Spy Girl ’04


Go-bong ! He’s Han Kyul from Coffee Prince :O
Lol total goof in this. Just chasing after pretty girl. Total fail with Jinah though right ?

What was the spy girl callled again ? Hyosin ? I didn’t actually find her that pretty at the start 😛 But she grew on me I think.

But ohmyGod ! His shit problem at SAT time. I died at that xD

Yeah. He’s just all around cute in this ^^ But not finished yet, maybe in the morning then.

Baby & Me ’08


Lolz. His parents ran away from home.

Woo Rahm, who named the kid ? He’s Han Jjoon Soo, so his kid gone be Han Woo Rahm (: Just thinking

How many kids do you have ?
Us ? Nine

Sorry. I won’t ever bring us back here again. I was literally sobbing at how cute he is with this kid :’)

They just told me not to come. Because of your grandson.
So touching watching him tell his parents.

Sleep. Sleep tight.

I did my best. My very best. To raise him properly.

Omo ! Am I the only one who wanted to cry when I found out it wasn’t his ?
Even though I was kinda expecting it from the v.start. Mainly coz of the way he’s like ‘Girls ? No.’ its just gonna be the three of us.

But he was pretty cool, like Byul said, when he’s like give me back my baby ! And the kids just reaching out to him ^^

Lol. The kiss. You got served, dad.

Our School’s E.T ’08


Random English. Oh shit. Oh fucking man.

Principal Joo is Mr. ku from Coffee Prince :O And Mr. Chun’s mom is the grandma.

Where’s the guy Sang Hoon fought at the start gone ?

His open class ^^ A hit

If i get rich I’m going to get you a hair transplant .

Aww he’s crying. I’ll come see you whenever I miss you

Jung Koo. In the ring.
I’ll confess to her for you if you win

Run laps singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Lol

She ended up at the place he teaches 😊

Kdramas always have the most awesome teachers ^^

Antique Bakery ’08


Loved this movie 😄 Was really funny I guess, plus an interesting storyline.
But I don’t get what they guy did to him. Or any of the kids he kidnapped. His kid died right, called Ji Su or summat.

Jae Wook’s role does justice to his looks 😏 And he plays a 👌 gay guy. But shame he let the French guy go though. Did that bastard beat him ?

No Breathing ’13


The special reason I decided to watch this movie 🙂 I came across these last night.

Behind the scenes. And also from the beginning of the movie. Well, close enough to the beginning …



Lol. He freakin crunched on Won il’s hand when he walked in

Woo Sang & Won Il checking each other put in the showers 😛

Well, it wasn’t what I expected. But it wasn’t a fail either.
I liked Won Il’s character. Such a cutie, totally carefree. And the way he eats.

But he did show determination when it mattered to him. But it’s a bit cliché. They try hard when there’s a bet on the table. And a girl at that.

I was wondering why he was so happy, running through the woods with that lil bag. Then after he saw Woo Sang giving her a present I was like ‘Ohhh you poor thing’. I think Woo Sang actually saw him too.

Marrying the Mafia ’14


Okay lol ! The feet thing at the beginning xD

What is it with taking responsibility. And having to freakin marry just to do so ?! Especially when they already are in relationships. Reminds me of He Was Cool.

Young min is sho cyute. With his long hair. And he just flips it. Lil adorable shit. Lying to his daddy.

Lol. Mi soo beating Miss Won up. I swear that drinks machine must have broken down.

The wedding was quite random. Just went ahead right to it. One minute car chase, next minute wedding.
I swear I thought her brother was gonna die, the not-chubby one. His blood was all over the escalotor screen.

When Triple J was getting ready to fight Sang Pil & his guys, JinKyung was lifting her skirts to join in 😛

Can’t believe it !! Her brothers set it up from the start. That just ruins it all.