My Lulu


What happened to my poor baby ? 😩

Heard he looked down when he was at Changsha. Apparently had red eyes like he’s been crying.

It hurts me to know he’s going through something which hurts him enough to not be able to hide it.
Like, I don’t think you should hide it. But that’s how they have it right ? Wipe your tears & smile fir the fans. Tough life. 💔

But it must’ve hurt him bad that it still showed 😢

Baby don’t cryy 👄💕

EXO fighting ~ ! ✊

Which EXO Member is Your Soulmate ?

So I got Suho, the gentleman, first time. Came back later & decided to retake & get them all.
Took me a while actually, but I did it 😄 Chen took the longest. If it wasn't for him I woulda posted this up a while ago.
But here we go. The descriptions, in the order I got them. I'll Put the accompanying pics up later.

#1 suho
Your EXO soulmate is Suho, the true-blue gentleman. As the leader of ten EXO clowns, Suho is a responsible and reliable guy. You won’t need to worry about him. He’ll know how to manage himself with his neat and clean sense of style; more importantly, he’ll know how to take good care of you. Need a shoulder to cry on? Super Sensitive Suho to the rescue! Need to a boytoy to complain to? There’s a Suho for that.


#2 baekhyun
ERROR: Try again! See Taeyeon


#3 do
Your EXO soulmate is D.O., the absolute cutie. You won’t be able to stop yourself from cooing at his baby face and wide-eyed stares. At times, you may be tempted to even treat him like a baby because of his innocent aura. But in the end, you’ll know that D.O. is actually a mature, reliable guy who will silently look out for you. Underneath the squishy is a very reserved, private person, but as long as you’re up for the challenge to get him to open up, he’s all yours.


#4 xiumin
Your EXO soulmate is Xiumin, the unpredictable goof. Like you, he has a special way of thinking that makes him random, but a whole lot of fun! You’ll enjoy clowning around with this doofus daily as you both come up with new ways to make each other laugh. There will never be a boring moment between you two, and what better way to spend life than to be silly with your silly lover and smiling through every second of it?


#5 tao
Your EXO soulmate is Tao, the energizer bunny in human form. This boy just can’t sit still for too long–and it sounds like you’re the perfect girl to keep up with his pace! Be prepared to werk that body as you sprint with Tao from one activity to another and take big, fun risks together. But don’t let his yolo swag fool you completely–because on the inside, the tough guy’s still a big softie who’s looking for some lovin’.


#6 chanyeol
Your EXO soulmate is Chanyeol, the kind puppy-dog who is everyone’s best friend. With his gem of a personality, who wouldn’t want to be buddy-buddy with this kid? Super sweet, kind, and considerate, Chanyeol is impressing even on ‘Roommate’ with his awesome and well-mannered self. That, right there, is your soulmate–someone kind and gentle who will keep you feeling safe and happy for a lifetime.


#7 kai
Your EXO soulmate is Kai, the resident hottie! Eye-candy for your arm, you’ll have tons of fun showing off your visually blessed boyfriend to your drooling gal pals. The boy isn’t just good looks though; a good flirt and a bundle of charm, he’ll know how to make you swoon with words alone. He’s also friendly and super active; he will definitely not be a bore to bring around. So go ahead, tout your boytoy because you’ve got a lot to be proud of!


#8 luhan
Your EXO soulmate is Luhan, the princess of EXO. Someone who pays extra for his looks, this pretty boy will have you dazzled 24/7. So what if he spends more time getting ready than you or if he hogs the mirror? He’s man-candy to show off to your friends! And more importantly, he’s an honest and fashionable shopping buddy, someone who will totally gets your royal needs and desires and helps you look your best, too.


#9 sehun
Your EXO soulmate is Sehun, the ice prince of EXO. Like a model, Sehun is tall, refined, fashionable and often wears a cold expression. He’s some stylish man-candy, but hard to read at times. Maybe you like that mystery. But once you chip away at that cold exterior, you’ll find a gem of a person who’s a bit awkward, easily-misunderstood, but super warm, making him worth all the wait to make the ice melt away.


#10 lay
Your EXO soulmate is Lay, the cool cat. As someone who has a high sense of self-confidence, Lay is always calm, collected, and never cries for attention. He’ll certainly have all your attention, though, as he wins you over with his swoon-worthy skills on the piano and guitar as well as his sick moves on the dance floor. What’s even more awesome? He’s not even arrogant about how cool he is at all–making him high quality in terms of talent and personality.


#11 chen
Your EXO soulmate is Chen, the star player of EXO. Persistent, hardworking, and goal-driven, Chen will be eager to cheer you on as you pursue your own goals with a fervor. He’ll celebrate your success and he’ll hold your hand and serenade you with a sweet song whenever your heart aches. Need a positive source of encouragement and understanding in your hard-knock life? Then Chen is the perfect guy for you.

Just got one thing to say. They better not have been takin the piss out of Luhan with what they wrote. I was very offended 😡