Planeterium Show


Just got back from a Planetarium show ! Like 10 minutes ago.
It was pretty awesome tbh

But now I’ve got an exam in 45 minutes. An hour after the show.
But my head is pounding ! I can’t even do last minute revision 😦 Oh well. I never had such expectations for this mock anyways. Seeing as I haven’t touched the unit since we last got taught it, which was a good month or two ago.

When I get home I’ll rant about how good it was. For now, I hated the doorway. It was like some squishy tunnel thing, where you have to go through with the walls squishing you.
I was fuckin freaked to go in, so Y held it open for me.
But coming out was ….

Yeah. Let me squeeze some revision into my pounding head.

7:05 pm 

I set off just before 2, like five minutes before. On the way, I met & when we got there we were the only two there. Well, Y was there as well. Funny thing is, he was running when I saw him, but we ended being early. Well, on time, but before the rest though.

When we went in, there was like a projection on the dome & we could see our college at the bottom. A didn’t even believe it was actually the sky above us at the exact moment.

They brought mats in for us to lie on. He didn’t even know what they were f or. Thought we’d stand throughout. After it was over, I’m like Now imagine watching all that standing. Then he just lay back down in front of me.

Me, K, H, him & K‘s mate stayed behind with Y. All the extras left, so just us classmates & her. We were just messing about & talking to the guy.

There was this cool thing Y discovered whilst talking to us. If you sit bang in the middle & talk, your voice comes from everywhere at you, but sounds normal to anyone anywhere else in the dome. So we all took turns for that. K tried to get A to sing for us from the middle. Lil shit wouldn’t do it.

He asked his legendary question; Is the matrix real ? We all collectively groaned as the guy decided to answer him.

We all got lunar calendars & solar sunglasses. You can look directly at the sun without damaging your eyes. It looks so cool 333



My piercing !

It’s all red & swollen or something. Might be a spot. Or just swelling.

But I took care of what I ate when I had it done. I watched my food for a month after !

I’m scarredd 😦 What’s happening ?! I don’t know what to do.

Man On Fire


Enzo to C: Seventy years of captivity & she was the one face I clung on to.

S to E: Did i say Damon ? What I meant to say was George.

Shite ! Did Stefan kill Maggie ? But everyone says 1960 he was clean.

Omg it was Damon !

Damon to Maggie: Vividly. It was very hot. Lots of screaming. About the fire in Gilbert House (?) 

Enzo: Coz if I hate you, then I’d have nothing left. Ouch. Right in the feels !
Enzo: There we are. You’re right, I don’t have a care in the world.

Marcose looks familiar from somewhere
D: Yup. Emotion free bye bye humanity.

S to Enzo: I know why Damon didn’t wanna deal with you anymore. You don’t shut up.

Enzo: I think it’s time we both stop coddling him. Stefan & Enzo’s fight. Fuck ! Enzo: Have fun sorting this out with your brother.

S to E: Wouldn’t it be better if no humanity Enzo left for parts unknown & was never heard of again ?

Damon & Stefan’s heartfelt convo, D: Even a crappy one like me ? Even a crappy one like you.
You have to tell him now 😦

Resident Evil


I was just starting to wonder why they were introducing themselves. It was a dream.

Enzo is hilarious xD Pissing Damon off

D: Does your mysteriously missing girlfriend know how insufferable you are ? Maybe that’s why you haven’t found her. Coz she doesn’t wanna be found.

Okay. So they’re visions. Coz her parents aren’t even alive. E: Caroline, if you bite your tongue any harder it’ll bleed. Say it.

D: You know bringing up her name defeats the purpose of me trying to forget about her. Enzo: Bring up whose name ? Elenaaa

Enzo: Temptation 1 Enzo, Hello gorgeous.

E: They’re not sex dreams C: Yeah, they’re more like romance dreams. D: I don’t need to know that. Ahaha, he looks annoyed at being told all this.

Kol: Well apparently there’s trouble in paradise.

Enzo: So, Who cares for a drink in the library ? C: Yes please.
Gosh. Their awkward talk.
E: I mean, the whole strained, awkward don’t know how to act part.

D: So. Sex dreams about my brother. E: Wow. Ok. Yeahh that’s definitely one way to change the subject.

He sounds like he’s gonna cry when talking about Elena’s visions.

D: Liv has a twin ? Is it possible for there to be one of someone around here ?

Liv’s twin telling them about the travelers & stuff, Enzo: Well this just keeps getting better & better.

Her engagement vision ^^

Enzo: Apparently that’s Elena’s favorite flavor. D: I’m gonna staple your tongue to your chin. Marcose: Not in my house please. D: Marcose I suppose. Well I’m not Stefan & he’s not Elena.

When he says he’s the reason for the doppelgangers coming together, E: Well would you look at that. Think we just met the universe.

D: I’m sorry. Are we walking so I don’t fall asleep. When all those people were chanting & shit, I thought they were gonna take over Damon’s body or something :O

E: Does that mean that it’s over ? (They don’t look happy) S: Yeah it is.

S: I’ll always love you Elena. E: I’ll always love you too.

S: You can either be friends with someone. Or in love with them. But I don’t think you can be both.

How ! Did they take over Tyler !!

An Unblinking Death


Kieran going all Sean on Josh, ‘The city. The city is full of monsters‘ and he’s just like. Uhh. Yeah. Trust me. I know. Remind me to never piss of a witch.

E: I took it upon myself to place it Where naughty little fingers could not pry

Calling a doctor for Kieran ? Joshua ! You know you can compel him right ? He is the worst at compelling 😀

I thought the person on the motorcycle was Klaus. N I’m like 😀 !! Explosion ! What’s all the buzzin. I thought the kid was a ghost ! Wolsbane in the gastank. Elijah’s a mess !!

I didn’t even suspect Marcel.

Hayley can’t go off alone ! What if something happens ?!

Another blast ! Oh, the blonde woman. Evie 😦 She hasn’t activated her wolf yet.

Cammie ! what is she doing ?! Kieran bit his fuckin thumb off :O !

M: Come on in ! Have a seat. I’d offer you a drink but … Uh. So it’s not Marcel ? Who is it then ?? M: See I have this thing, about kids. H: So I’ve heard. M: Ah. You did more than hear about it. Andrea. Lebanair. You’re living proof.

C: What the hell are you doing ? K: Massaging his heart.

Who did Olly make a thing with ?? He killed Evie !

And unfortunately In troubled times, ppl do not look for the best. They look for the loudest.

G: You don’t think I did this. What kind of monster do you take me for ? How ugly I must seem next to the pure innocent glow of your precious Camille.

Uh oh. C: Have you changed your mind ? Kieran: Yes. It appears I have. K to Kieran: You deserved far better than this.

K to M: She woke in the dark. Not knowing where she was. Or who was watching over her. It was your name she called out. If you can give her comfort. So be it.

Joshua: Yes. I do not feel awesome about this. They took the key off Kieran ?

E: Mayhem has descended upon our home. If I’m to choose a side, to our victory brother.

The Big Uneasy


Haven’t been able to watch all holiday 😦 Too much revision. So I’m catching up the day before college begins again.

G: Besides, I’ve made amends with your brother. Klaus’ faces 😛

K: Don’t worry, I’ll bring her home before the birth.

What dodgy thing is Klaus up to with Oliver ?
G: You’ll have your sacrifice. But I have things to do before I die.

Monique’s dress at the festival is nice. But her headpiece is Bleugh !

Josh can get a daylight ring now 🙂 !

Wooh ! Marcel. What a protest performance. At least Hayley was unharmed. Eww, Klaus. Hands ! Now she won’t help.

Elijah ! He killed Tierri ! That hurt Marcel more.

K: I suspect your feelings for Hayley have nothing to do with that allegiance.
E: No more. If I want something, I will take it. And nothing. Nothing will stand in my way.

K: Secrets are a poison. They need to be spat out. Pffft, he’s angry about her & Marcel. No ! But Caroline Pout

Tierri’s funeral 😦 But now they got more ppl in their army.

No ! Not the baby !!

When The Hour Hand Is Up~kyu5671


Another awesome one.

Tragically heartbreaking. But I seem to be a sucker for that.

I’ll admit at first I didn’t really want to read it, but the intro kinda pulled me in. What scared me away was thinking it would be LuhanxLay pairing, I’m hardcore HunHan ship 😛

But it doesn’t have any actual pairings. Though I personally think a few are kinda hinted at; Suho & Chen – when Chen pulks him onto the sofa to sleep with him, Kyungsoo & Jongin – tangled up on the floor in their sleep, Luhan & Sehun – the person Lu told first, Sehun running to hug him as soon as he saw him, yeah maybe I’m going ott & when they go to have some time alone, Baekhyun & Chanyeol – just being nuisances together, I maybe just see coz I wanna.

But these are more like bromances between the pairings ❤

So go read this 😀