The Caretaker



Frak shower.
Is that seaweed ? I said freak.

I’ll se youbwhen I se you.
And when’s that ? When I see you.

Lol. John Smith.

Himan beings have incredibly short life spans. Yoy shoylf all be ib a constant state of panic

Why are you talking like an idiot ?
Im the caretaker, dont mind me.

Hes not the caretaker. He’s your … Dad. Your space dad.

Well you’ve explained me to him. You havent explained him yo me.

Doctor, am I right ? Are those tears I see ?

Lool Courtney being sick.

Time Heist



Look at me. Looking
Why is your face all coloured in ?
Are you taller ?

We do not wish to harm yoi before incineration.

Im a hacker – slash bank robber.

The ‘Teller’ I guess its called, looks like it should be in Star Wars.

The latest thing in sniffer dogs. Telepathic – it detects guilt.

Well ? Still dont understand why you’re in charge. Basically, its the eyebrows.

That bomb was SO COOL !

My personal plan is that a thing will probably happen quite soon.

Im waitibg for you to volunteer.

Doctor, no matter what happens, dont let me end up lkke that.

Well, I see no-one.
Im soo hsppy psi & sabria didnt dir 😀

Someone likes to hang out with their wealth.

Im getting sanity judgement from the self burbner.

I ws hoping for minimalism but i think I came up wuth magician.

Flesh & blood – the last currency

Dont rob a bank what ?
Without me.
Of course not, boss.

Robbing a bank. Robbing a whole bank. Bear thst gor a date.




Question. Why do we talk out loud when we’re alone.
Conjunction. Bcoz we’re not.

Except in those moments when we choose to spwak aloud.

Im sorry. I didnt mentiion your 23 wells !
Dont you worry – He’ll probably dig for ut.

So dont think anything dirtu. Why ? it mught end up on all the screens.

Freaking hell his face makes it even scarier.

Lovely view out this window. Yeah, come & see all the dark.

Damnit! I wanted

Ia that what I look like from the back ?
Its fine.
I waa thinking it was good.

Im worried it wants to go siolo.

Whats wrong with your facw ? Its all eyes. Get that under control.

You didnt look like you believed it.
Thats just my face, when he talks.

Do ypu have your own mood lighting now ? Bcoz frankly the accent is enough.

Did we come to thr end of the universe bxoz of a nursery rhyme.

You say ‘probably’ a lot.

She came back to the Doctor’s past !!!

Omg!! He goes back to that barn !

Crap! The end nearly got me in tears :’)

Robot of Sherwood



Yay! Im starting tp get used to the new Doctor now

Oh my God. It is, isnt it ? Lol shes so cute fangirling xD
He has the most enormous –
Takes one to knoe one.

Stop … Laughing! Why do you keep doing that ? Are uou all simple or something ?

Why are you so sad ?
Why do you think me sad ?
Bcoz he’s rifht … Yoh do laugh yoo much.

Youre so very quick. How does the Doctor stand iy ?

Have you been to Nottingham ?
Climate change ?
Its 1190

Whrn dis you stop believing in everything ?
When did you atart believing in impossible heroes ?
Dont tou know ? In a way, its all rather sweet.

I want something else.
Name it

Dont worry Doctor I’ll save you
I dont need saving
Your honour is safe. For I qm Robin. Rpbin Hood !

Robin & Doc fighting xD
Oh, right, here qe go, its laughing time.
Screaming for the guard.
Do eithe of yoibunderstand … In any way at all … That there isnt actually a guard out there.

Seriously ?
Come on.

I had a bag of crisps this morning thanks.
Your words are strange, fair one.
I should think so

Lool Clara totally flirting.
Right, you do that again & you’ll regret that.

Look at you, Perfect eyes, Perfect teeth. NOBODY has a jawline like that.

Yeah, sorry about the girl, Such a pretty thing.

Lool all the workers with their golden shields.

Hes the opiate of the masses.

You all right ? Hell yeah

Soory was that, uh, was that showing Off ?

My friends, surely we can manage it together.

Be safe, if you can be. Bur alwys be amazing.

History id a a burden. Stories can make us fly.

Perhaps others will be heroes in our name. Perhapd we can both be our stories.

Aadmit it. You like him.
Well Im lewving him a present arent I ?
Oh! Shes Marian ?!