Lyrics: 150821 Mino feat. Taeyang – “Fear (겁)” from SMTM4 Episode 9 Semi-Finals!




When I looked back I had come farther than I thought
I was all alone, and all of a sudden I feared
When I looked at myself, I didn’t know that I was exhausted
I was all alone, and all of a sudden I feared

You’re doing well
When you become confused, just like you’ve done so far, just go
Just do yourself, you know yourself
You practiced around a few thousand times
Broke down once or twice, now it’s nothing
Opportunity has always meant (you know it) standing up again at life’s crisis
You said you’re going on a trip to heaven, Quickly pack your suitcase

Don’t stop, you still have lots of work to do
Look at the photo of your parents who look after you
You’re your dongsaeng’s mirror as well as your family’s star
I musn’t sleep so that they can sleep comfortably
Hey you…

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Let’s study SHINee’s drinking habits


Lee Jinki(이진기) or Onew (온유)

Let’s study SHINee’s drinking habits

1. Sweet Dubu Lee JinKi
When drinking, he just smiles with his cute eyes.
One time, he smiled at a woman saying “Hello~”
It is said that when he was drunk and his capacity is 5 bottles of SoJu (Korean liquor)
Yes! I have to remember he is SHINee’s eldest.
He is not a 20 year old boy, Lee JinKi anymore, but a 24 year old man, Lee JinKi.

2. Chic Chic Kim JongHyun
You know, Kim JongHyun is very tender-hearted.
So, whenever he’s drunk, he always cry.
they said that he cried aloud saying “Thank you~”.
I don’t know why he says like that

3. SHINee’s Mom Kim KiBum
People shouldn’t treat him to a drink because he turns nasty when he’s drunk.
Behind story 1.
One day, He lay down on the street of ApGooJung, shouting “I’m Key from SHINee”
Minho confessed that…

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Its My Birthday


So, yeah, basically that

And it just makes me extra depressed. Like I was already down the last few days coz… So much work… Revising for college mocks and shit

But now its like I’ve fallen further

I guess I’m pretty much a Notice me. Please. Its my birthday.
Idk why even I just have an incessant need to make this my day.

But obviously, me being me, I don’t say that shit out loud. Just keep it bottled in and just get all depressed on my birthday.

Plus this year we actually had plans to meet up. Since like two months back. And I don’t even know if its still going on.
That hurts even more 😥



Taemin was in my dreams last night …. It WAS NOT a good dream 😦

I just wanted to punch his dumb face

I walked into a room to see him and one of my best friends sitting knee-to-knee on the floor.
And he’s just flirting like i-do-no-wrong. I was burning 😛

See, I’ve always had an inferiority complex. Especially when,it comes to her. I don’t think she knows. Though we’ve known each other for years now.

But the last straw was when he puckered up for a popo like you do to a baby. Pucker up and lean forward.
She just shrugged and pecked him.

Duh! I wasn’t just gonna sit there watching them so my big plan was to distract. All her attention on me and she wont pay attention to him anymore.
So I was like all over her.

Then at one point I decided I wanted to break his hands coz you’re hands are so fuckin fragile, I could deffo break them pffft. Like how you put hands to hand then link your fingers, then I started bending his backwards.

Somehow she ended up tickling the hell out of me. I don’t even know why.
So I’m rolling on the floor, his hands are still clasped in mine.

It was probably to free his hands, but don’t you know, I clench up when being tickled 😛

The last I remember is me in foetal position on the floor, his arms stretched out his hands are still curled with mine under me….