Mortal Instruments


Some of my favorite lines from the movie. Just watched it tonight, after ages !

C: You play it like you’ve lost your one true love
J: Unfortunately my one true love remains myself
C: Well, at least you don’t have to worry about rejection
J: Not necessarily. I turn myself down once in a while to keep it interesting

J: Don’t tell me. You’re having a drawing emergency & you need a nude model. Well I’m not in the mood

S: The werewolves are here to save us. Never thought I’d say that

I: The institute is full of demons. L: That’s impossible. It’s hallow ground. (Holy ground ?)

J: Remember when I said I’d never seen an angel ? I lied.

Oh one more thing. when Isabella & Clary had some convo &  Isabella asked if it was that obvious. I didn’t hear clearly but I just knew he was gay. And probably in love with Jase.

Red Riding Hood ’11


I had planned on watching thus a while back. But then last night I discovered it was supposed to be a horror/thriller. That made me wanna watch it even more.

I suspected so many people after I found out it was one of them.

Henry. Coz he liked her but she didn’t like him back.

Her grandma. Coz she’s wierd in the way she acts, and pops up randomly. I swear there has gotta be something about her that’s not normal.

Obviously I suspected Peter. He is the one who wanted to run off with her.

At one point I even thought it could be her mom.

But my mind was pretty set on Peter. Especially when he broke out of the elephant. That just convinced me.

But after her nightmare, when she went to her grandma’s, I thought it could’ve actually been her. And then I thought Peter again

Her dad ? I didn’t even think. He justspent his time drunk. That proper took me by surprise.

I was seething when I saw him dancing with that other girl. He couldn’t just leave her like that.

Then they went for a snog in the hay. So I was like At least he ain’t leaving her without a kiss first. Coz it was pretty obvious they hadn’t kissed yet, if she just told him she loves him.

When he said he got bitten & he was leaving 😦 I was sittin there thinkin of ways they could still be together.

And who’s baby was that anyway ? Peter’s ? Plz say yes

Romeo & Juliet ’13


I totally thought it was a modern day remake. Then the fight at the beginning, I’m thinking it might just be some kind of flashback or just showing the past.

I only ended up watching till Romeo left. Got bored of knowing what was gonna happen.

Too tired now. Off to bed.

Was only watching for Ed Westwick 

American Horror Story


Just started watching this. It is all my brother’s fault.

This is seriously fucked up ! Why is she still living with that cheating son of a bitch ?! 35a He even went all the way back just to see her. While his wife & daughter were gonna be sacrificed.

And it is also scaring the shit out of me. I can totes watch horror movies but I need closure otherwise I am seriously fucked up.

So a freakin Horror Series is a bad idea for me. Like baadd 326

I’ve now vowed not to watch another episode. Coz I don’t wanna get caught up in it.

So I had to watch a load of How I Met Your Mother to get out of that zone.


Uhh … Just remembered this from last night & it doesn’t feel real anymore. I wonder if it was ? But basically what happened was this really bad pain in the middle of the left side of my chest. Like right under my bust. I remember lying there waiting for it to fade. And then it just got worse coz it started killing ten times more everytime I coughed. And uhh news flash I have a really bad cough as of recently. So yeah it was hell.