In the Forest of the Night


That attitude is … Actually very attractive.

Goodbye to the Ice Age. Welcome to the Tree Age. Possibly.

The forest is mankind’s nightmare.

Dont make me say it.
Say what ?
I dont wanna be the last of my kind.

It’s a human supeepower. Forgetting.



The door SHRUNK.
OH the whole TARDIS shrunk !!

Oh. That is adorable.

Pls dont do that. Thats just wrong.

Are you like a spy ot something.
How do you sleep at night.

That statement has never been truer.

Apparently they’re in the walls. She looks murderous :/

And yes! That is a thing. Its been theorised.

No. But i really hope that. Would be a nice wouldn’t it.

Twodis! Why do I even bother.
Long way round it is.

Im on the train lines. And theres a train coming. Of course there is.

Its not going to be easy. I’ve got a hairband to live up to.

Mummy on the Orient Express


Im sorry. She just stopped.

Hatred is too too strong an emotion to waste on someone you don’t like. And he just talks about planets 😛

Did a woman put a curse on you about minibreaks ?

Do you come to ppls houses for dinner ?

You cant end it on a slammed door

Is that EINSTEIN ?!?!!

well, on a good day i’m both.

Oh, its not just a mummy, its a a vampire. Metaphorically speaking of course

Of course not. Why would you think that ?

Are you my mummy ?

Would you like to think that avout me ? Would that make it easier ?

Is it like … An addiction.
Well, ypu cant really tell if somethings an until yoy try & give it up.