Ep 20



Shite ! He knows where she is now. Cha Eun Jae.
She’s got nothing now 😦 She’s homeless. And they’d just about done her house for her. Bitch witch ! She did the same to both’ her kids.
Thank God Jun Hee called her right then. Uh, you gon bea fuckin maid ?! Grandmother. You’re still alive.
Personal …. Maid ?!
Oh. He is taking ‘advantage’ 😛
Just like school, the girls are all jealous.
Yijung & Eun Jae reunion. Poor Ga Eul. Why the hell does nothing turn out right for us. She moved Gramps in with Ji Hoo 🙂 How long do you need to prepare your hearts ?
He needed company to watch a scary movie. They were ‘both’ scared xD Looks like korean Grudge
Jae Kyung comes to watch a scary movie too 😦 But he fell asleep. Knew she’d be asleep in the wardrobe too. Gramps made kiddy food ^^ Ji Hoo ! Don’t be like this.
Aww He ate it anyways.
Oh. That was a dream.
Taking Ji Hoo to Gramps workplace. He’s too cute. Playing for them. Yijung & Ga Eul. What is gon happen with them ?
Let me stay like this for 5 minutes. Even though I’m holding you like this. I still can’t believe you’re here. And in walks Jae Kyung.


His fuckin mom too ?!
Jae Kyung’s literally saying ‘I’ll steal the guy you like & there’s nothing you can do about it’ Eun Jae is dating his brother ?! Poor Yi Jung watching & crying 😥 Bitch moved in ! And the weddings earlier.
My heart hurts 3 Having to see her in her dress. Talking about kids. Maid of honour. He looks gorgeous at the shoot.
Fishing together ^^ Gramps & Ji Hoo.
The ring. His crying. Hurting my crushed heart.
His awed face, then brows crease, & he’s sobbing.
Back in their lounge. How did we end up as the kind of guys who have to think of the obvious answer. Either way we’re gna end up being ‘groomsmen’. Pageboys you mean ? Lol. Gramps set them up 🙂
Wedding pic. You both wanted it. Kiss ! Cute. Heexchanged prezzies for her. No wonder, coz the wedding’s in Jeju. First prize. Plz put the pics up. I want Jun Pyo to see them. You bitch ! So give the fuckin necklace back before I kill you. Dying trying to make it up to you. Oh really ?! All you seem to do is hurt her. Bachelor party on the pitch. He’s playing alone 😦
Just the way she worried about you. After tomorrow you may never smile again. She’ll smile for you. Surely your not gna ask me to help you run away from the ceremony tomorrow. That punch ! Pent up anger Ji Hoo.
He’s on his knees, for you to let him go.
With your skill it should just take one blow.
Then tell me not to do it. Tell me not to go.
Bloopers; Lol. she fell asleep xD


Omg ! Witch got her kidnapped to hurry him up.
She objected ! Yes ! Thought Ji Hoo would be first. But at least he was second. Thankyou for taking the blame on your own shoulders. Chen saved her 🙂
I feel like Jun Hee is a fairy godmother 🙂
Ga Eul. Can anything be more moving than that ? Awww you fuckin cutie.
The valentine thing is the same as what happened to Ga Eul 😦 History repeats itself.
Ji Hoo ! Looks H O T in those riding clothes. Now he’s gonna be all on his lonesome 😦 Bitch ! Don’t move on to my Ji Hoo :/
Finally gives it back. Good riddance. I never thought of the necklace JJ being for Ji Hoo & Jan Di :O Imagine he’ kerps it now. Suprisingly I have no problem with that. Just go back to bring normal ? Just like that ?! Wow !
He knows astronomy 🙂
He said I Love You again. For proper this time. Not through text.
But she kept those shoes. That weren’t for her. But oh well, Jan Di got a pair from Ji Hoo. Locked in his room.
Set your sights on her for Ji Hoo ? But she’s with Jun Pyo
Jun Pyo’s under house arrest 🙂 Befroom arrest. Cheif Jung wants a favor. These ppl & their favors. It’s Jun Pyo’s ‘dad’ innit ?? She’s a warm person. Fuckin cutie. How did he get in her old room ? He’s menna be locked in his’ room. Yep. She’s had a lot of hanky moments with Ji Hoo ❤
Haircut ^^ Car wash ^^
Wrong timing babe. She’s asleep.
Ga Eul. Not giving up on Yi Jung 🙂
Luv the way Wonsam talks ^^
He’s jealous of a kid ! Sho cute. When the kid tried to push him away too.


My woman ! Gaahh ^^
Chan. That’s the baby’s name. What did he whisper to Jun Pyo ? Hazy dream. Half remembered dream. Oooh, does he want a kid ?
That’s what Eun Jae wanted to show him. Oh Ga Eul. She’s kinda like Ji Hoo. Silently sufferring. Ji Hoo. Always manages to put on a smile
I may definitrly be a cool guy, but I’m not a good guy. Throw away the delusion that all good girls want good guys. Suwon Foundation. His pride, she made him collapse 😦
Just bcoz you were born male, doesn’t automaticalky make you a man. Gaaahhh ! Power Rangers. All his baby stuff. Those pics.
She’s making a move on the ppl she cares about most 😦
Those lights are beaut. She’s letting her firefighter go 😦 Now I’m even hearing her voice.
The picnic they never got to go on.
I want to hear it. She asked for a date. AND she kisssed him ! But it sucks that she’s going away. His face when she tells him. He’s hurting. He looks like he’ll cry. Tell me. I’ll solve it for you. I’ll protect you.
Plutocrat. Like aristrocat.
He ran after her 😦 They always ‘roar’ when upset.
Is Ji Hoo gna run after her ??
Her mom, boasting about her daughter 😛
Aww. Her dad’s on a boat. 😦
Yi Jung & Woobin. More worried about Ji Hoo.
He’s working :O
Jun Pyo ! What is he ‘doing’ ?! Surrounded by girls. He’s arrested ?! Those bloopers ; Ji Hoo- Can you send her ? Where are you gna send her ?


The amount of times Ga Eul’s been like /blank face/ Yi Jung sunbae. And he does that smile & wave. But … You’re menna wait for him to say his part. 😦 Poor them. Jun Hee. Seeing her father like that 😥
Omfg ! She never told them he was alive ?!
Poor Ji Hoo. He looked so ‘happy’ when he was reaching to the imaginary Jan Di 😦 Thats it ! Tell her ! Pfffftt … Mom.
Ji Hoo’s gna go to her 🙂 Jun Pyo won’t come with.
I heard it. The emergency bell.
I dont know when it started either. But now … I camt live without you. Just accept it. You did that with the flower too 😦
So he came. I was wondering where his car was being shown.
He was gna run over Ji Hoo. But he got thr real one. Jun Pyo.
This timee the smile he put on wasnt so bright. Just a flash. Looking like he’s about to break down any second. Ji Hoo needs a shoulder to cry on 😦
Her crying at his bedside. Why does it feel like deja vu ?
Ji Hoo, shakes his fuckin hand.
He foesn’t recognize her. Is she your girl Ji Hoo ?
Reennacting their meetings. He almost went crosseyed looking at her sole. Lol. The way everyone thinks Ji Hoo & Jan Di are a couple.
Why does he always wear a hat now?
Stars. He’s starting to remember.
The thing thats cold right now, is your heart.


Can’t believe it’s the last episode :(((
Lil liar. It wasnt you that made it ! You never fuckin ‘knew’ him. You cant just let him think that !! This time, he doesn’t even know he’s hurting her.
Yeah right. You’ll just try to get him to fall for you instead. Yep she heard you. You fraud.
Well, they fell asleep so quick.
Knew it wouldn’t be the same 😛
Her & being places shedoesn’t want to be
Back in the pool.
She tells him ALL about him. Doesn’t he feel nothing.
What ! Do you want to drown ? She gets it back.
That was the trigger. Them holding Ji Hoo. Like he’ll leap any second. But Ji Hoo’s face 😥

Again !! Sound blocked out 😦
Limo ! In her uniform ?? Really !!

Woobin; The elder. Always there to help.
Yi Jung; Warmer & more innocent
Ji Hoo; someone from heaven. A bonus. Her soulmate.

His own dancefloor. Light up the whole tower.
Did you do this so I cant gey married. You only have to marry me. It’s still here. Now you cant get married.
No ! Just go ‘with’ him ! Plz !! You can’t wait 4 yrs !! Ga Eul’s already gotta wait for 5 or 6 yrs.

Yay ! It showed the 4 yrs later 😀
Jun Hee’s president !
Ga Eul teaches pottery to babies. Oh, that kid ! Lol !
Ji Hoo’s a doctr ! Gah ! He wears glassess 😀 Oh, he’s training like her. Doctor Prince ?! What an entrance Jun Pyo.

Aaaahhh !! Proposal ! Ji Hoo ‘I object to that proposal’ Yijung I add to that objection. Woobin Me too. Can’t happen without their permission 🙂

Hekp me ! It’s over.

I’m tryna watch the specials, but can’t find no links :(((

Ep 15-19

21-07-14 Just realized the other day, that I haven't finished editing this. Guess it'll have to wait till I rewatch it :P

Ep 15

He stole Ji Joo’s wallet. And now she left hers too.
Awwww. Ji Hoo playing to pay for Jan Di.
Beacause of you, I’ve experienced many things for the first time. Omfg ! I knew’ that would happen. She went half aslerp to the toilet. Beating herself up. Lol ! She cried for ages.
Ji Hoo got her the shoes too. And he actually got to give it.
He can’t. Though he didn’t mean it. He still hurt her. At least Ji Hoo is there for her. Jun Pyo crying. That guy hugged him !! Wow 🙂
Master sends her to help out at Gramps gp to feel better.
Why JiHoochanging his style ?? 😦
His sister.
Lol Yijung. How is Ga Eul gonna go home with those ??
The bitch is gonna announce an engagement or summat. I know it ! She kind of knows how to play. Yay for Ji Hoo ! And she can sing. Told you so.
You grabbed the wrong girl dude ! Now what will them lot think ?! He wet red when she bit him !
She thinks he only said that to Jun Pyo at the airport, coz he was angry 😦 He ‘actually’ likes you pabo. They always do that phonecall thing, Ji Hoo & Jun Pyo 🙂

Ep 16

What about me getting punched. What you gonna do about that ? Present !
From now on, I’m gna tame you. Bang !
Omg that girl. Plz stop torturing Jan Di !!
Asking about first love & shit. So .. Was Jan Di referring to Ji Hoo ? Or Jun Pyo ?
You’ve become a lot friendlier. Explaining something like that to the stain you want to erase. Pet Lion ?! Lol ! Casanovs & Don Juan ! ❤ Wonsam’s wink !
Omlg ! What did she do’ to them ?! Hilarious.
Miss Monkey xD
Gramps blsmes himself for it. Not Ji Hoo.
He’s F4’s best … Player ? Is that what you meant ?
Jan Di ! You know Jo Hoo’s number off ny heart ?!
You might have to use your body. Body ?!
5 second kill
Poor Ga Eul ! All this acting must hurt much 😦
But I keep getting greedy. What should I do ?
What was that random hug about ?
She congratulated him /sob/
Before she’d swim in ditress. Now she cleans.
Just take it off her. She needs a hug 😦
They just walked right past her. Just like before.
Ji Hoo. Hears the distress.

Ep 17

Omo ! Baby Ji Hoo ! Sho cyute ^^
Thank God for his sister !
Gaaah ! Cleaning together 🙂 The drive xD
He called the doc for her. Jun Pyo saw that.
He’s officially dating Ha Jae Kyung.
Why the fuck did she ‘not’ see the writing in the cable car ?! I’m sorry. Jun Pyo. I am ‘so’ done. You fuckin kissed’ her D: Ga Eul 🙂 Pottery class. She knows Yijung right ?
He made his son the head of family.
Like father like son. Ga Eul is to him, like his mother was to his fatjer. The guys’ faces just sitting there. Ji Hoo’s face seeing Jae Kyung eat !! 🙂 Can I, sleep a little ? Eun Jae. She was the one ? I wanted it to be Ga Eul 😦 She got fuckin couple rings 😦
The guys havr to cook. Lol ! Its not nice.
Ji Hoo feeding Jandi ^^
Aww He learnt to swim for her
Does she still have the necklace. She proper thinks they’re a couple. She gon think its for her. He has a fuckin big brother :O

Ep 18

The girl who played Sunny commited suicide. Sad
No ! She has to see them like that.
He told her 🙂 He likes someone else.
I was dying for Ji Hoo to play for her.
She knows it ! She knows it ! Yay ! Now give the fuckin necklace back.
Poor Woobin 😦 He feels embarrassed. Baby, don’t be. You needed that, didn’t you ? Now go help Yijung. He needs you. He’s trashed 😦
Shite ! I forgot about his ‘hands’ 😦 My poor baby !
Jae Kyung you bitch ! Why did you ‘do’ that ?!
‘Sup with Gramps ?
Jan Di’s parents are going.
Biych ain’t giving up. And now they have all these similarities 😦 I fuckin hate her for keeping the necklace :((((( GRRRRR
He shleeps with the kitty ^^ Can they ‘stop’ spying on her. He fuckin moved next door to her 😦
Yours looks tastier.
He has rules. No ! No ! Dont break them 😦 !
Finally ! Ji Hoo ! I’ve been dying coz he didn’t appear for so long 🙂 Aaagh ! Okay. Fine. I think she’s better off with Ji Hoo.
No. No bets bitch.

Ep 19

Jerk ! He’s toying with her. Breaking his rules 😦
You fuckin bitch ! Yijung !
Ji Hoo ! His eyes go ‘huge’ when he’s angry. He gna be sick now 😦 They have a thing for collapsing on her. Yijung drunk. Can’t get in. What ‘child’ is he on about ?
Both girls puttin the guys to bed 🙂
She left Ji Hoo in his soakin clothes though
Yay ! He’s wearing white again !! I’m so fuckin glad I could cry. She’s still fuckin spying on them.
He needs to stop if you’re not gna be WITH her.
He can’t turn the stove on ^^ Eating it raw, he likes it.
Hah ! I take pleasure in him spotting Ji Hoo coming over.
Housewarming party ^^
His bitch mom.
Them lots prezzie to her.
Jun Pyo’s grounded. She knew going to Jan Di’s would convince him. What. Do you want us to start kissing ?
Ji Hoon kissed Yijung ^^ Awww
Ouch ! She doesn’t wantto kerpher promise. How could you expect her to ? You’re killing her slowly.
Fuckin bitch ! She’s having the building demolished. Can’t she fuckin leave her alone ?? Is Yijung leaving too ??
She’s sending him off too 😦

I’m sorry Noona. I can’t carry you.
When I say Geum Jan Di, I get all weak hearted.