The Red Shoes



Omg! Beom Jo’s really gonna report everything back to Ha Myeong :O ? Waah, but he looks so lifeless nowadays though. Just trailing around after his mom, phone in hand.

Haha ^_^ :D Cap’s dance when song Cha Ok said she wouldn’t be attending the meeting any longer ! Now I don’t have to worry about you-know-who. It’s totally my world ! Oh, I should go to the restroom. But In Ha totally making him feel guilty with her big eyed, I trust you Cap. The use of flashbacks and stuff in this drama is just … Just like with Dal Po in the beginning, In Ha used Cap’s words on himself :x

OhMyGod I can’t believe that Il Joo snitched to the chief gasp. Did you see the results boy ?! I’m pretty sure you was shitting yourself when that guy was waving that knife around.

As soon as the motorcycle almost hit In Ha, I knew something was up. But when it showed him taking off his helmet from the back I honest to God thought Hyung escape from jail or something! So he went to watch him at his house and attack the next day ? I thought he’d attack there and then, so I was all like Nuh-uh dude, her son is in there too. And also, what the fuck was that gun he was waving around in YGN ? It looked like a massive staple gun to me. Is it that which hurt Ha Myeong ? Or some shrapnel that was flying around ? Coz it can’t have been the knife, coz that didn’t get near him. I honestly thought In Ha and her mom were gonna be seriously injured when he broke through the window. He could easily have stabbed Song Cha Ok right then :O

When he shook Beom Jo’s can though 😛 He should really have handed it over right then. Coz now his bloody mom has caught on. How you gonna get that info back, huh ?

This moment though <3_<3 heart eyes I ship them so hard. Her and Hyun Kyu. But poor Joo Ho though, all he wants is a little respect from those two. Greet him when they see him.

Jae Hwan Screencap

Pinocchio Ep 18 otp

Il Joo: They must hate me so much. Joo Ho: I’m also staring to hate you.

Lmao at Yoo Rae texting the Team Leader coz they can’t successfully eavesdrop 🙂

Daamn I won’t cease to be impressed by Cap. He gets them. He gets everyone. He gets that this was a warning, and not just petty revenge gone too far. But the other YGN reporter convincing Yoo Rae that Cap could possibly be interested in her :D ^_^

Pinocchio Ep 18 kimchi

I love how the dad’s response is just to offer a piece as well. You see. You’re always one step too late. But I totally forgot that he was still pretending not to know that Dal Po’s not his actual son. When In Ha’s dad said about them dating 🙂 Haraboji already knows about that doesn’t he ?? I feel like he does.

Woah ! Beom Jo’s mom took this to some next level though. Cap and Song Cha Ok, both relieved of their positions :O scared

Pinocchio Ep 18 Takeawaymymic

Song Cha Ok’s plan is unf! I just hope they actually get to carry it out. But all those tears though. I didn’t know she still had a heart. Poor Ha Myeong’s going through the pain all over again, watching her, of convicting someone you love.

Have I mentioned how cute it is when Hyung does those little taps on the glass separator ? heart eyes <3__<3

But Beom Jo’s mom is so cool about it, it’s making me worried :/Nuuupls

Pinocchio Ep 18 Freshquestions

As it is now safer to admit how cool and collected she can act. Plus when she reminded Ha Myeong to come back and howl properly :o Funny how I’m starting to like her right at the end. Though I suspect that was the idea all along. Yoo Rae: Her charisma is the best. I will acknowledge that. For sure.

Pinocchio Ep 18 Howl



The Scarlet Letter


주홍 글씨

Beom Jo didn’t really turn his phone off right ? It’s probably recording. Tips from the master, Ha Myeong.

Omg! Cha Ok was victim to the same matter.
“As a mom…?” After all this time ?!
And it happened to her dad too.

Are you bragging that you’re tall? If you’re here the sit.

Haha ! Omg ! It’s a reversal of when her dad did that to her.

Aww Beom Jo. Wae you standing fully dressed in the shower ??

The other two guys reaction to the two hugging ^__^ All her worries disappeared!
Fuckin hell! He smashed that glass

Resignation letter two secs after she got the full-time job. And her mom tries to be a mom now.

Why would you apologize instead of me.
Bcoz I’m your daughter.

Then I guess Cap is flirting with me too.
Newest ship, Cap and Yoo Rae 😛

No. Nope. Don’t turn In Ha over to Chairwoman!

Does Ha Myeong really believe Song will report it ??
But at the rate she’s going, she just might.

Is Beom Jo a spy ?! Coz I swear he’s actually gone back to being a reporter. Or was he collecting his stuff
He’s deffo recording on that phone, right ?

Ep 13-16


크리스마스 선물

Awww the way he rushed off when he thought he would find In Ha crying.

Nooo!! When he told her to just keep her mouth shut… Don’t cover up 😮 I don’t want him to end up being like Song Cha Ok !

Gaaah! Haraboji and the dad are so cute coming over to visit him. I feel so sad watching Ha Myeong being sad and missing them.

Haha omg that Santa escaping was like the perfect time for Yoo Rae to see maybe Dal Po/Ha Myeong isn’t so into her as she thought.
I can’t believe Beom Jo did that over the phone 😦 and bloody Ha Myeong should’ve listened to the rest damnit.

Wow! I didn’t think it was possible to see a cuter drunk than Minho in Salamander Guru ^__^ But fuckin Ha Myeong man. I was kinda surprised they ended up back at that house. Guess he forgot in his drunk state.
He must really wanna live in his dreams, right ? He has such sadly cute ones 😥

Chan Soo has his wife as Grim Reaper 🙂 lmao. I wanna see her.
I was crying when Ha Myeong woke up cuddling him.
On his knees when his wife calls.

Did In Ha nick another button off that same shirt 😛

헨젤과 그레텔

Beom Jo’s gonna start getting on my nerves now. I can tell.
Argh! The mom’s are secretly meeting planning God knows what.
And damn Beom Jo succeeding in making In Ha feel sorry.

Okay. Maybe mama’s boy actually does believe his mom is totally innocent.

Anyways where’s that lady from the first two episodes gone ? With that awesome laugh.
Oh wait. She was a game show lady. We’re not there anymore.

Aaaaahhhh!!!! I don’t think you should drive right now. Sails another ship.
I keep doing a 180 with thus guy.

Song Cha Ok went to Beom Jo’s mom’s house the day after the suicide ?
Are they partners in crime ?! I feel like Cha Ok covers up for her.

In Ha knows Ha Myeong so well. Squeals. She totally knew what he was feeling.
Poor Yoo Rae though. She’s just gonna get hurt. And its all Beom Jo’s fault she even started thinking he liked her.

No! No! No! Chan Soo’s gonna get the blame for the explosion !! Omg no ! At least he has friends willing to save him.

Wait wait!! Almost forgot about Ji Yi 🙂 Even she told Dal Po he became a dragon, just like her hubby 😉 Well, at least someone got what they wanted.
Third kid though. Daamn!
Ha Myeong’s face though. Staring at the kid like, How can you have such a big kid like this at your age ?
Good fortune ? Nah. Its bcoz alcohol is the enemy. I think I’m crying right now ..

In Ha, I can’t hold onto you right now. But don’t go to some one else.

돈 키호테

Who’s the good reporter ? Me. That smug face you cutie.

Wow! Beom Jo’s mom is freakin sly ! She took care of all the footage.

Finally! Someone holds the crying guy ! It kills me when they don’t.

Will that bitch finally regret it after she sees the trouble she’s causing ? But the again she doesn’t really care about her.
But she’s looking for that cellphone like mad.

Ohhh! Im Ji Hwan. Now that you have your hair down, you finally look like a girl.
Oh, Lee Il Joo, now that I see you caked in foundation, you finally look like a woman.
Hey, this is BB cream.

Okay! Got the original CCTV. Now start operation clear Chan Soo’s name.

Aah Yoo Rae drunk again. Istg Cap is like the best ever. The way he looks out for them.

Yay! Does that kiss mean they’ll get together again. I don’t want her to waver coz of Beom Jo

벌거 벗은 임금님

His smile watching her sleep. Gah fuckin cute.
He was having a heart attack too. Just didn’t want het to know.
Cries coz of how cute they are making breakfast.

Noo!! Separate again 😦 ? But we know he will definitely wait for her.

That can’t be. How can love change ?
I don’t think those things should come out if a person like you, since you are divorced.

Awwwr he still feels like a little boy, powerless to make it right. Now the fuckin Olympics are overshadowing it all.

Double booked again. But its fun watching them diss each other and shit.
I’m not sure. I don’t think that way.
Hey, that’s my line.

Haha Ha Myeong’s prank on Chief Rigid (Jang Hyeon Gyoo) though 🙂

It’s because everyday, without fail, you are wrong.
Him and Jae Hwan are hella cute. That high-five and hand clutch though.

Tear jerker when Ji Yi and Chan Soo watch his name get cleared.

Ha Myeong talks to his younger self. So much depth in this man.

I wanna know what Beom Jo did for the kid’s birthday party.

Poor them. I feel they’ll bond over this pain.

The Magic Flute



OhMyGod!! Hyung shut her down gooood :O
I didn’t even think him confessing could turn into her downfall like that.

Holy fuck ! I died when Dal Po said his real name 😦
Their goodbye was too fuckin heart wrenching 😥 And Chan Soo holding the team leader back.
The family wanted him to stay so baad. This idiot, not wanting to be happy without his Hyung. I felt my heart break with haraboji’s when he asked to use his real name.
Even In Ha’s dad apologizing like he actually got hurt by petty things he said ^__^ 😥

I was dying in my seat when Hyung looked back at Ha Myeong when he got out of the van 😮 I thought they were up to something. Though Hyung wouldn’t want to taint his baby brother.

But uuuuuu they are such cute brothers :’)

In Ha totally killed it wben she told her mom, “I am the daughter of a murderer also”

I don’t know about anyone else, but Dal Po’s starting to look evil to me ¬_¬ sexy evil though. Like especially when confrontt the mom.


Okay. Beom Jo’s officially become a cutie. He’s so different from usual second leads.
The way he chickened out of telling In Ha about the texts though ^__^ Plus how hard he tried to show Dal Po/Ha Myeong that he’s deffo on his side. Even volunteering help from his mom. Lmao 😀 I’mma be shipping LJS with everyone by the end of this drama.

Did you verify the death certificate ?
Thank you for your answer.
Omo! He totally made her lose her cool, and no one even reacted to her screaming the place down. Seemed damn quite in there too.

Uhm, asked to ‘step down’ through a text? Way to go lol.

Ep 6-11


소년 표류기
Ma Wa Ri seems quite a hard thing. Daamn those living conditions. Exactly how long do they gotta stay there for ?!

Beom Joo is kinda weak, totally squealed when he got his arm twisted. Dal Po is hella sexy when he’s angry though 😛 Cute how he seems pissed she’s being used for publicity but she’s too dumb to say no.
I was squeamish for them – having a fuckin heartfelt conversation when they’re both in a rush.

Daddy again. He always spies on them 😛 and his reactions are priceless. N’awwww In Ha hiding behind Dal Po ^__^ when he came forward.
That aegyo to her dad though !
Haraboji !! Spending Dal Po’s money >_< the reaction. He looks so hurt. His piggies even have names!

In Ha should just stop trying to lie to him. Just hiccups straight after. I’ve settled my feelings for you /hic. I’m sorry. I rushed. I guess I haven’t yet. Was so cutely hilarious 😛

Ahn Chan Soo !! Haha, alumni party. He looks EXACTLY the same. Like he’s still in school or something.

Of course Dal Po would one up everyone else by sucking up to the officers.
Cap is so darn cute, looking for Hyung for him ^_^

In Ha cuddling up to Dal Po in her sleep. I thought Beom Joo would shout again.

Ahn Chan Soo got married !!! Oh daaamn !!

Sneaky clever shit. I knew he’d do something like secretly record the footage.

Dal Po’s expression when In Ha got carried away by Beom Joo. Like “Don’t touch my woman!”

That guilt! Their story turned so far from the truth and its like no one knew how to work the fuckin tv !!

Haha !! At YGN though. Yoo Rae getting told off by Jang Hyeon Gyoo, getting told off by Cap Hwang Gyo Dong, told off by Chief. I literally died laughing omg.
The way Yoo Rae flew when headband guy screamed though >_<

Do you feel how deep that scene was ?! The flashback to the debate. And he felt the words directed to himself.
I was in fuckin awe. This drama is so well scripted :O

Cap made his fuckin bet. Happy guys ? 😛
Not the shower scene we wanted >_< Haha ! Haraboji doesn’t wanna bathe with the dirty boy 😉

Beom Jo’s mom looked so grossed out at his state. Those clothes may make you look good, boy but they ain’t so good for comfort.

I am in love with all Dal Po’s sweaters in this drama ❤

Cap. became a reporter again coz of his guilt from seeing Dal Po ? Daebak.

The toilets are so fuckin awesome O.o
Did Dal Po rush into the women’s bathroom? She avoided him so she wont infect him ❤
I was so happy when Beom Jo and his mum decided to drop her off. Coz that means, more Dal Po time !!
The hospital moment ^__^ like so darn cute. Waking up to her practically stroking his face. And the touching her lips thing !!
But duh she falls so gracelessly then runs out like a maniac 😛

Boo Dal Po. Apologized too early lol, In Ha wasn’t even done rubbing it in his face. But I was just feeling bad cause he was regretting and beating himself up over it so much.

Ooh! He admitted he likes her to Beom Jo. How is that guy not totally grossed out ?! He doesn’t even know they’re not blood related.

운수 좋은날
He seriously recognized his Hyung at first glance ?! That’s awesome yo.
Like, why I find it so cute when they’re running together. Though Hyung doesn’t know they’re avoiding police.
Dal Po is like so fuckin fast piecing it together. I didn’t know what to cry at. They finally met! You know your Hyung’s a murderer. Please tell him your fuckin real name!
But then again I’m starting to get scared of anything provoking Hyung. His rage has been released now.

Played by the fighting cock. Yes you have !
Ahahaha damn. Lol-ed so hard at him manipulating them like that.

Poor Cap. He was just dying for those hugs from Dal Po. What ! Is that all ? Aaaah!! He’s so fuckin cute. Just give him a damn hug ^.^

Dal Po’s oh-so-casual way to tell In Ha his GPS was his girlfriend. I wanted more of a reaction from her.
Hand kiss anyone ?

In Ha’s high five to Beom Jo ! His hand was fuckin red.
She actually washed her hair in the toilet. Weugh!!
Okay. I can like him a little now, since he covered up for Dal Po liking In Ha. But now Yoo Rae’s delusions start.

Nonono!!! I seriously think Hyung is gonna go after Dal Po now. He knows he’s a fuckin reporter !!

And this makes me hate reporters so much. How can you stand by and watch people fall down. Elderly people and little kids too !
But YGN Cap is quite awesome in his telling off. You can tell he doesn’t agree with all the shit they do, but obvs he’d never speak out.
That kid had a fucking crutch. My heart can’t take watching that. Its so damn heartless. And then the fuckin truck had to appear.
I was scared Hyung was gonna die :O

피리 부는 사나이
I literally love Cap. and Dal Po’s relationship so much. Totally ship it man.
He trusts him enough to always go to him first. Even when he suspects Hyung of being a murderer.

The media made him into a total hero now. But its such a shame how its just bitter to DalPo now he knows the truth.

Uhm. I can stop hating in Beom Jo now that he’s returned the phone to the mom. It explains more, so I guess it makes me see him as less of a creep.
I cried I laughter when he was shoving the mom into her in the elevator. And then pulled her out like she isn’t the most worshipped bitch around here.

I’m so glad In Ha loves Dal Po enough yo let his word be the reason she avoids Hyung.

Hmmm, took this other random guy with a conscience to show In Ha her mom’s true colours.
I was restless thinking she wouldn’t look up in time to see the damn shoe.

Soo… Dal Po’s gonna attempt to hide what Hyung did ?
I’m kinda behind it coz Hyung’s a good guy who lost hope. But he killed 😦 Idk

양치기 소년
Damn this drama is gonna drain me if my tears. Its like my eyes are leaking or pouring every five minutes.

He honestly told them she was on her period ?? Isn’t the dad curious as to how the fuck he knows 😉

In Ha’s dad is gonna start piecing things together too ?? Damn it’s like its full of investigators !

Damn Yoo Rae is gonna pick up on Chan Soo’s suspicions too isn’t she ? Funny how she’s listening in in police. I hadn’t thought about that.

What are all those other phones Beom Jo got from his mom ?! I thought it was only the one phone she used to text him on.

Haha In Ha’s dad’s little flash thing >_< I was like, Nah dude. That’s the male leads moms role. To the girl usually.
Then he rage eats ice cream coz he won’t get a rich son-in-law

YGN & MSC acting like total kids at the food place haha. Was Cap recording something ?? I didn’t realise Ygn were being total sneaks 😛

All the ygn guys each snuck into the moms speech hall !! Lool
In Ha totally killed it omg. I was cheering her on like no tomorrow. Yoo Rae’s Yoohoo!! though ❤ I liike that girl. She’s darn cute.

I fuckin knew it ! Coz Hyung was meant to turn up to that speech so he wouldn’t be driving around the middle of nowhere.

I thought her saying that would make Hyung realise he shouldn’t attack her !! But then again I understand his paranoia of how the hell she knew some of that.

한여름 밤의 꿈
Cries a flood coz omg Hyung finally knows his little brother is alive.

I’m glad Cap gave that report back to him. Shat myself thinking Yoo Rae could hear them. But obvs its soundproof. They always have their secret convos in there.

Turned your Hyung into a murderer. How much guilt is he gonna have damnit.

Dal Po is an egg roll, lolol. I thought either or both of the girls would spill something. But too fucking drunk man. Then Yoo Rae just ditched her like Meh.

Ohh, your pretty and prefect daughter… She’s just gonna keep proving your praises wrong 😛

Yoo Rae man, talking in her sleep. She’d probably shit herself if she knew what she said 😛 Or maybe she’s only scared of Heenim#2.

Goodbye kiss. Like that’s the third time he caged her in. And only the first one wasn’t a kiss. Maybe it could’ve been ¬_¬ If they hadn’t been interrupted

What did Hyung buy ?? Is it a prezzie for Dal Po ? Or a murder weapon O.o I honestly don’t even know.

Argh !! So much emosh. So much tears streaming down his face when he told Hyung, I’m turning you in.

That other guy totally checking Hyung out !! Can’t blame him. Damn hot in a suit.

So Hyung sent the text ? I don’t understand the test though. What was the test. Whether he would decide to take on the revenge properly ? Whether he would reply to the Informer ?
Do it with style~ I lol-ed through tears.

Ep 3-5


눈의 여왕

I was sobbing during his dream 😥 It was freakin heartbreaking that he realised. Plus the fact he couldn’t see his Hyung’s face coz he doesn’t actually know what he grew up to look like
Do you know how much I love that we all call him Hyung too 😉

In Ha’s mom is such a bitch right now. Idk I’ll change my mind if they show her story, but for now I hate her okay.
And Dal Po texting her from across the street :’) Gah! He’s si damn sweet its killing me !!

Dal Po is my fuckin hero !! Totally gives it to everyone. That’s my boy 🙂
With In Ha’s mom though 😛 he’ll be back to howl … My wolf 🐺

I soo badly wanted him to meet his brother. When the bumper got scratched 😦
Holy crap ! How could I almost forget the guy who was in his cab >_< OMG !!! Talking to his ‘girlfriend’ in front if customers ! Lmao !! His English though ❤

Imagine his huert when he thought In Ha was commiting suicide :O I’m like Girl, stop hiding. Pls ! He’s more worried than you think. Her hiccups were so cute though 😛 What is it wth the lack of hugs when ppl cry worried :/ ??

로미오아 줄리엣

Her dad spying on them though. Just jump on the damn ship already ! I have a feeling he might not have been totally warding Dal Po off from his daughter :/ confused/googly But the shit had to get all heroic without hearing him out first.

How sweet is Haraboji ? Ugh so cute damn. Getting him looking all hot and shit 😉 And their moment on the bus crying :'( damn! can I get in on the hugs pls ?
When they came home though. Haha ! The dad didn’t even recognize him.
Plus the talk he gave In Ha 🙂 Way to crush Dal Po’s self esteem girl.
But then it got all hot 😉

That stalker guy. I don’t think I can get second lead syndrome if he’s such a creep ¬_¬ But he’s hella hot so I can’t dislike him 100% … Maybe 95%. Uhhhh…. 90%
Like I’m not even put off by the fact he’s such a mama’s boy. I find that hella cute.
Lols at how he sneezes to get her to look at him 😛 Plus Dal Po shielding her when he winked from his car ^_^ awwww!

Ugh ! It kinda hurt when he said that stuff in the debate. But can’t disagree with him though.
Plus imagine finding out like that. Its just the worst.
Both the brothers thinking they were alone 😥 And Hyung even had to see it with his own eyes 😥 😥


The frustration upon realising Dal Po can’t just ask for the contact info ….. Damn documents !

I was kinda cracking up at In Ha crying to all her customers 😛
Till stalker!guy turned up that is.

Her mom forgot her own daughters birthday ?! What. Then again. She’s taking heartless to new levels.
Then everyone else forgot too -.- Nice going (!) But Dal Po bought a fucking cake. You idiot ! You should’ve just given it to her.

When she confessed !!!!! :O :O :O OhEmFuckingGee!!!!
Whhhhyyyy. You’re not even really related.
Saying she can fold away her feelings. When he knows he’s clearly a lost cause.

He did sick after the debate. And again when he saw intestine soup. Lol at ppl saying he’s pregnant !! OhMyGod that killed me 😀

That other girl though. The one who keeps crying. The saesang one .. She’s really cute ^__^

Headband guy and the camera lady… I kinda ship it 😛 Plus he’s quite funny… When he’s not making the interns piss themselves.
His bursts of English before they were taking the tests 😛 Daamn ! When he caught the biscuit betwenn his teeth. Thankyou. Mmm bicuit ! Coffee & biscuit. Yoohoo!

Hyung ! Became a murderer!! No !! I had a bad feeling when Dal Po was going… And I thought they were meeting. I just thought there’d be an accident or something :O He burned the other two guys !
And he was such a kind-hearted character 😦

And ooooh is that guy, the one from back when his dad died, gonna let him carry out his plan.
I’m seeing he had a conscience so hopefully he will.


The Ugly Duckling


미운오리 새끼

Did I mention yet how much I loved him in the quiz. Being all you-know-what with Chan Soo.
So sad how everyone lied to him as a kid.

The way In Ha goes all cutie to ask for a bike and then Don’t be like that and buy me a bike, when he says he doesn’t have any money.

Am I the only one worried about how she didn’t hiccup AT ALL when she said she didn’t like Dal Po when the lollipop girl asked !? That girl reminds me of Sarang from Heartstrings.

Am I your feuding enemy or something.
Of course. You’re feuding enemy.

Lmao. Sprayed her own career plan.
How can a girl who can’t lie … no job seems fitting at this rate. Especially with Dal Po making his snarky comments 😛
I’ll be the substitute. Bring me a wig!!! I love his reaction xD
Dal Po, if we watch you carefully, you have a talent for killing people with your words. Of course. That’s what makes him all the more awesome.

You pick your future bride that way. Laughed too hard

Don’t give me an answer. I haven’t confessed yet. Like I just knew Dal Po would be watching, though that’s normally the second leads role. To watch from afar. But I totally freaked when I realised Chan Soo liked her.

His perch up there by the trees also reminds me of Heartstrings

Although I’ve seen you do that for five years, I’m still surprised everytime.

Why are you looking at me like that ? Aren’t you going to congratulate me ? My reaction exactly !
I heard his real father is an ex convict. Ooh you picked the wrong thing to say

Chan Soo’s face when he made the hand heart. Omg! He looked so dorky.

Why do I have to prove that ? Bcoz you are the central figure of the rumor.
Resignation letter, no reflection letter for the teacher.

What is that saying Dal Po always repeats ?
Lost his mind coz he got dumped? They were never going out. He got rejected dude.

So I deny any delusions.
Does that girl have her eyes on the bottom of her feet!?
He can’t become a retard. He’s already getting bullied. And if he is a loner and an idiot, he will be so pitiful. She seems so worried, that you can just see he wanted to listen to it a little longer.
The way he shuts her mouth though. Grab her lips 😛

I heard your real uncle was mentally disabled.  But-bu- I legit thought it was coz he wanted to let go of his past. Of being so clever, how his dad was so proud of his sons.

Slitting your stomach for the owner who fed you, is your destiny.
He looks visibly pained.
But he doesn’t have any friends. Lol-ed at that. Chance to check out his room.

At first I thought that he studies at home and sits exams with an institution. But he was at the actual broadcasting station.
Choi Dal Po … What are you ?
When the class realizes it Must have been his own ability. He did say you wouldn’t get slapped. Realisation literally dawned on In Ha.

The way he plays Chan Soo though. Like, I don’t know the last one though you just said it. Desperate Chan Soo just buzzed it first though, without knowing the full answer.
Isn’t it amazing ?
You seem like a complete whack-job. I’ve decided on my career.

That woman. Who always laughs by herself >_<
I don’t think of broadcasting as a joke. With one word, you can kill a person. That what broadcasting is. How would I dare to think of that as a joke.
Omo! That guy was there when they discovered him and his mom jumped.
<strong>It’s correct to the point that it’s scary. </strong>

Do you like me ? Am I crazy ! Why would I ? Hehe 😛 Chan Soo lmao
That punk deserves to get rained on. Hic. Come on In Ha-yah, don’t lie to yourself.


I hiccup when I’m cold.

If I become the champion, don’t get off my bike. Lamest ever.

Do you perhaps …. Do you ….
In retrospect I should have left then.
By any chance, are you … Your not having any strange, mistaken thoughts are you?

So any kind of misunderstanding is denied.  Their relationship seems to run on this.

But that was an immature mistake. And an excuse to stay by her side. This line just got me like 😥 😥