At That Place, At That Time


You are in trouble now 😀 Lol

S: What do we do know ? I’m worried what will happen to your hair. GW: I guess I’ll have to wear a swimming cap. S: Nothing will happen. Believe me. You don’t believe me ?

Her face looks like its going to break.

The way shes just rolling around on her bed ^_^ :D I wanted Shin to frikkin squeal or something

Bcoz of Shim I will hold it in.

That museum is so fuckin awesome !!! :O

Noo !!! Don’t use Joon Hee in your evil plans, Hee Joo you bitch ! That’s taking advantage of an innocent baby 😦

No ! Don’t compare Shin to your dad. That’s just gross :P :O
Whats wrong with you Lee Shin ? You’re only tough on the outside, aren’t you ?

I don’t care what anyone thinks. Don’t you know that already ?

Don’t hold it in & just hit them for once.

Bitch !! Used Seok’s fuckin phone after he sent him out.

While I was crying & playing around, you were just born. Lol ! I just find that a weird thing to say 😛

How can someone small like her be a noona ? Lool

Crap ! Shit ! Cameras ! It doesn’t help that Seok acts all suspicious. Plus he’s so handsy with Gyu Won.

Ugh ! Poor Shin. What’s he gonna think ?

Fuck ! Seok & Gyu Won met at a hotel !! I’m dying here !!!

You gone keep doing this to him, Hee Joo ? My poor baby.
I’m going to be sad, but I will do it.

There’s no one else that would call at this time besides her. Lool

If you are really are thinking about Gyu Won, you should meet up with Tae Joon sunbae. Yoon Soo is so understanding he’s lucky.

If I knew it would be like this I’d have brought sunglasses. Shall I buy you some ? Lool what did you buy her Shin 😀 Oh, you eat so well. Does it taste good ? They so cute.
She’s strong. His face :D ^_^

Seok looks like he wanted to kill Tae Joon when he came to talk to him.

S: Calm me when your grandfather isn’t there. GW: Then … It will only be the two of us. S: Don’t think perverted thoughts. I don’t want to hear his traditional life story anymore.

I think I will think perverted things without knowing.

Punch that bitch’s teeth out Seok !
I am a person who does art. I don’t want to mix with those disgusting people.

What a proposal Yoon Soo. but he said no 😦

My bby Joon Hee ! He doesn’t know what he’s a part of.
Hee Joo’s voice is going isn’t it ?

If you go now, you & I are over.
Don’t go. Please don’t go.

Those bloopers killed me *_*

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