Episode 20 :(


The Finale

Don’t provoke me. I’m very upset.

Her team operating on her Sob She knows she’s in good hands. Being a cutie telling Jo he looks good from down there 😉 As she talks to them all & sung Woo won’t look at her 😦 She doesn’t seem to get that it hurts him a lot. Then when Tae Shin came & held her hand I’m just there Please … Nothing in front of my baby.

That moment in the operating theater 341 I thought she was gone ! Hiccuppy Sob

That bitch Director almost gave VP a heart attack ! Or at least that’s what it looked like to me at the time. Then she asks Seo ‘Do you know me ?’ & it’s like Shite ! Memory loss ! But it was the same as before. She came & went. Tae Shin was so cute bringing stuff for her to do 🙂

Yay ! Tae Shin & the others want to get Top Team back together !!

Minho in a suit ?? Where’s he going ? I started panicking coz I thought he was leaving. 😦

Lol ! Min Ji saying Tae Shin was gonna cry 😛

When Tae Shin was doing his little speech & Ah Jin’s just coughing to get him to mention her 333

Awww Seo  333 She fell asleep during his confession. I thought he’d pick her up & take her. But he just sat with her. Still cute ♥

The way Tae Shin rolled back in to peck her cheek !!! And her reaction was …. I giggled for so long over that !

Last Bae & Jeong moment 😦 Bae relaxing Jeong before the operation ♥

I’m crying ! I didn’t want it to end. My poor Minho Sung Woo didn’t get any closure 😦 Even in his video call to Ah Jin, he’s like ‘You’ve got a boyfriend to look after you now’. He’s still the same from when the show began. Left with one-sided feelings towards his friend. A friend who now has a boyfriend.

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Episode 19


So Ah Jin has a brain tumor that causes her to pass out ? I don’t get it … The way she uploaded the wrong CT scan so as not to worry Tae Shin.

What is Hong Song Wook so sorry for ? I’m confused 361

They’re disbanding Top Team ?!!?! Brb. Too shocked

Chief Jang is a bitch ! Trying to transfer Seo again !! Just coz he’s got more authority now Scoffs

Shite ! Tae Shin saw that sheet Sung Woo left behind. It’s Ah Jin’s records 322

Seriously though, poor VP 😦 Her son passed away & she didn’t even know. She was looking forward to meeting him so badly. At first I was like How on earth did she forget being told that ? She just turned up here to meet him, then remembered ages later ? And then she was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia & I’m like Ohh … that makes so much more sense. I knew something was up with her when she was acting weird & turning up in her office when she should be at home but still …

Tae Shin told the whole team before he even mentioned to her that he found out. But Bae & his gob tut bloody Gossip Queen.

Date night !! Wow I never thought he’d ask her out on a proper date.

I think Seo’s idea for saving the team is great. But you shouldn’t have hidden the fact you’re being sent away. He knows you just as well as you know him.

Kiss !! 3271 I totally expected a lil innocent peck on the lips but … b04Then he goes for another one 😉 Damn time those two moved on a bit !

Another Date ! Tae Shin & Ah Jin ! Pfffttt … Taking the day off to play … Her reaction though 🙂 And when he says ‘Tae Shin is with you. Who’d dare to say anything ?’ Ugh ! He’s so sweet to her it hurts me 😦 I’m sorry but I’m still waiting for my Minho to get a bit of happiness. He was the reason I started watching this.

Everyone’s so sad 33f I don’t like it. Why are they getting diagnosed with this in the last few episodes ??

Episode 18


I’m having too many feels right now 33a

Ah Jin drinking too much 🙂 Gets Tae Shin all wet when he tries to stop her. But that was their moment Awww. When he says he likes her & she cries Why are you crying like it’s a sad ? Just typical for Bae, Jeong & Minji to pop up during that hug. I was just happy sung Woo doesn’t live there because I didn’t want him to see them like that. It would break him even more. Their faces were hilarious though 🙂 And Tae Shin just holding their entwined hands up when she’s tryna explain it away.

Everyone just congratulates them ! Lol ! It’s like they’re married or something  361 But that guy said it in front of Sung Woo !! Well I guess she finally acknowledged his feelings for her coz she looked at him straight away.

My poor baby just went out to comfort himself *Sob* Then minji just comes up like ‘Why you talking to yourself ?’ Even she knows he had feelings, coz she’s like he probably heard about them.

Omg ! The VP in the operating theater delivering a baby 🙂 I think her younger self looks like a fem!Key. Seriously take another look if you don’t believe me (I’ll upload a pic when I find one)

VP is the president of the new hospital ! Well I guess she got what she wanted. And that idiot Chief Jang is now new VP. Ewww … The way he just laughs off all the congrats. The little suck-up circle when they just congratulate each other 32e

Really Ah Jin ?! You can’t just compare him to Tae Shin like that. And I really don’t think the two of you can ever go back to how you were 😦

Why are you getting so sick recently ??

A tumor !!! 341

Episode 17


Episode 17

My thoughts for this episode went a bit like this

When Han’s mom was brought in. Poor Han. how will he cope with organizing everything with his mom in this condition ?

And the way she was just apologizing over & over while tears flowed out of him … I was sobbing.

knew they’d call Tae Shin to do the operation. But his ringtone 🙂 I proper thought him doing her operation would change things between him & Han.

Bae the cutie saying his heart might fail ♥

The way Han cried just broke me Sob. Just calling Omma coz she wanted that. Bit late babe 😦

Even he did the same thing as Sung Woo … Pumping her after her heart already stopped. Aand once again they all failed to be of any use 320 At a time like that a person just needs to be held.

Oooh drunk Han ! But when he grabbed Seo I’m like Don’t hurt her !

Tae Shin being all caring towards Ah Jin about taking care of herself 3281 Then Minho walks in during their pinky promise. My poor baby </3 I just know he’s gonna get more hurt before this is over 😦

VP has a secret son ?! And she was using Han’s friend Hong Song Wook as a spy kinda thing ?! Woah gurl … Looks like she’ll use his vulnerability on the mom subject to her advantage.

Those two seemed to have a cute friendship. Now he’s lost both his mom & his friend 😦

Cuter how he always calls Seo when he’s drunk 3281 She just came & cuddled up to him ♥

Episode 16


Episode 16

VP telling them how it’s not contagious at all … *cough* Bullshit !! *cough*

Ah Jin ! I was so scared for her. Like do it right plz dahlin…

VP was sucking up to those ppl. Ugh ! I feel sick ! And someone was recording it, I wonder why /raised brow/

Poor baby. She was scared. But she must’ve enjoyed that hug 😉

My poor Minho ! I’m crying ! My heart hurts 😦
Next thing she’s puzzled over Sung Woo’s hostility /tut/  Aww… Don’t do that to him. He’s obviously s hurt & you don’t get it !!

Bae, Jeong & Jo sending TS off ^-^ Lool Bae can’t perform ? I was thinking it never showed him in the operating room. What’s his field anyways ?

Seo smiles now 🙂 But way too much though. She was ice before as Tae Shin kindly put it. Now she always has this cute lil smile going on over every little thing.

When Tae Shin said it’s like a man’s house I died like Lol 😛 It’s not that messy. Just coz Ah Jin was chilling alone 328 And he cooked for her ♥ That typical stare after blowing out the candle … and the headbang !! Doofus’ 🙂

Han’s mom got Seo that outfit. I totally imagined her going to Han If only you were a girl I’d get you that. But obviously she wouldn’t say that coz she’s happy to have him. And  everyone’s reaction 🙂 to her. She’s really pretty with her hair out.

She really wants them married doesn’t she ?
VP’s growing a heart ? Wow ! :O She was so nice to that pregnat woman that the others thought she knew her.

Tae Shin & Jo eating Ah Jin’s food ! Lol their faces 🙂

33a You should think about others too 33a

Aw Poor Han’s mom 😦 It’s coz of her drinking problem isn’t it ?

Episodes 14 & 15


Episode 14

That bitch just wants to empty out Top Team ! The way she says just dismiss him. Anyways … looks like Doctor Jo wants to leave as it is so in your face.

See how the patients slowly cancel their bookings ? Price to pay by getting rid of Tae Shin from the beloved Top Team. It’s cute how they miss him 🙂

Mee Soo’s husband That son of a bitch ! He treats her like shit. Makes me burn. But he does feel bad later on. Sorry but he sounds fuckin hilarious crying 🙂

So cute when Minho’s tryna put Doctor Jo off from moving in with Ah Jin & Yeo ^-^ Or at least give it some thought

When Tae Shin crashes at Ah Jin’s & has no idea who it is. Then he catches her in her PJs 328 She’s like tryna cover herself. He’s all Cute PJsBut he is honestly the sweetest. The way he is with his patients ♥

The Vice President is a sneaky bitch helping him just to get him on her side. But he can be sneakier 😉 Getting someone to replace him in the operation. Tae Shin isn’t manipulated so easily woman.

Bae & Jeong date 😉 Sorry-had-to-put-it-out-there. And the way Seo apperared ! So jumpy & happy  Oooh Blurred Lines in the background 😛

Lee Young Woo is a freakin cutie-pie 🙂 His blog. Awww ♥

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Episodes 11-13



Tae Shin & Doctor Jo’s store cupboard life 3281 Soo cute kekeke. I wonder what happened when he was younger, you know coz his mom gave him up. I really want him to get closer to her, she seems like she really wants to know him better. She’s so sweet making kimchi & stuff for him 🙂

When Bae made a joke out of Jeong’s big butt I literally died *_* Oh My God those two are just too much for me … 333

Did you see how happy Ah Jin got when she got to sew that patient up & stuff ? I was squealing like Finally ! 

When Tae Shin was doing that thing to her face like checking her eyes. I thought he was just messing about with her y’know. Then next thing we know she’s groaning on the floor 322 !!

Director Kim wants to take down Top Team ?! What the fuck is going on ?

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