The Dark Moon


So I’m quite late posting this. I was busy … Doing pretty much nothing. And enjoying my freedom from exams & college. 

Sti: That’s 50,000 for Derek. Araya: Now where would a teenage boy get money like that from ? Japanese mafia ? Not smart to come alone. Sti: What makes you think we came alone ? Araya: You brought a wolf into my home ?! Sti: We brought an Alpha.

Nope. Can’t take Malia dancing with Kira. such a nope. even if it was kinda hot 😛 How cute was Kira’s awkward dancing though. And Malia’s reaction to it…

S: Stiles. Take ten off the table

Sti: Come on. Just give us Derek. You don’t want him anyway. Haven’t you noticed what a downer he is ? No sense of humor. Poor conversationalist. Come on, just take the money.

S: He hasn’t been returning any of my texts. Sti: Does he ever return any of your texts ? S: Once. Definitely once

Araya: I have to admit, I dont have much experience with banshees.
L: That makes two of us. Since I dont have much experience being one.

Poor Scotty. Keeps getting zapped 😛 Brings out his macho face and just gets knocked down.

You had to kiss him to concentrate O.o ? Ugh don’t mind me, I’m still getting used to her….

Is it just me or does Arden look exceptionally freakin amazing in this episode. Like did you see her when she had to stand there and turn the dial on Scott ? She looked fuckin gorgeous heart eyes <3__<3

Araya: Say the name, Scott. S: Kate

And, uh, he looks daamn fine lying there covered in cobwebs.

M: Okay, I’l ask. Who’s Kate ? K: Uh, I’d like to know too.

S: Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person you are. L: What kind of shape is sociopathic bitch ? Bang

B: So how come you didn’t kiss her ? S: what ? B: How come you didn’t kiss your girlfriend ? S: You mean Kira ? B: Whatever her name is. S: She’s not really- I mean we’ve never actually- She’s not my girlfriend. B: So if you died down here, you’re gonna regret not kissing her ? B: You should’ve kissed your girlfriend

M: I wouldn’t leave you. Sti: Really ? ! M: No, I would never leave withou you. Damnit bitch, she’s getting too close to Stiles

S: I think I scared it. B: I think you scared everything.

M: Is that him ? Is that derek ? St: Uhhh. Sort of. Omg ! He’s gone young !! D’aww

Belated Bdays <3


I have not been keeping up with birthdays lately. Well I have. But not doing my usual posting for them.

First I was swamped with exams so I barely had time to breathe. But recently, within the last week & a half I’ve actually been too busy being free.

I literally haven’t done anything productive since my last exam. And I actually consider watching the movies I’ve left till now & catching up on my shows as being productive 😛

So happy belated birthday to my lovely squishy Ryeo, freakin gorgeous Lee Minho (Oooh Gu Jun Pyo) & the legendary Rain !!!!

This Dream


Okay so this was weird

At the start it was Chanyeol & Luhan. I was Chanyeol. Somebody close to me had passed away, a parent most likely. The grave was behind the hostel I lived in at boarding school.

Funeral finishes, everyone leaves & I, Chanyeol, bring Luhan forward to introduce him as my special someone to the deceased.

And the person told us about stuff & powers we have when together. Then to seal it we had to place this white rose under the ledge of the tombstone together.

Somehow got a lil private moment after that. And one of my classmates just popped up. She freaked & tried to quickly get away but a car appeared out of nowhere.

We remembered that we can stop vehicles in time when we clap hands, like high-five [It’s a dream okay ? I can’t help what happens].

We stopped the car then just ran around having silly fun with this new skill.

And I was just feeling so warm & fuzzy. Somewhere along the way Chanyeol & Lu changed into me & a mate from my school days.

Like we weren’t even doing much. But sometimes just being in that person’s presence can seem so amazing.

Yaoi !!


Guess what I’ve been pulled into ??

It’s Yaoi !

Started it yesterday morning. Somehow came across Kizuna & then I was just hooked 😀

I found it quite funny actually, especially the ending of OVA 3, when the lady called then Rena told her off coz he’s got a jealous wife ! Lol !!

Moved straight on to Kirepapa after that. That one had me interested.

Papa to kiss in the dark was disturbing at first, coz I can’t agree with, or stand, incest. But it got better with time. Especially when he turned out to be adopted, though it was his uncle after all. I was confused thinking if he’d end up with his friend, or the redhead guitar guy, or that third year guy.

Then I just thought I’d give Sensitive Pornograph a go, coz I wanted to see the story between the two writers, in the first OVA. Didn’t like it all that.

Currently watching Junjou Romantica. Was debating whether or not to watch Maiden Rose but decided to leave it for now. Coz of that time I saw a clip where it looked like he was dead coz of his boyfriend taking him against his will. It ended with a shot of him lying on the bed, sheets between his legs stained in blood & all over his legs. His bf, kai (?), was regretting it when he realized.

Anyways Junjou Romantica is proving too long & complicated for me. I might give it up.