Let Go To Complete Your Dream


You told her not to act like everything’s fine in front of you. Stop this nonsense Shin 😦 You’re hurt

Fuck ! She’s going to England.
After surgery, can I play guitar again ?

When I think of you I feel very sad, lonely & upset

I think we’re fated to live apart. I come & my daughter goes.

He delaying his surgery till Gyu Won goes abroad.
SH: Why are my bad perceptions never wrong ?
S: If she knows, she’ll definitely say she won’t go.

S: If I look at that, it truly feels as if you’re going away.
GW: There is a person I have to be next to right now.

S: My hand … Is all better. And .. Lets stop now.
S: I said lets break up.
If the distance between us widens, so will my heart distance itself. Honestly, I have no strength to wait for you. But he’s gonna keep her pic right 😦

Oh. He cries. I’m crying 🙂

~ One Year Later ~

Gyu Won grew her hair out.

Ji Yeong is editor now & pouting at Seon Gi to work with her. Them two are so cyute. If you ask like this I cant refuse.

Jeong Hyeon is studying TM !
She can totally keep gramps in check 😛

Ride this poop car again ?! A year has passed & you haven’t changed at all.
He claims he left to do soul searching. But in my opinion I think he left to pick up girls.

Swear to God Tae Joon needs a fuckin life.
So happy Seok Hyeon isn’t here. And he just walks up like You guys having fun ? PMSL
Please take me out of the Myeong Joo plan. I’ll use my own ability & be evaluated. /legs it/

For being a man, he’s so petty. I should go & scold him tomorrow.

Ugh. Making them awkwardly work together again.
Shin is not up to it this time. At least I can rest assured there’s still feelings there.

I’m not the Lee Gyu Won I used to be. Throw anything at me. I’ll just go against it. I want her to get it this time.

You should understand. When men get upset, it usually lasts longer.

Straight from the bottle. I’m going to drink to my heart’s content. Take responsibility for me until the end. ~Calls Shin to help carry Gyu Won home. He calls her dad instead.

All the songs he wrote were sad. Well he is kinda heartbroken.
SG: If one of us had plucked the courage, we wouldn’t have ended up like this. Couldn’t you do it first ? Crying in her sleep ? Or did she wake up.
She wanted it to be Shin who brought her home.

Seok gives the sad songs to Gyu Won. They’re probably about her anyways.
If I leave you two alone like this, I think that you’ll both die from being lovesick. Oh. So Shin’s still keeping his distance so she never knows.
Finally ! I was thinking, I would totally corner him in the practice room if I were her. Not knowing that, do you know how hard I worked to hate you.

Going through their memories :’) together but separately.
Lool. Both of them came from separate ends ^_^ :D Its fate
His smile bursts.
Apologize before you say you love her 😕

Mashup ! Of both their songs 🙂

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