Di, Yi Jung: It’s embarrassed that he’s my friend.

Ga Eul’s bf is kinda rude. He’s got a really wide mouth.

Oh… He was talking trash about Jan Di. That’s why he got beat up.

Sup with that phone call Yi Jung got ?
When he saw Ga Eul crying. I’m like Be a man get out of the damn car.

Fuckin hell ! Finally !! They fuckin kissed. At the park ^^

Episode 10

What. The shit wants Ga Eul back now ? Bitch.

Please. For Gods sake. Don’t give Ji Hoo a valentine gift.
She’s made Jun Pyo cookies ^^
He’s touched by them, I can tell.

Shite ! His mom is here. Why is she taking him away ??
He never took the valentine prezzie with him 340

Poor Ga Eul. Obvs Yi Jung gets loads of valentines gifts.

Ji Hoo. Doesn’t that hurt ? The biccies. You know they’re menna be Jun Pyo.

He always ends up with everything Jun Pyo gives her or she gives Jun Pyo. 
He also eats everything she gives Jun Pyo. Lol !

I luv it when he has a ponytail ^^
I thought Jan Di’s mom would force her to sign it.
Okay … Not so great. Pouring sugar (?) on her head

Ji Hoo also plays piano, as well as guitar & violin

Jan DI: Whenever an alarm rings in my heart. Sunbae appears in front of me.

That bitch ! She’s fuckin shutting Jan Di’s family down !

Jan Di’s mom, making them scream but she can’t do it herself.

I knew she’d see one of them 😦 It had to be Jun Pyo.
Well, she got another kiss 😉

Jun Pyo asked for the same promise as Ji Hoo. Tell me if anything happens. But to Ji Hoo, she just said it ain’t so serious with Jun Pyo anyways.
Jun Pyo’s gonna treasure the fuckin can.

Ji Hoo: My heart hurts. /pause/ If I was Gu Jun Pyo then my heart would hurt

Where the fuck has she gone to now ?

Episode 11

She gets into all sorts of shit. Their pervy smiles don’t wipe off.

Ha Je. Plz don’t start liking her.

Ji Hoo. Good guy. I’ll pretend I never saw you two
Knew Jun Pyo would get jealous. Now they broken up for real

Be gave her the red card :O
He’s the type. But he changed. He did !

Ji Hoo : Don’t make me regret it. Coz he gave her up for Jun Pyo.

So who is Ha Je really ?? He did all those things. I have a feeling he’s working for Jun Pyo’s mom.

Apres Moi, Le Deluge


Woah …. Davina was totally losing it 346 When Rebekah first came to see her, asking what she was doing because that’s not what she asked her to do. I actually thought for a second that Davina was doing it on purpose. Till she said she didn’t know what was happening.

Elijah would give up his mother’s dead body ? Me; Soo … Hailey now owns the place. The three of them will have magic flowing through them. Okaii … 

Well it isn’t a family reunion without our dear mother 

33a I actually believed Davina would be resurrected. Shouldn’t have expected a happy ending.

So it didn’t work coz Sabine took the power. But she’s not Sabine. She’s Celeste 326 I quite want to see Elijah’s reaction to that. It’s like with Damon & Katherine. But Celeste has actually been in front of Elijah all this time but not told him.

I thought the two looked similar but this was a suprise 35a