GD-GD-baby-baby ~


Kwon Jiyong’s birthday everybody !~

Happy Birthday our king of cool 😛

Love you too much to put into words ❤ 3271 So should I even try 329 ?

Here’s to 26 oppa b0c !!! And twenty years in the entertainment industry crying

BIGBANG’s anniversary tomorrow aswell !! Woohoo !! b60




                                                    photo 5


TAEYANG – 눈,코,입


Bored doing revision at college so I decided to go listen to something on ListenOnRepeat.

Couldn’t think of what I was in the mood for though. And randomly checked the Top Videos section.

Well would you guess what I found there !

I haven’t heard this yet before this
Eek I get so happy seeing kpop being at the top. Hate it when people bad mouth it. Like shut the fuck up. You got a problem just coz it ain’t English ?!