So I kind of forgot to write this way back when I watched it that day, but I’m re-watching it now so …

Wait. Kira’s back ? When did she get back. Is her mom still alive though ?

And poor baby Liam worried :/ he’s getting scared shitless with all of this monsters and fighting going on. I guess compared to Scott who just wants to save the world, I’d feel like confused and scared too.

Tell me these aren’t the same shoes that walked into the Hale vault to take the money

Chris argent shoes Coz that’s freaking Chris :O !

Sti: Sometimes people do things, without thinking them through. M: Then she’s stupid. Gotta love her logic.

D: Anyone who thinks they can hunt and kil us for money, they’re gonna be put on another list. Our list. They get to be a name on our dead pool.

Peter: Everyone can be corrupted by money ! True that :x

Peter: She was listening to the ranting and raving of a lunatic! A former lunatic. I’m much healthier now.

Uhh, what’s not finished ? Why is Meredith screaming It’s not finished ? What does she need Peter for? And if he’s the reason behind the dead pool, what’s the machinery at the lake house ? The one time she went there, was before she had that encounter with Peter at  the hospital. There’s more to this. There’s got to be.

Meredith: He’s the alpha. He’s always been the alpha. He’ll make it right.

L: Not all monsters do monstrous things. and she mentions Scott. Funny thing is I think he’s kinda losing it right now. Something’s happening to him. I think he might be turning into the kind of werewolf Peter was in Season 1.

What the hell is Peter and Kate’s plan ?! Ugh but typical he wants to kill Scott. You’re own beta mind. Even though he’s become a true alpha.

You’re a little Slow


Are you here bcoz you cant trust me ?

They so cute being all shy. Knew he’d do something like not ask for Gyu Won’s hand really 😛
There’s only one solution if we don’t want our hands bumping into each other. You just have to go by holding hands. >Their faces though<

Yay ! Ji Yeong & Seon Gi know about their kids now ^^ The reason I decided to come back to Seoul … Is not bcoz of father. It was bcoz of you.

Ice cream. Cutie date (?) please ^^

Sarang & her girls backtracking :D ^_^ lool they just look so funny Who ? Girls who say they love me.
Like you didn’t do anything ? I don’t get what she’s getting at :/ confused/googly

I usually don’t share with people. Bcoz its you, I’m specially sharing it with you. Hey ! Don’t do that to Joon Hee’s food :O scared

Wahay !! There goes your reason to ruin Seok 🙂 Hee Joo’s mom don’t want you to do it anymore
If your finished your speech would you go ? I have to prepare for class.
Please don’t come to talk to me about Seok Hyeon again. It doesn’t reflect well on you.

What was that ? Showing off how well you play ?
GW: But, what did you want to tell us ? SH: You guys have already said it all ! I wanted you to fight it out. Gyu Won talking through her teeth to Hee Joo 🙂

Oh! We’re seeing each other often. Lol ! If I were Shin I’d have strangled Bo Oon by now. Cha Bo Oon ! >:( angry
Did you eat ice cream with Lee Shin ? How did you know ? How could we not ? It spread all over school.

That would be even worse than being tired. My hair … worried :/

Why are you looking at couple t-shirts ? Who will you wear it with? Oh … I wear it with my grandpa

Aww bby ^^ you putting yourself through hell just to talk to Gyu Won. Se’cute. Cha Bo Oon wont follow her here, will she ? You don’t know how wrong you are 🙂 Aww his poor legs. He should sit more comfortably but its probably rude. Shin’s face when he said “… I looked JUST like you

Lee Shin. Why are you here ? >his face is just …<
He almost fell ! Bo Oon’s lil :O look. Is she FINALLY getting it ?
Why does Cha Bo Oon keep following you around ? Bffs bitch. We joint at the hip.
You guys are a bit strange today. I noticed you are often together. Aren’t they always ? Even when he hated her.
You, who majors in TM … Does it make sense that you didn’t get to hear it ? I’ve heard too. Since you came over here … How about hearing about it ? Really can I ? Bo Oon actually looks like she’ll enjoy it.

I’m sorry. For what ? Do I have to say it in words ? Yas plz 🙂

How is it ? Her face. So cute.
Don’t just look at my face. Listen to the music ….
They shouldn’t be allowed to be so cute together 🙂

Ouch ! Bo Oon was there all day :/

Crap ! I’m a total mess. Dying over how cute Shin is with the bike seat ^_^ :D Hold on tight. I said hold on tight.

Hey ! Others will see us like this. I don’t want my hair pulled out. Shite ! Causing uproar in the school :D ^_^
End it before your hair gets it 😛

Is something going on in school ? The school was so noisy. Gossip time for the teachers. Really ? The show. Is that the only reason you don’t like Gyu Won dating ?

Gi Yeong’s got a lisp thing going on ^_^ ayee its so fuckin cute

Joon Hee making Hee Joo low calorie lunch box. Such a cutie. You can’t reject him no more, kay ?

Kim Seok Hyeon, lets see your talent. Oh, you’ll see it alright. I don’t doubt him at all.

Why do you have your hair like this ? I don’t know when my hair will be pulled out. I’m here next to you, so rest assured.
Cha Bo Oon, I was wondering why you hadn’t arrived yet …?

I thought Shin would freak seeing Gyu Won holding Gi Yeong’s hands.

Hyperventilating. No. I’m not well. I was holding back in front if Gi Yeong oppa bcoz I thought he might run away.

Look at the audience like this …. And share my thought. You’ve fallen for me.

Daamn ! Gyu Won was awesome. They loved her.
Hee Joo got slapped by her mom in front of Joon Hee 😦

And we back to ruining Seok. *sigh*

She’s not a child. Jealous 🙂 Shin

Why are you smiling ? Its funny. Is that funny.
What did I do wrong ? Your being popular is your wrongdoing.

I will tell you once. Clean this up. Yes. He will only tell us once. Hurry up.

SH: Whats wrong with your face ? GW: Compared to Lee Shin … Am I such a loser ?? SH: Who says that ? GW: All the kids. SH: If there’s anybody who says that, bring them here. I’ll punish them.

SH: Gyu Won, you have the ability to move people’s hearts. And there are only a few people who can see that. GW: Really ? SH: Of course. I see it with my eyes.
If Shin hurts your feelings, tell me. I’ll punish him.

Today you also came to listen ? Lool ! No. I have a part time job today.

Laughs. I just know one thing, I didn’t even think about that.  Aah Madame Goo & his damn business dropping.

Lee Gyu Won, just ignore it for now.
She can’t last a minute

Lolz. The crowd goes quiet when she appears 😛

Awee !! Kiss ^_^ !

Ep 9-11


Episode 9

The boat Ji Hoo left for her at the pool. She never got it 340

Woobin: What’s wrong with that kid ? Did he eat something weird at Geum Jan Di’s house ?

Jun Pyo: Do you guys even know about life ?
Yi Jung: It was better when he used to get his sayings wrong. Woobin: I’m scared of Geum Jan Di more than a tiger or smallpox.

After his attempt at not being desperate with Jan Di, Yi Jung: It’s embarrassed that he’s my friend.

Ga Eul’s bf is kinda rude. He’s got a really wide mouth.

Oh… He was talking trash about Jan Di. That’s why he got beat up.

Sup with that phone call Yi Jung got ?
When he saw Ga Eul crying. I’m like Be a man get out of the damn car.

Fuckin hell ! Finally !! They fuckin kissed. At the park ^^

Episode 10

What. The shit wants Ga Eul back now ? Bitch.

Please. For Gods sake. Don’t give Ji Hoo a valentine gift.
She’s made Jun Pyo cookies ^^
He’s touched by them, I can tell.

Shite ! His mom is here. Why is she taking him away ??
He never took the valentine prezzie with him 340

Poor Ga Eul. Obvs Yi Jung gets loads of valentines gifts.

Ji Hoo. Doesn’t that hurt ? The biccies. You know they’re menna be Jun Pyo.

He always ends up with everything Jun Pyo gives her or she gives Jun Pyo. 
He also eats everything she gives Jun Pyo. Lol !

I luv it when he has a ponytail ^^
I thought Jan Di’s mom would force her to sign it.
Okay … Not so great. Pouring sugar (?) on her head

Ji Hoo also plays piano, as well as guitar & violin

Jan DI: Whenever an alarm rings in my heart. Sunbae appears in front of me.

That bitch ! She’s fuckin shutting Jan Di’s family down !

Jan Di’s mom, making them scream but she can’t do it herself.

I knew she’d see one of them 😦 It had to be Jun Pyo.
Well, she got another kiss 😉

Jun Pyo asked for the same promise as Ji Hoo. Tell me if anything happens. But to Ji Hoo, she just said it ain’t so serious with Jun Pyo anyways.
Jun Pyo’s gonna treasure the fuckin can.

Ji Hoo: My heart hurts. /pause/ If I was Gu Jun Pyo then my heart would hurt

Where the fuck has she gone to now ?

Episode 11

She gets into all sorts of shit. Their pervy smiles don’t wipe off.

Ha Je. Plz don’t start liking her.

Ji Hoo. Good guy. I’ll pretend I never saw you two
Knew Jun Pyo would get jealous. Now they broken up for real

Be gave her the red card :O
He’s the type. But he changed. He did !

Ji Hoo : Don’t make me regret it. Coz he gave her up for Jun Pyo.

So who is Ha Je really ?? He did all those things. I have a feeling he’s working for Jun Pyo’s mom.

The Casket Girls


Do you know I haven’t watched an episode of The Originals since the ninth episode. Because the site I watch on hasn’t put up a new episode since then. It even says when the next ones on, but it hasn’t since then. So I’ve been assuming it was on hiatus. You can guess my shock when I found out I’ve been missing a few episodes. Anyways enough about me …

Wow ! Someone explain to me why Elijah is out of his suit 3411 Not that I’m complaining … It’s a welcome sight. But he’s hotter in a suit. Just saying

Woo Davina ! You go girl ! The way she knocked out those three. Got Elijah dirty in the blood for what seems like the first time 🙂

When Tim said the thing about Klaus which meant she was obviously poisoned, I’m just there like 322 No ! Davina can’t die !  I thought it was over for the two of them.

Oh come on. The stench of your judgement is overwhelming

Now poor Tim is dead & Davina’s devastated 😦

Rebekah …  Confiding in Tiveri Whatever his name is. Well I guess that’s safer seeing as he can’t talk to anyone else.

So did she come up with that celebration ? 333