The Return of …


Leeteukkie’s baack 😀 Yay !!

But now I hear Shindong’s enlisting 😦 Plus Yesung is still there. How long till Suju is whole again ?

ELFs must be very patient. We will wait for them all to reunite. But it’s soo long 😦

I even heard BIGBANG might enlist together. But it’s totally a rumour coz it was just a thought, since they haven’t said so themselves. People are just saying that it IS an option for them as 2PM had said they may do so.

For now let’s celebrate the return of our leader ^_^

My Lulu


What happened to my poor baby ? 😩

Heard he looked down when he was at Changsha. Apparently had red eyes like he’s been crying.

It hurts me to know he’s going through something which hurts him enough to not be able to hide it.
Like, I don’t think you should hide it. But that’s how they have it right ? Wipe your tears & smile fir the fans. Tough life. 💔

But it must’ve hurt him bad that it still showed 😢

Baby don’t cryy 👄💕

EXO fighting ~ ! ✊

Baby & Me ’08


Lolz. His parents ran away from home.

Woo Rahm, who named the kid ? He’s Han Jjoon Soo, so his kid gone be Han Woo Rahm (: Just thinking

How many kids do you have ?
Us ? Nine

Sorry. I won’t ever bring us back here again. I was literally sobbing at how cute he is with this kid :’)

They just told me not to come. Because of your grandson.
So touching watching him tell his parents.

Sleep. Sleep tight.

I did my best. My very best. To raise him properly.

Omo ! Am I the only one who wanted to cry when I found out it wasn’t his ?
Even though I was kinda expecting it from the v.start. Mainly coz of the way he’s like ‘Girls ? No.’ its just gonna be the three of us.

But he was pretty cool, like Byul said, when he’s like give me back my baby ! And the kids just reaching out to him ^^

Lol. The kiss. You got served, dad.

SHINee Profile






onew 1

Stage Name : Leader Onew
Birth Name : Lee Jin-ki
Hangul :온유(stage name) | 이진기(Birth name)
Hanja :溫流(stage name) | 李珍基(Birth name)
Nickname : Dubu
DOB : 14 December, 1989
Birthplace : Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Bloodtype : O
Height : 177cm
Weight : 61kg
Casted : 2006 S.M. Academy Casting
Training duration : 2years
Position : Leader, Lead Vocalist
School : Gwangmyeong Information Industry High School | Chungwoon University

onew 2

onew 3

onew 4

onew 5

±×·ì »þÀÌ´Ï(¿ÂÀ¯) 080527 ¹ÚÈ­¿ë ±âÀÚ

onew 7

onew 8

onew 9

onew 10

onew 11


jonghyun shinee 1

Stage Name : Bling Bling Jonghyun
Birth Name : Kim Jonghyun
Hangul : 김종현
Hanja : 金鐘鉉
Nickname : Jjong, bling, Dino, Jamong
DOB : April 8, 1990
Birthplace : Seoul, South Korea
Bloodtype : AB
Height : 173cm
Weight : 56kg
Casted : 2005 S.M. Casting System
Training duration : 3years
Position : Main Vocalist
Family : 1 older sister (Kim Song Dam)
School : –

jonghyun shinee 2

jonghyun shinee 3

jonghyun shinee 4

jonghyun shinee 5

jonghyun shinee 6

jonghyun shinee 7

jonghyun shinee 9

jonghyun shinee 10

jonghyun shinee 11

jonghyun shinee 89


key 1

Stage Name : Almighty Key
Birth Name : Kim Ki-bum
Hangul : 김기범 |…

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I’m not the type to feel guilty of being persistent or annoying, even if I’m the only one still making an attempt. I don’t like letting go 😋 unless I wanna.

But why am I suddenly developing a thing (conscience ? I don’t think it’s called that) ? — feeling puzzled.

I hate this feeling of missing someone ☹ I feel so incomplete.