20 Once Again [Back To 20/Miss Granny]


Two freaking hours ! I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it :O turns out it wasn’t nearly long enough.

That kid Mengjung shaded with her umbrella on the bus, he’s that recurring role from from Never Give Up, Dodo !! Omg I didn’t expect to see him here :O Coz even Lu’s twin sis, she’s from that too. The whole way through that I was like, Daamn this girl looks so much like Luhan it hurts. Buuut.. guess she’s a perf twin for him then. I didn’t know she was in it till I saw her on tumblr the other day. That reminded me to watch it.

Xinran’s dad is her teacher ! Just reminded me of Teen Wolf.

The band’s lead singer, did she get pregnant or something ?? Her singing sounded like she was dying.

I was actually scared about Lu’s mom since I first saw her. She looked so sickly, I thought what if something happens to her during the movie ? But when they decided to send Granny away coz of her, I seriously thought she would kill herself or something. Coz she goes the picture can be used at her funeral, give the family something to remember me by.

The fact that she spent her first night on the streets made me so sad 😦 But then she went to live with Grandma Li lmao. And ah at that club >_< all three of them amazed at her voice. Goes back in age and she’s pulling all the men.

But when Qianjin was asking her to join the band, I loved that scene. She so totally thought he was asking her out. Plus even in Li’s house, he just turns up and it was so awkward. Li just blurts out, You’re blood relatives. I’m like, the fuck ? Turns out he was just on about his drama.

Been a while .. Since you’ve had a drink with a boy ? I don’t know why, but I was a fuckin mess at this part ^_^ :/ confused/googly !!

Lijun: You people, dragging a girl to this godforsaken place. Qianjin: This is rock & roll. Roll ? Lijun: Where are you rolling to ?

She goes over to his place, and sneakily collects the stuff she left behind >_< I was so scared she was gonna get caught ! But then Grandpa Li found her bloody stuff. I knew that would happen soon as they started bringing in kidnapping. And he stared a little too much at the umbrella, though at first I thought he’d realise she is the old lady. But he thought she was the kidnapper.

Ha! She totally transformed a rock band to this. I’m not totally sure what this is.

Lmao Grandpa Li tried to sneakily marry her ! Omg halp I’m dying !

The music beats faster than your heart~ :D ^_^ That killed me !

I’m crying fucking rivers at the song telling her life story crying :'( crying :'( And oooh the way she shut that guy down at the club !! But I had no freakin idea why her and Li were freaking out over her cut. I was like, Why you sewing her fuckin foot up ?! Put a damn plaster on it or something. Until he said the area around it was aging.

But his daughter got such a wrong idea, I think I’m gonna die from laughing.

Poor Mr Tan 😦 He’s fallen so deep, but he has absolutely no chance at all. And she seriously is not easing up on him at all. He is so freaking cute being scared of the dark !! But she just sits there and takes care of him like a child. Do you know its giving the poor man all the wrong signs ?

Poor Cindy comes over and sees her boss had a night time visitor 😛 That just made things awkward as fuck. Plus Mr Tan saying he doesn’t like Qianjin’s songs is literally a scene out of Heartstrings ^__^ !! I squealed at that.

The dad, Guobin, thinks Grandpa Li is gone a bit out of it ^_^ :D Lmao its from when he spilled water on it that morning !!

Yah :O that other lady passed away ?? And then Qianjin’s accident was literally straight after !! His grandma is so sweet, she completed it for him, so he won’t regret it later on like she did.

Little Button was Guobin !! And he’s finally realised Lijun is actually his mom de-aged. When he puts what he did, like that, sounds so much worse than what I assumed at the start.

I wonder if anyone saw her go back to her real age after giving blood ? Didn’t the doctors think anything ?? Or is it a slow process ? So she stayed at Li’s till the process was over.

Who knows 🙂

But n’awww he put his sister in his band ❤ ❤

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