Could it be that … It’s cancelled because of me ?
When they all cried ~ Sarang & her girls wailed ~ I just felt so bad for Gi Yeong 😦

Unnie, I believe in you. Until you come back, I’ll wait for you.

I’m not bragging, its just that I was born well.

Madame Goo’s :O face when asking what Seok was talking about to that guy.

The ding when Shin got his idea 🙂

Reminiscing in the hall 🙂 Seok. You are so cute

Who thought of this cool idea ? *ahem* If Lee Shin drops out, I’ll do it.

Seok was gonna go back to Broadway ?!
No one will help them put on the performance
Awweee ! Everyone giving their money. That’s definitely my Shin. B: Don’t make it so obvious. /turns/ /thumbs up lol/

Madame Goo is so fuckin cute. Squishing Seok & fuckin pecking his cheek !!

Lol ! Shin making eyes at Bo Oon to get lost after the other two went to get food :D ^_^ Can I come back now. After I went out, I realized there’s nowhere to go.

There’s a lot of people obstructing her & that’s what saddens me the most. That’s why I pay attention to her more. And because of that I had a lot of misunderstandings.

All shy after kissing Shin’s head. Oh my God I’m dying here !! :/ confused/googly 🙂
Aaah. Caught by your kids. Seon Gi’s first love.
She fell asleep so quick. Coz of his song 😕 😛

Lool. Tryna make each other jealous at the bar.
Right now, I’m holding it in because you’re cute when you’re angry.

Get lost bitch ! I swear. I wanna kill her. It was fuckin cancelled coz of her. Gyu Won wanted to do it so bad. It was pretty much back on for her. By Shin. If you want to cry then cry. In front of me, you can cry.

Ugh. Her mom just barges in to demand her daughter. But Seok doesn’t wanna hear no shit 😛

Course you should. Who’s girlfriend do you think you are ?

Awwee Shin’s nervous ^_^

The musical is awesome. But where is Gyu Won ?? Unneccassary shirtless scene. Whoop ! He is hot ya’know. She kissed him ! She kissed him ? Hee Joo ! Gi Yeong ! :O

I know right. How is she gonna sing. I have a bad feeling about this.

Knew it ! Lip synching. Gyu Won’s crying 😥

Bloopers again ! Does Shin mess up a lot or … ?