Fade into You



<p>Dinner with Kai. I’m sure she’d prefer Damon.

<p>Why? Were you not ? Ohh you must’ve hurt the wrong girl’s feelings.

<p>There are no drawbacks to this woman Stefan.
See Stefan, even the bear knew.

<p>Jo & Kai are twins?! Gemini and Liv & Luke’s sister.
<p>Why don’t you just kiss and make up. Its getting weird.

<p>The dad’s tryna kill Jo. And he was coven leader.

<p>I’m a vampire. You’re a what ?
<p>Jo tricked him. It wasn’t a merging. It was to send him away.

<p>Shit! Kai found Jo’s knife.

<p>The one person who would sit with me and let me cry. And I didn’t wanna cry anymore.

<p>We talked. There are a lot of words in the English language and Bonnie knows literally all of them.

<p>Any chance you could help me bring my best friend Bonnie back so that I could ask her.

<p>Kai’s out. Bonnie’s not 😦

Do You Remember The First Time


My fingers were covered in blood and the touchscreen wouldn’t work.
<p>Hang on. Just so I’m clear. All Caroline had to di to get you to treat her with a molecule of respect was to stop paying attention to you. Was that how this works ?
She hates you bcoz she doesn’t hate you. At all. I’m sorry, are you still talking. She’s git a thing for you mate.

<p>Whatever he just said it will never be discussed again. Okay.

<p>Matt’s one person who actually cares when random ppl die. Coz he usually knows them.

<p>Damon popping up at the fundraiser.
<p>Enzo killed Tripp whilst they were away.
<p>Stefan wants to talk feelings now.

<p>NOW Damon gets to the I love you enough to let you go. From I want her to be miserable.

<p>Literally waiting for that to drop. Knew there’d be something fishy about her. She’s Kai’s sister!!


The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get


I don’t wanna see him.
She did what ?!
Damon will kill me. You’re unkillable. Doesn’t mean he won’t try.

<p>Our eyes will meet. Sparks will fly. The balance of the world will be restored.

<p>I’m sorry. I was confused about which vampires we like and which ones we don’t.

<p>I mean the one time I’m actually seeking your voice that’s all I get.

<p>He just came back. Why’d you kill him 😥

<p>Probably jealous of my accent.
Sorry mom. Elena’s auditioning for Top Gear.

<p>What do you want me to do Caroline. Stop making me guess and tell me so we can just go back to being friends.
Well I just. I don’t wanna be friends anymore.

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here


Enzo’s headed off to Savannah. To kill Stefan.

<p>If anyone can teach her. Its you. Even though Stefan’s the one who taught her.
<p>And the moral of the story is “Do not fall in love with your brother’s girl”

<p>My relationship with Stefan is strictly … complicated.

<p>Doctor Lockwood ? Tyler’s family ??

<p>Before I compel you to be the guy I used to know instead.

<p>You know there a very probable chance you’re digging your own grave. Okay. Not bothered.

<p>No! No. Bonnie. Good job Bonnie.
<p>I thought you were a germophobe. I’ll make an exception.

<p>He drove right through the party. Anyone dies. Its on him. He’ll become a werewolf again.

<p>Giant douche-kebab.
<p>Plus a burning desire to get away from you.

<p>I was like WHAT THE FLIP IS LIV DOING !? She was saving the death from being on him.
<p>This is the part where you say something. Or kiss me. Or run for the hills.

<p>Noo!!!! Bonnie iis too nice. How many times has she nit been able to come back to life.

<p>Yeah. This is happening. I’m gonna talk out loud to a crypt full of my dead family. Everyone but you Damon.
Not doing so great without you.
<p>I’m like waiting for the fucking hug! Yay!!

Black Hole


<p>Another word of advice. When a significantly sexy doctor is flirting with you, give her your undivided attention.
<p>Easy there big brother. She doesn’t even know you. At leat buy her a drink first.
<p>That proposal :’) lmao. Omg! I love it.
<p>You don’t have to try Damon. You just have to exist.
You just jeep failing.

<p>There’s something not right about him. You’re just not used to guys hitting on you.
<p>Malakai. Massacred his whole coven. This is his personal hell.

<p>Ouch! Poor nephew-uncle Zach.
<p>We may be having a bit of a disagreement now. But don’t ever lay a hand on her.

<p>Bcoz in spite of every single thing he did we couldn’t live without him.

<p>Sarah is Zach & Gail’s kid !

<p>That makes you different from Kai. That means there’s hope for you yet.

<p>Did Ivy drink his boss’s blood ??

Welcome to Paradise


I said I need a few days off. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.

<p>Needing your friends isn’t a weakness. Tell that to Stefan, who clearly needs no one.
<p>Enzo. You guys go on one road trip, and suddenly you’re breakfast buddies ?

<p>You’re doing that thing again ? What thing ? Oh the thing where you’re a bitch bcoz you like somebody. Its pretty transparent.

<p>Do you understand the rules ? …or you’ll kill me. Well. I’ll marinate with you.

<p>Sorry I killed Bonnie.
Damon playing with his car 🙂

<p>This party is just bad news.
<p>I think we should go. Yeah. Guys 😛


<p>Maybe. But I have a sneaking suspicion that’s your type.
<p>That was Caroline’s ice.
<p>I don’t wanna kill you Stefan. But apparently he did.

<p>If you wanna know the reason why I’m following you. Its bcoz I wanna kill you. I thought he was laughing. WHO IS HE ?!!?!

<p>Your friend Jay was a vampire hunter.

<p>I wouldn’t kill one third of our population. I’m not a monster.
<p>I guess that’s just how your live works. Don’t tease me !
<p>Its just easier for me if you’re an aggressive unlikeable dick.

<p>Caroline. You and Stefan. Do you have …. Feelings for him or something? Yeah. I think I did. Awwwww hell no.

<p>You fuckin killed Enzo!!