Don’t Cry


I’m not going to go. I said, I’m not going to go.
It’s fine now, right ?

I guess he must be angry.
That side if him I’ve only seen twice. Once when you ran away. Something is not right. Ugh ! Now they just look more guilty.

Knew he’d say she was more important.
It has to be a production you are happy in, or it means nothing to me. >squealing<

Poor Joon Hee. So stressed over this. Its just not him.
He’s acting weird. He isn’t looking for food like before.

Nonsense ? Her getting sick is nonsense to you, her mom ?

He bought the teddy keyring ^^ Lol comparing her to a teddy bear

Shite ! Seok is drunk off his ass.
Shin kissing his key-chain goodnight ^_^

She isn’t helping rumors by running like a mad person to meet Seok. If you quit, there won’t be any meaning behind him taking your side.

Bitch Tae Joon came up with a fuckin shit ass script. You just gone mess up.

Ugh. Gyu Won needs a hug. Shin’s so close worried :/

Oh ! She can hear his song ?!
Let them have some time alone. Oh right. Lee Shin would hate me if I interfered again. Finally !!

Did you cry it out ?
Don’t cry if I’m not there.

Seon Gi ! Kicked out before you even move in

Although he’s easy to talk to, at times it seems he needs to speak to a man.

Why is Shin bitchy lil sis grassing her up for ?!

Don’t you think grandpa will faint bcoz of Joon Hee ? Joon Hee is a bit … >I’m dying !<

Seok Hyeon gone fishing.

Pffft. What else did you expect ?? Big shot Director quits, duh (!) your sponsors will drop.

You have a lot of things to be sorry for, so tell me one specifically. Proposals are supposed to be made by men.

I can see your butt itching to jump back in. Lool !!
Even having skills is tiring.

Su Myung jumps him. SH: Hey ! Hey ! What are you doing ? I don’t like guys. SM: I don’t either.

Hee Joo refusing to practice.
Lool all the kids jump Seok. Ah, this popularity never dies down.

I was going to quit, but they kept calling me.

Tae Joon just fuckin desperate to screw someone over.
Knew something would happen to Hee Joo.

Oppa, you changed, but you changed too much.
Return to the cold beauty please
Aah ! Knew back then that those pictures would resurface.

Replay ! Lool. Now that I think about it, you were chasing me first. The proof is right here, isn’t it the truth ?

S: Don’t get nervous. Right now, Cha Bo Oon is on her way /snap/ B: Gyu Won ! S: See. She will always appear no matter what.
B: Not you, Shin. Did I do something wrong again ? Am I wrong ? S: No. You’re just doing your part. Now I’m used to it. B: Don’t do another revenge on me again.

What the fuck was that, Tae Joon ?! Just pop up to try & make them nervous >:( angry

The girls … Are they all going ? Yes bby, your girl’s gonna be there too 😉

Shall we go look for the ghost too ? SM: No, then that wouldn’t be fun. The girls are looking for a ghost so what do you think we have to do ? But if we get caught by the director, we’ll get in trouble. SM: Don’t worry. The director also said the same thing when he went to this school. Lool
I saw your stuffed bear already. I know that you cant leave your teddy bear but I need to take your phone. >Just kill me now<

Damn! The guys look scary :O scared
So obvious Gyu Won would end up alone. Her punishment. Shin’s so cute in that hoodie.

Omg !! They all got scared I’m dying 🙂 ! Gi Yeong got beat up. Let me live.

I wanted to throw it out in front of you.

Exercising. Shin’s a lazy shit.
Cancelling the fuckin performance ! You have got to be kidding me. Just because you can’t bare to see someone else succeed.

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