Salamander Finale


Even though I watched this show in three days, I really got into it.

Just finished right now & I proper didn’t want it to end b2b

Hope it got good ratings btw coz in my honest opinion it totally deserves it. Even Medical Top Team, I really enjoyed that & was kinda upset when I discovered the ratings weren’t so good. I guess my views were biased on that.

But Salamander Guru should have awesome ratings.

It had me in stitches most of the time. And dying suspense the rest.

My only problem was the amount of new girls popping up in every episode. But then again, they did all fawn over Minho(Minhyuk), so I don’t mind that.

But they could have wrapped some stuff up. Like why Mapo Roopang wanted to acquire that certain amount of money ? Did Gyuseon finally get her date with Minhyuk ? Is Jieun better ? So many little things I want to know 35f

Ep 7-10


Episode 7

Let the poor guy have some time with his father. Seungwoon. Why was I glad when the key went with him ?

Agh! I was so happy he recovered 😦 And then it’s gone again.

Minjae’s helium voice … Sho cute

Seondal’s butt dance 🙂 Write your name with your butt, I thought he’d stick a pen in or something.

The fuckin prank they did to get Minjae & Wonsam back 🙂

Episode 8

Uhhhh 😦 He changed his hair

He left her to come Korea to find the killer ?? Min-ha looks freakishly similar to this girl

Cutie Seondal 🙂 Cleaning up

These just happen to be our seats

At least Minhyuk makes Wonsam’s ridiculous orders look believable

I’m a man who cooks 3281

Awww She fell asleep on Seondal 🙂 Minjae joining in

Seung Yeon. Girl or boy ?

M: It wasn’t me. S: Okay, don’t come near me

Poor Wonsam, Falling for a guy

Her stalker shudder that’s scary shit. She looks so different with her hair out. Uh I forgot her name. I was like No wonder her ad triggered his powers

Gyuseon only pops up when they need her. Will the poor girl end up with Minhyuk ?

Episode 9

He said you were prettier than a schoolgirl

Wonsam’s lil stupid lies
Poor Gyuseon. He almost kissed her 32e And of course Minjae comes to save the day 😉

Is that how you ask discreetly Minjae ? Seondal was shitting himself 328

Poor Kyeonga … Shitty bday. And she told herself this year would be fine 😛

Minhyuk 😦 Why is this happening to him ? Guru just goes back to crazy whenever he asks him.

There’s two doors ??

Aaahh … She kissed him 3271 On the cheek, but still … Then she got called away (-_-)

Episode 10

Who is this other Ma poo Roopang ?

Why ? Why will he be in danger

The Guru’s place is the Sea of Gold ??

The way his legs flew up when he fell 🙂

I’m waiting for Taemin 🙂

She seems so serious when talking about Red Light Green Light. But I totally get it 33a

I knew as he said Gyeon Hoon, that it was his other son. He was X

No he cannot get the gold !

He goes to … Taemiiinn !! :))) M: How have you been ? T: Good. Thanks to you . My heart can’t take this ♥

No ! Just leave the fuckin door open ! They just let him escape.

What the fuck was he doing at the hospital ?! I don’t even get why he was there.

Glasses 🙂 Both the Guru and Minjae

Lizard Guru. Lol !

Episodes 3-6


Episode 3

Who are those guys ? Joker & L. What do they want with Minhyuk ? Shadow

Height … That’s good .. Face … Good .. Brain … That’s good too… That means we can’t fire him

To scare off L & Joker, though they literally consider the pair of them a joke. Your finger will become like this. 

How many times is he gna play dad ? It looked like Seondal had really bad bags, when Minjae painted those lines under his eyes.

Why is Guru such a perve ?

The fuck is Hyunbin ?!

The lil party Seondal & Wonsam had on the sofa 🙂 When they guy gave them so much money.

Those guys took the pic with them 😦

Taeyeon tryna get a foothold on Minhyuk’s head. Stop staring& get off now

Who the fuck is Wonsam to Taeyeon ?! It just looked like they recognized each other.

Kyeonja & Gyuseon getting drunk together 3281

Seondal got spanked ! 🙂

T: You got that from the internet right ?  M: No (: Toy Story

The three of them with their aching arses

Wonsam singing ! I fuckin died 🙂

Minjae & Kyeonja pretending to be his family

Episode 4

Taemiin !!!!
Ahaha ! He’s a girl 🙂 ! Totally fooled them. They thought she was in on it.

Wonsam ! Hyperventilating. I’m a meanie. That’s not even funny.

Their prison story. I quite liked it. Hilarious 🙂 Especially the part with the maps all over their bodies

Starving to death & burning to death is the same thing

2min fight ^^
Key !!

Tae was right there ! She saw him. Whhhyyy !!

The way he leaves a disguise trail

Tough luck Minho. Guru won’t remba .. 😦

Black guy ! Talking Hangul 322

Taeyeon’s face 🙂 when she thought Minhyuk was gonna kiss her 😛

Wonsam wants every pretty girl he sees

Well that came out wrong 326 She doesn’t wanna marry you Yoon.

Who’s Crystal’s sister ?? She looks familiar.

Everyone likes Minho ! 🙂

She’s 55 !! 341
Guru’s Crystal’s husband ?!!?!

Episode 5

How many new girls are they gon bring into this ?

How does Wonsam know her name straight away ? Si Ra

Why do they expect so much of Minho ? He just has to solve everything.
Oh that poor girl 😦

But what they do for her is so sweet. Though Wonsam shouldn’t have done it so often. That last time, him crying 🙂 It just cracked me up. Sad but he looked hilarious.

Alex Chu !!

Everyone here is fuckin shady

Minho drunk 🙂 !!! My God ! What did he do when he was drunk ?!

• Going out with Gyuseon

• Engaged to a girl

• Marrying one

• Honeymoon with another

God the kid ! Lol

Secretly getting Minhyuk drunk. W: Lets drink to our friendship. M: This is water. W: Its the thought that counts. He’s such a cyute drunk >_<

Making him out to be a latin guitarist & all. aaah Kyeongjah

Seondals’ pants !!! Got ruined 🙂
Awww lilcute singing time 333

Episode 6

Sending Minhyuk’s pic instead 😛

Kyeongja tryna make Seondal look good to Minjae

They got robbed ?! Is he Tiger JK ??

How can they do this to Minhyuk ?! This is something really important to him.

They need to get rid of that guy now. He’s getting annoying.

Somebody who’s wrong side you don’t wanna get on

Tiger’s english 328

The door. What’s behind it ?

Salamander Guru Ep 1&2


Episode 1

I was dying of laughter from the start 🙂 Those two thieves were freakin hilarious. Especially the little one who keeps shitting ! OMFD !!

Minho being such a little stalker 3281

Fuck ! He’s like Sherlock deducting that car investor guy. He like knew everything about him from just watching him 322

Umm … Is it just me or Minho is frikkin hot in this. Like more than usual. Luv the way he’s dressed. And the moody demeanour

Does Minho have photograghic memory or something ? He remba’d the order of the (porn) DVDs

He’s good at remembering things to do with females

Kim Shihoo. He reminds me of somepne a bit. He’s Gyuseon’s bf right ? The one who planned on killing her off & taking the insurance money.

Episode 2

Your face is distracting. Cover it up 🙂 Uh what was that woman called again ?

Those were her sons ?!

The way she stood up to them 🙂 Lol ! Used the stick & everything.

Who took those videos ? Bong’s face reaction when  Gyuseon was all bothered about looking fat & shit. When they took a video of her in the bloody changing room.

Gyuseon likes Minhyuk 322

Who’s Minjae ??

Seondal is so cyute with that kid 328

It was her kid ?!