Episode 3


Agh watched this at bloody 7am 😛

fly1 fly2 fly3

This was so damn cute. Swinging from castle to castle.

Wake up, this is not the time to fall for him.

You, you’re not some easy girl to fall for a guy’s killer smile.

Who are these people ? Did Robin make himself another family ?


I cannot believe they just did that :O :O !! Taking drama cliches to a whole new level.

you must be kidding

How much cute am I meant to put up with.

2 cute2 cute..2 cute-

You offend me. Should’ve been more careful, boys. Never shoot his girl, especially when you think he’s dangerous.

offendedi warned youdon't touch her

They look so scary. The poor Inspector’s face though 🙂


Omg the killer is a technician in a hospital. Now I don’t know if he’s a bad guy, or just caught up in something he really wants to go his way.

Why was this kid the only one it actually worked on ? It this some kind of sign ? Did he actually do something ? Or does it not really mean anything ?


Fuckin stop scaring me pls.


Aaah look how you totally killed his smile. He was so happy to see his mom. Does Robin refer to Seo Jin’s parents as his own ?

joygo awaysad

I feel there’s some friendship between Robin and Secretary Kwon, right ? Or there was & he’s really reluctant about it this time round.

Does Robin’s presence pose a threat to Seo Jin ? Coz that’s the only logical reason I can think of for everyone to be so against him coming out. How can you not just love the guy ?

This physically hurts me 😥

who are you..not needed

N’awww omg Robin gave the necklace to Hana :)

I could probably screencap his face all day. Don’t even know why.

it was you

No. Omg are the guards taking her back home ? She’s meant to be under protection though ! Maybe they’ll have people guarding her house or something. But, what!

Where’s her Unnie, when she wants to tell you she met her damn prince ? She’s draws her story ?


See ? What’s not to love ? He’s even got a fuckin humour.

I just really love this shot okay.

cease to exist

Bcoz, even if you don’t want me,

reason to existwho

Protocol 20. Protect Jang Ha Na.


Never Give Up, Dodo


Okay, I watched this like last Thursday but I’ve been writing this bloody post bit by bit since then 😛

I watched this in one sitting :O But it was really good !! A lot of laughs, even though I literally sobbed through some scenes.

When Li Dong kept kissing her with every fuckin word he said :x I liiike seeing Xu Fei being possessive !!

Babe, being a man means that you must be confident.

But that plushie Li Dong gave her … It’s a bit cute. But the way se makes it speak English ^__^

Yu Chun Hua was totally trying to sabotage them, wasn’t she ? Coz Xu Fei may be a dumb fuck who somehow doesn’t see how wrong it is. But I doubt she is aswell.

Qing Qing told her he was trying to force her to leave the house. Oh the irony !

Li Tong. These names are too similar -.- sigh. I really started to hate him coz he was hitting on her. And omg I can’t believe I never realised he showed a nude of him ! I just saw and assumed it was of Xu Fei. I only realised like waay later, but before she told Xu Fei about it though.

And the fuck bruh, you don’t go admire your mate’s tats when he’s buck naked O.O The gay between them is way high. They even showered together ?!

Funny how soon as Dodgay, o starts collecting evidence, he’s no longer interested. But then …


This happened and my gay theories were confirmed (!) Then I just felt sorry for him. And she came out and saw them asleep.

Never Give Up Dodo Ep 3

Plus the convo she had with him when he was just about to leave, without waking Xu Fei. But lucky us that he did wake up 😛


He obviously has a very open mind, seeing as he isn’t even affected by the fact that his male friend just kissed him on the mouth !

That’s right. I am crying for you. Hit me so damn hard in the feels. Amazing how it takes me from clutching my sides, to dabbing at rivers down my face. But that Xiang Yu though, for a bit I thought he actually would be dangerous coz of the way he popped up at such perfect timing every time.

I didn’t really like, or understand, his sisters (and brother). But second sister is really pretty. Is the eldest a nun or something O.o ?? Turns out they only meant well though. But what happened to the bad stuff she read in the notebook though ? How comes Xu Fei never saw it when he read it ?

Dodo’s roleplaying always gets them in trouble omg ! It’s actually hilarious. Like when she cornered him at work, at first I didn’t get it. I had a little voice at the back of my head thinking it was for real 😛

Never Give Up, Dodo

This one was kinda hilarious, but also kind of hot bcoz I simply can’t resist him tied up ¬_¬


Ugh ! Look at that face !! Anyways, its adorable how they literally look they don’t know what they’re doing ^_^ :D Especially how she kept hitting him without knowing it actually hurt. And then he accidentally kicked her off the fuckin bed 🙂

But the prostitute one has got to be the best !! I just knew something like that would happen, especially with him throwing money around the car ^_^ :D lol.

That prenuptial contract thing, he only did it to make her happy coz he thought she actually wanted it. Like it would ease things for her. Almost ruined them and it was just killing me.

Jia Bao, poor guy tried so hard to impress her. He even did the thing where he uses another girl to make her jealous, but bitch messed up lol. But seriously what is with these parrot people that keep popping up everywhere ?! I started realising it when she went to the club.


The facial expressions are killing me :/ confused/googly My heart. But the best thing was her cousin walking in on them. And then imitating them.

So his bestfriend staying over turned out to not actually be a test for her. But she deffo set one up for him. I swear I was mega annoyed up till they had the convo revealing it was setup and intended. Zi Xuan is fuckin pretty though, if his character wasn’t the way he is I would be seriously freaking out that he’s gonna get distracted.

brother-in-law or daddy

bro-in-law deffo

The poor guy tries so hard to avoid these situations. Trying to lift her with fists though ^_^ :D That was so hilarious !! But when it’s all done, he seemed so upset that Dodo allowed this all to happen.

My taste is just as strong as you guys, huh ? But that guy she landed though !! Holy fuck. I always knew her taste was strong. I just never knew that that was her type.


Goes to the same strip club. Wah daebak ! What’s up with that Judy, another addition to the freaky supporting characters 😛

Lmao expect girls to just take a female dancer in the stride. Hold a conversation even whilst just enjoying Sofia’s dance. Omg I fuckin love these girls. Their counter-attack was fuckin awesome !! Happy, what a stage name. When Lao Meng started to enjoy himself though 😉

01 02


I knew it would backfire though, soon as she was asked to go up to dance. Coz do you really wanna see your girl performing for a whole club full of people ?? at first his face was like, Yeah she’s mine. Then it just dropped. And even more when he realised she hadn’t returned to her seat.

But I just don’t know if I love her or if I need her.

always in my heart

Hyde, Jekyll, Me


Okay. So now I know why they rushed Pinocchio on the last week. This show was starting ^__^ Nvm I think I’m gonna enjoy this.

Spent most of the first episode confused out of my fuckin mind. Had absolutely no idea what was happening. But his little meditation thing is adorable ^__^

His main bodyguard is really cute :O But that Managing Director Ryu Seung Yeon, is he related to Seo Jin or something ? Family ? I’m suspicious of him.

When that gorilla popped out I was dying from the bloody randomness of the show ^_^ :D !! Bing Bing ! Wagh, she’s so adorable already.

He is such a shit ! Literally cancelling the contract twice in less than a fuckin hour !!

Damnit ! This is Pinocchio all over again ! In that I’m dying over every other guy bcoz cuuute!!~ Like this shit ..

eun changwelcome back

Fuckin look at him. I’m dying here. He’s adorable. Pls don’t do this to me. Please !

How did Dr Kang get his code blue emergency call so bloody late ? Who’s the man that walked into her office so suddenly ? Someone who has a grudge against her ? Or doesn’t want Seo Jin treated, Robin gone forever ?

Can’t believe she used a freakin wire to get into the hospital ! Doesn’t still count as treading on his land seeing as she step foot in the hospital anyways ?

wire1 wire2

Seo Jin is such a shit though. He always sacrifices other people unnecessarily. Like, I know you don’t go out of your way to help others. But must you go out of your way to ensure they aren’t safe ? There doesn’t have to be anyone getting hurt in most of these situations.

She was getting choked by the killer whilst Seo Jin was choking coz Robin was emerging .. Aahh.

So, Hana brought Robin out that first time ? Seo Jin was gonna commit suicide and she fell stopping him, so Robin appeared and saved her. Okay, got that straight.

Don’t thank me, it’s in my nature.

Argh! Coz of him she’s a lone witness to this crime. The way they both just barge into the room though. Leave the Inspector outside like, the fuck you guys.

i saw

I literally thought she’d say she saw his face. Even though that’s kinda impossible coz he was in the bathroom still. And even if it was his alter, Robin’s a good guy.

Hana: Its important to you ? That’s good then, since I unintentionally screwed you.

H: And it is an important thing to you ? S: Yeah

H: So, you need me ? S: Yeah

H: You really need me ? S: Yeah

H: Then, I won”t do it. I can’t.

Yoon Tae Joo, do I smell a second lead coming on ?? Or is it just gonna be Robin & Seo Jin ?? But Seo Jin’s such a dick lately… But I guess that’s how it usually starts, I’ve just been led astray coz of Pinocchio where he was a total uuuugh sweetie.

She’s getting all deep into clues and shit of how he knew it was her. When really he just got a damn text 🙂


I seriously thought it was Jae Myeong from Pinocchio 🙂 Got a little too happy.

Wonder Land was her childhood, right ? It’s where she grew up. She probably has so many memories of the place. That’s why she’s even more reluctant to leave. Aish ! But he obviously has bad memories. Was that flashback a kidnapping ?!

She literally stood there waiting for the damn disco ball to fall on her !


Is that really necessary, boys ? And is that a tracking device in his shoes ??


I’m guessing her and Robin must have played as kids in Wonderland ? Just obviously not together, seeing as she only remembers that kid as the prince from the bridge, not her childhood friend or something.

The Red Shoes



Omg! Beom Jo’s really gonna report everything back to Ha Myeong :O ? Waah, but he looks so lifeless nowadays though. Just trailing around after his mom, phone in hand.

Haha ^_^ :D Cap’s dance when song Cha Ok said she wouldn’t be attending the meeting any longer ! Now I don’t have to worry about you-know-who. It’s totally my world ! Oh, I should go to the restroom. But In Ha totally making him feel guilty with her big eyed, I trust you Cap. The use of flashbacks and stuff in this drama is just … Just like with Dal Po in the beginning, In Ha used Cap’s words on himself :x

OhMyGod I can’t believe that Il Joo snitched to the chief gasp. Did you see the results boy ?! I’m pretty sure you was shitting yourself when that guy was waving that knife around.

As soon as the motorcycle almost hit In Ha, I knew something was up. But when it showed him taking off his helmet from the back I honest to God thought Hyung escape from jail or something! So he went to watch him at his house and attack the next day ? I thought he’d attack there and then, so I was all like Nuh-uh dude, her son is in there too. And also, what the fuck was that gun he was waving around in YGN ? It looked like a massive staple gun to me. Is it that which hurt Ha Myeong ? Or some shrapnel that was flying around ? Coz it can’t have been the knife, coz that didn’t get near him. I honestly thought In Ha and her mom were gonna be seriously injured when he broke through the window. He could easily have stabbed Song Cha Ok right then :O

When he shook Beom Jo’s can though 😛 He should really have handed it over right then. Coz now his bloody mom has caught on. How you gonna get that info back, huh ?

This moment though <3_<3 heart eyes I ship them so hard. Her and Hyun Kyu. But poor Joo Ho though, all he wants is a little respect from those two. Greet him when they see him.

Jae Hwan Screencap

Pinocchio Ep 18 otp

Il Joo: They must hate me so much. Joo Ho: I’m also staring to hate you.

Lmao at Yoo Rae texting the Team Leader coz they can’t successfully eavesdrop 🙂

Daamn I won’t cease to be impressed by Cap. He gets them. He gets everyone. He gets that this was a warning, and not just petty revenge gone too far. But the other YGN reporter convincing Yoo Rae that Cap could possibly be interested in her :D ^_^

Pinocchio Ep 18 kimchi

I love how the dad’s response is just to offer a piece as well. You see. You’re always one step too late. But I totally forgot that he was still pretending not to know that Dal Po’s not his actual son. When In Ha’s dad said about them dating 🙂 Haraboji already knows about that doesn’t he ?? I feel like he does.

Woah ! Beom Jo’s mom took this to some next level though. Cap and Song Cha Ok, both relieved of their positions :O scared

Pinocchio Ep 18 Takeawaymymic

Song Cha Ok’s plan is unf! I just hope they actually get to carry it out. But all those tears though. I didn’t know she still had a heart. Poor Ha Myeong’s going through the pain all over again, watching her, of convicting someone you love.

Have I mentioned how cute it is when Hyung does those little taps on the glass separator ? heart eyes <3__<3

But Beom Jo’s mom is so cool about it, it’s making me worried :/Nuuupls

Pinocchio Ep 18 Freshquestions

As it is now safer to admit how cool and collected she can act. Plus when she reminded Ha Myeong to come back and howl properly :o Funny how I’m starting to like her right at the end. Though I suspect that was the idea all along. Yoo Rae: Her charisma is the best. I will acknowledge that. For sure.

Pinocchio Ep 18 Howl



Smoke and Mirrors


I kind of don’t want to watch it coz then I have a lot of waiting to do. And I know it’s gonna end with a load of questions.

Sheriff: I can keep you from going. Sti: I’d find a way. Sheriff: I could throw you in a cell. Sti: I’d still find a way.

Derek: It’s not about power. It’s about being able to help. I don’t like, feeling helpless. Aww my poor bby :( I still hate that you so chill with dying.

Braeden: Do you really think you won’t be coming back ? Derek: Not …Alive (?) Does Derek basically speak through snogging.

NO ! Why are they so naive. Peter shouldn’t be allowed to help. He wants Scott dead. But he does also want to kill Kate so .. ?

Sti: We would have to freeze you in carbonite to get you down there. Liam: Okay, then where do we get carbonite ? Sti: Seriously ?

Wait. Braeden’s US Marshall line wasn’t just a line ?! She actually is one ?

Gdi ! These Berserkers seriously get around sneakily for such massive creatures. But the way Lydia sniffed Kira’s jacket, I was wondering if banshees can catch scents too.

P: Ah, this little one is terrified of them aren’t you ? Don’t worry my friend, it is that fear which will keep you alive.

Sterek moment ! Don’t anyone dare tell me otherwise. I have been deprived. I’ve been thriving off of fanfics.


IS LIAM TURNING CGI LIKE SCOTT ?!!?! Did you see his face ? It was turning black. I’m  guessing anyone Scott bites will turn like that. Maybe anyone Peter bites, and just continues down the line.

cgi liam


Just don’t mind me and my little shipper moments :)



Like honestly, what is Derek looking at ? I’m pretty sure you can’t see out of that glass.



You shoulda fuckin checked before trying to just jump out !! I just had a heart attack crying :'( He went down so quick I was shocked. I know he’s human and all but he put up no fight at all. Guess it was down to being taken off guard.


I was screaming through the screen for someone to feed him their fuckin blood. Then I remembered this isn’t TVD. And they’re not vampires.

Okay. Seriously. Just spare my heart crying :'(crying :'(

6 7

Look at their faces ! You could totally forget that Peter is evil. Even evil has a heart when it comes to family and blood, right ? But, uhh, hasn’t he attempted to kill Derek before ? Nevermind.


What are these expressions ? Confusion? Conflict? Fear on behalf of him ? What ?! Because obviously my hardcore shipping brain is gonna read it how I want to -_-


When the Kalaveras turned up I got happy thinking they might be able to actually save Derek. When I saw Parrish with them I’m like, How the damn hell did you get a hold of these guys ? But Chris was there too so that cleatred things.

But then he went and died on us. D: It’s a mortal wound. And right now I’m feeling pretty mortal.


L: They need me. I’m going for it. And yes with a baseball bat. Poor Mason. He must be going out of his mind right about now. After all this is over, will they explain it all to him too ?

excuse me catch

I literally loved this moment so much 🙂 Excuse me. Catch. Sheriff Stilinski is awesome ! I laughed, during this episode of hearttbreak.

Also, Kira’s mom coming to her in a vision thingy :) Kinda reminded me of when Allison’s mom came to her, the time with Scott in the rest stop toilets. But Victoria was dead though. Kira’s mom isn’t.

derek wolfblue eyes wolf

Oh daamn! How did I forget that the wolf from the opening credits would have to make an appearance at some point. I remember his mom, Talia taking the full wolf form, in flashbacks. And Laura’s body did that, when Scott and Stiles dug her up, in Season 1.

Even as a full wolf, daamn gorgeous heart eyes <3__<3

D: No. I was evolving. Something you’ll never do.

The only thing I could thing was, He’s naked. Butt-naked. But people are staring. In awe maybe.

S: You were never an alpha, Peter. Because you were always a monster. His wolf form is still hella freaky, even though he’s not the previous cgi. Okay, so Scott got the transformation powerthat should be passed down their family line ? Even though Derek got it too ? Or does Peter mean becoming the Alpha.

yo daddy

Sti: Yo daddy ? This is his punishment for running off to Mexico, right ? 😛

Coach: You boys are gonna stick together. You’re gonna look out for each other. And you’re gonna have each others backs. Get it ?

L: Whatever you are, it might be in here. I’d like to help you figure it out.

Wait a minute. Braeden’s been tracking down the Desert Wolf for a while now. But that’s apparently Malia’s mom. Now that Peter’s locked away, will she tell the others ?

Lmao but Peter’s scream after he saw the third eye on that man ^_^ :D