Give Me A Smile


Hee Joo’s got tears too. About time she showed some emotion.

Even though you didn’t go up on stage. You are still the real female lead to me. I’m sobbing btw ~

Ripping young ! Su Myung’s jell 😛
SM: Instead of just focusing on his abs, you should’ve focused on the performance. S: We are also human, why are you so mad ? Oppa, can we have an encore ?
Yah ! Also here … I have … I have stomach fat.

SH: Eh you little rascals. You should have warned the director. I nearly lost my child. GW: Eh … What do you mean when you’re a man !

At least Hee Joo told the truth, about lip-synching. Good for you girl. You seriously need friends. Shin’s shrug when Gyu Won looks to him during the pictures.

Han Myeong Joo. Is that Hee Joo’s sister ?!

Takes teddy off. GW: I knew this would happen. You got tired of it quickly. S: That’s not it. I want to change it for this one. GW: Actually … I wanted to do that too. Pffft

Joon Hee all sweet before her operation. Mom has got to see how sweet he is now right ?

Produce an album ? Baam ! Awesome 🙂

Ya! I’m not leaving because of you, I really am leaving just now. He wants couple tees now 😕
Bo Oon ! You can’t talk like that in front of the guys. Poor Joon Hee covering his eyes like he can see it.

Hangs up & Su Myung & Gi Yeong are there 🙂 I almost choked.
I’m pretty sure as men you have caught on. Today is a very important day to me … So, you have to help me okay ? Oh fuck !! Just got it. He’s gonna propose.

Gramps will kill you if he finds out. Joon Hee ! You silly klutz ^_^ Banged your damn drum

SM: Use more strength ! Whats the point of those abs ? GY: What abs are you talking about ?
SM: Uh. About that. The car is on strike. SH: I knew that crappy car would cause a problem someday. You are ruining his proposal !! >:( angry

Fuck ! Why is Gramps so controlling of Gyu Won ??

The event is not that important. The most important is the idea. Seriously ?! How did you forget about  the ring so quickly ?? You literally just about put it down.
Singing for her ^_^ :D

Call your mom & her dad for help 🙂
Really bitch ? Because it totally looks like your dumb ass grandpa is doing all the deciding for you. Do you honestly feel like you’re making your own life choices ?

Joon Hee looking after Hee Joo ^^ Sarang’s clique & the boys are so fuckin shocked.
Sarang: I must have been a traitor in my past life. Ohh. Does Su Myung like her ? I thought he asked her out to be nice.
GY: It looks like it will be hard for you to date her until they all get boyfriends. SM: Yeah ? gy: Yeah. It will be hard. SM: Aren’t you lonely ? >Not yet. He’s got you.<

I wanted to give you the last chance. But no matter what you choose. I’m by your side. And she just about said she wont run away.

Shite ! I think he might have sprained it worried :/

Eek ! Fuck ! Shit ! She’s living in Shin’s house.
GY: You can cook ? S: How many times do I have to tell you. There’s nothing I can’t do.

S: No regrets in leaving home ? GY: Thanks to that I get to see your room.

It’s good. I feel like crying. You gone give her your daddy’s record ! So’cute.

I feel like my guitar is trying to mimic it. I just wanted to listen to it with you this once.
When I become a great guitarist one day & have my own album out … You can give it back to me then.

Best time to interrupt Jeong Hyeon. Gyu Won was so bloody embarrassed.

Gyu Won was being scouted !
Another poor victim of grandpa 🙂 Jeong Hyeon

He’s gonna let Gyu Won do it !! Woohoo !

Ugh ! Knew Shin’s injury would turn out serious 😦

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