No Exit


Damon is hot with his mouth smeared in blood 347 !!

Caroline’s eyebrows when she says Elena is studying with her ex 🙂 Stefan’s all ‘She’s studying with a friend. Without the implied quotations’.

I really think Katherine should slow down with how she’s coming onto Stefan though. I literally watch her & worry he’ll start suspecting any second.

But I must admit that I thoroughly appreciate her being a sneaky bitch 😉 Whatever you’re having. But with a lot more salt. And maybe a little chocolate. 

When she got all dirty & convinced him to go shower at the hotel. Leaving the door ajar as she dressed. He didn’t even try to not look 322 When they were sucking face … I was wondering Wait … Are they officially on their way to getting back together now ? Then he stopped it from progressing. While she pretended to be sorry 😉

But Stefan … The way he talks about loving her 328 It’s too adorable ♥ 

Wait. Since I’m gonna forget this anyway. 327 But then he got her phone out. Way to kill the mood 🙂

It looks hilarious when Damon is trying to shove Elena back out 🙂 But how did they get him out later on then ? Did the spell wear off or something ?

I love how when Stefan is telling Caroline how Elena‘s been acting different & then says it could be Katherine, you can see her brain ticking as she realizes it 🙂

Long Way Back From Hell


Klaus’ tattoo is kinda weird. Little birdies flying. To me it doesn’t seem like him.

Elijah ! You’re back ! Cue shirtless Elijah 322 What’s happening ? 

Poor Hayley 🙂 Must’ve been hard to concentrate on copying names off his body 😛

Elijah, when they got to the right track. Well I suppose we have our answer. Only I have no idea what it means.

Agh ! Those flashes to the people suffering from influenza 322 It’s scary. But Rebekah as a nurse though.

Still defending him. Even until the bitter end. When Celeste with Rebekah & she’s saying Elijah’s a good guy.

Now both Elijah & Klaus know why Michael came. But the look on Klaus’ face when Elijah shoved the knife into him. 😦 He looked so betrayed.

Crescent City


M:- Back in the day when witches wanted to leave a message, they’d just kill a chicken & leave it on your doorstep. E:- Rather a large ominous looking chicken, don’t you think ?

Agh ! No don’t go to Sabine Elijah !! Tut tut. Ok. Fine. So you already figured it out b2b Clever boy.

Rebekah’s new boy toy 🙂 Shite ! Jackson is Hayley’s fiance ? Wow !

Uhh … What did Celeste do to Elijah ?? You poisoned me with a kiss. At least you haven’t lost your sense of irony.

Yay ! He chose Hayley ! 333 But now he’s mad. Coz he can’t find his family 322 How dare she mock their Always & Forever ? I think that’s adorable.

Shite ! Monique’s evil ! Sophie did so much to try & bring her back. And she just killed her 😦

Dance Back From The Grave


Ohhh … So it was before this episode he went to Mystic Falls to see Caroline 347

Yowza ! That Papatunde guy. I was like Rebekah isn’t dead is she ? But Elijah confirmed my fear to be unnecessary. Phew.

I hope that wasn’t jealousy in Klaus’ eyes as Marcel was macking on Cammie 35a

I loved Elijah’s confused face after Rebekah gave it to him. When he found out what she was doing joining up with Tieri. After she goes he’d choose love over family. And stormed off after calling him a hypocrite.

Now Papatunde’s dead. But they don’t even know there’s someone above him.



Okaii … I just have to narrate my day so far. More like this morning.

Firstly, I had first period free so I slept in. But I slept all the way till just before second period Maths & I figured by the time I got ready & made my way there I’d be extremely late so I didn’t bother & just got there in time for third period Physics.

Just my luck that YLT my teacher wasn’t here again just like yesterday. at first we weren’t sure if he was coming in or not. Only a few of us were there & the rest were slowly coming. C asks if YLT’s here, we’re like Shrug idk. Then someone goes Why wasn’t he here yesterday ? C’s like ‘I don’t know but I know it’s something dirty’. I was just thinking I don’t wanna know your idea. He goes ‘Does he have a boyfriend ? He got pounded. Cackle‘ My face was just like 3411

It’s just a thing that everyone knows YLT is gay. He’s never actually confirmed it. We all just believe it coz Idk … I think it’s coz he looks it. I wonder if he even knows 35f Like imagine it’s not even true ! He’d be so offended 322

So anyways, J the other Physics teacher walked in. Basically that confirmed YLT wasn’t here. We got our assigned work & left.

So I’m back at home 🙂 Got here barely an hour after I left.



Once again my awkwardly awkward class. Being the only girl & all
So we’re doing Sorting in Decisions. You don’t necessarily have to even know what it’s about coz yeah … It’s not important right now.
IC my teacher really likes to get us all up & about. So he makes us get up & be sorted.

The first time we were given letters. Thankfully I didn’t get D because I would’ve never heard the end of it.

The second time I wasn’t so lucky. It was fruits so I’d let my guard down because I thought I was safe for now. Oh apparently strawberries are a girl fruit ? Coz one of them got it & he’s like Sir ! Why did you give me a girl fruit ? And I’m just like ‘Wow Really ?’

Anyways, he comes over to me & he’s like ‘Because you’re special you get to have a whole bunch … of bananas.’

Well, the rest didn’t hear that but when we got in line they obviously wanted to know who got the bananas. Pervs.
Well wouldn’t you know … It was the girl.

As usual I’m tryna keep a straight face