I’m going to … I’m going to forget


So. I guess she’s figured out who the necklace belongs to.

Ugh. I thought Shin was gonna treasure the frikkin umbrella.

Yeah. Gyu Won’s sick coz she was looking for the necklace. For you 😛

I know my words are not comforting.
You’re calling my name. It’s the first time.  I was practically sobbing after that.

Unnie ! You’re not cheating on me with Gi Yeong hyung, are you ?

Wait, this isn’t revenge, right ? Uh course it is dude. Lol ! She piled so many books. Did she honestly not realize ?

Awwee ! Her daddy came to see her !!

The way he just took them out the running for lead. Scene stealers my ass.
He’s like just eff off already. Am I supposed to make them all Miss Koreas ? Or make them the first, second & third daughters ? Lool

Ghosts that hide in water are the scariest !

Sadness is love. Hatred is love. Pain is love.

Ach. Knew something would happen to her at the karaoke. Are those toilets for anybody ? O.o Coz then he snuck into the ladies ?! You don’t have to pretend that you are fine in front of me. Don’t do that. I got caught.
Lolz. He gave his hand for the tambourine, not to help her up 😛

Those little stare things on the bus. Then her falling asleep.

Did he listen to all of that ?? Grandpa screaming at her.

Director & Lee Shin both going to rescue her.
Knew Seok Hyeon would get there first. Coz it needa be time for Shin to see now. Lol. Using his sister as bait. He paid her xD

Why does he have a bike of all things ? Taking so long to get back to school 😦
OhMyGod freakin call Seok ! Since you got his number anyways. Then he’ll know you’re on your way !

I don’t think I will be able to forget you immediately. But I will try my best.

I love the studs Shin wears. Especially the star ones.

She sings beauts doesn’t she ? 😉 Brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

How ?! Rigged voting bitches !! Ugh. How did Hee Joo … !!!

Reject your neighbor, but take up the director’s offer to drop you off. Well … What did you expect ? She is  avoiding you. Trying to get over you.

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