Could it be that … It’s cancelled because of me ?
When they all cried ~ Sarang & her girls wailed ~ I just felt so bad for Gi Yeong 😦

Unnie, I believe in you. Until you come back, I’ll wait for you.

I’m not bragging, its just that I was born well.

Madame Goo’s :O face when asking what Seok was talking about to that guy.

The ding when Shin got his idea 🙂

Reminiscing in the hall 🙂 Seok. You are so cute

Who thought of this cool idea ? *ahem* If Lee Shin drops out, I’ll do it.

Seok was gonna go back to Broadway ?!
No one will help them put on the performance
Awweee ! Everyone giving their money. That’s definitely my Shin. B: Don’t make it so obvious. /turns/ /thumbs up lol/

Madame Goo is so fuckin cute. Squishing Seok & fuckin pecking his cheek !!

Lol ! Shin making eyes at Bo Oon to get lost after the other two went to get food :D ^_^ Can I come back now. After I went out, I realized there’s nowhere to go.

There’s a lot of people obstructing her & that’s what saddens me the most. That’s why I pay attention to her more. And because of that I had a lot of misunderstandings.

All shy after kissing Shin’s head. Oh my God I’m dying here !! :/ confused/googly 🙂
Aaah. Caught by your kids. Seon Gi’s first love.
She fell asleep so quick. Coz of his song 😕 😛

Lool. Tryna make each other jealous at the bar.
Right now, I’m holding it in because you’re cute when you’re angry.

Get lost bitch ! I swear. I wanna kill her. It was fuckin cancelled coz of her. Gyu Won wanted to do it so bad. It was pretty much back on for her. By Shin. If you want to cry then cry. In front of me, you can cry.

Ugh. Her mom just barges in to demand her daughter. But Seok doesn’t wanna hear no shit 😛

Course you should. Who’s girlfriend do you think you are ?

Awwee Shin’s nervous ^_^

The musical is awesome. But where is Gyu Won ?? Unneccassary shirtless scene. Whoop ! He is hot ya’know. She kissed him ! She kissed him ? Hee Joo ! Gi Yeong ! :O

I know right. How is she gonna sing. I have a bad feeling about this.

Knew it ! Lip synching. Gyu Won’s crying 😥

Bloopers again ! Does Shin mess up a lot or … ?

You’re a little Slow


Are you here bcoz you cant trust me ?

They so cute being all shy. Knew he’d do something like not ask for Gyu Won’s hand really 😛
There’s only one solution if we don’t want our hands bumping into each other. You just have to go by holding hands. >Their faces though<

Yay ! Ji Yeong & Seon Gi know about their kids now ^^ The reason I decided to come back to Seoul … Is not bcoz of father. It was bcoz of you.

Ice cream. Cutie date (?) please ^^

Sarang & her girls backtracking :D ^_^ lool they just look so funny Who ? Girls who say they love me.
Like you didn’t do anything ? I don’t get what she’s getting at :/ confused/googly

I usually don’t share with people. Bcoz its you, I’m specially sharing it with you. Hey ! Don’t do that to Joon Hee’s food :O scared

Wahay !! There goes your reason to ruin Seok 🙂 Hee Joo’s mom don’t want you to do it anymore
If your finished your speech would you go ? I have to prepare for class.
Please don’t come to talk to me about Seok Hyeon again. It doesn’t reflect well on you.

What was that ? Showing off how well you play ?
GW: But, what did you want to tell us ? SH: You guys have already said it all ! I wanted you to fight it out. Gyu Won talking through her teeth to Hee Joo 🙂

Oh! We’re seeing each other often. Lol ! If I were Shin I’d have strangled Bo Oon by now. Cha Bo Oon ! >:( angry
Did you eat ice cream with Lee Shin ? How did you know ? How could we not ? It spread all over school.

That would be even worse than being tired. My hair … worried :/

Why are you looking at couple t-shirts ? Who will you wear it with? Oh … I wear it with my grandpa

Aww bby ^^ you putting yourself through hell just to talk to Gyu Won. Se’cute. Cha Bo Oon wont follow her here, will she ? You don’t know how wrong you are 🙂 Aww his poor legs. He should sit more comfortably but its probably rude. Shin’s face when he said “… I looked JUST like you

Lee Shin. Why are you here ? >his face is just …<
He almost fell ! Bo Oon’s lil :O look. Is she FINALLY getting it ?
Why does Cha Bo Oon keep following you around ? Bffs bitch. We joint at the hip.
You guys are a bit strange today. I noticed you are often together. Aren’t they always ? Even when he hated her.
You, who majors in TM … Does it make sense that you didn’t get to hear it ? I’ve heard too. Since you came over here … How about hearing about it ? Really can I ? Bo Oon actually looks like she’ll enjoy it.

I’m sorry. For what ? Do I have to say it in words ? Yas plz 🙂

How is it ? Her face. So cute.
Don’t just look at my face. Listen to the music ….
They shouldn’t be allowed to be so cute together 🙂

Ouch ! Bo Oon was there all day :/

Crap ! I’m a total mess. Dying over how cute Shin is with the bike seat ^_^ :D Hold on tight. I said hold on tight.

Hey ! Others will see us like this. I don’t want my hair pulled out. Shite ! Causing uproar in the school :D ^_^
End it before your hair gets it 😛

Is something going on in school ? The school was so noisy. Gossip time for the teachers. Really ? The show. Is that the only reason you don’t like Gyu Won dating ?

Gi Yeong’s got a lisp thing going on ^_^ ayee its so fuckin cute

Joon Hee making Hee Joo low calorie lunch box. Such a cutie. You can’t reject him no more, kay ?

Kim Seok Hyeon, lets see your talent. Oh, you’ll see it alright. I don’t doubt him at all.

Why do you have your hair like this ? I don’t know when my hair will be pulled out. I’m here next to you, so rest assured.
Cha Bo Oon, I was wondering why you hadn’t arrived yet …?

I thought Shin would freak seeing Gyu Won holding Gi Yeong’s hands.

Hyperventilating. No. I’m not well. I was holding back in front if Gi Yeong oppa bcoz I thought he might run away.

Look at the audience like this …. And share my thought. You’ve fallen for me.

Daamn ! Gyu Won was awesome. They loved her.
Hee Joo got slapped by her mom in front of Joon Hee 😦

And we back to ruining Seok. *sigh*

She’s not a child. Jealous 🙂 Shin

Why are you smiling ? Its funny. Is that funny.
What did I do wrong ? Your being popular is your wrongdoing.

I will tell you once. Clean this up. Yes. He will only tell us once. Hurry up.

SH: Whats wrong with your face ? GW: Compared to Lee Shin … Am I such a loser ?? SH: Who says that ? GW: All the kids. SH: If there’s anybody who says that, bring them here. I’ll punish them.

SH: Gyu Won, you have the ability to move people’s hearts. And there are only a few people who can see that. GW: Really ? SH: Of course. I see it with my eyes.
If Shin hurts your feelings, tell me. I’ll punish him.

Today you also came to listen ? Lool ! No. I have a part time job today.

Laughs. I just know one thing, I didn’t even think about that.  Aah Madame Goo & his damn business dropping.

Lee Gyu Won, just ignore it for now.
She can’t last a minute

Lolz. The crowd goes quiet when she appears 😛

Awee !! Kiss ^_^ !



Is it broken ? Why is it like this ?
This is my first time being jealous of a younger guy.

He’s so perf. He was actually gonna turn up. Bitch you got caught. He can see you through the window ….

Now its Seok Hyeon & Gyu Won’s turn to watch.
Omo ! You just shattered him.
Not once did I waver. Even a little. It’s the truth.

Well … You ain’t his slave no more. Didn’t expect it to hurt did you ?

Eat & sleep on the stage. Daamn.

Kim Seok Hyeon, are you jealous of Shin ? Yes. I’m jealous. Coz jealousy does look good on you.

Do you guys not have pride ?
Yes. We don’t.
What pride ?

She still brings him coffee ? Or is that from last time ??
I wanna know what the note on her forehead said :((
Awwee !! He left her one too ^^

Drag Joon Hee off. To give them privacy 😛

Aand we’re back. Lee Gyu Won, you really don’t have pride. Bcoz of one coffee drink, you become his slave again. Lolz ! Hurt her hand on the drum set.

Does Hee Joo like Gi Yeong?? Its becoming a fuckin web now, not even a square, or a pentagon.

Omo ! Watching him reach for that. I was scared he might slip. Then Su Myun watching.

Gyu Won watching Shin get rejected.

Yoon Soo was basically another Hee Joo

Omg ! The guy in the bar is Seok Hyeon’s mate from the flashback !! He’s Madame Goo !!!!!! I thought that was a damn woman !

Omo ! I feel embarrassed for her coz of gramps. The other one being Shin ? He’s moving next door to her !! 😀

How her & Shin stand close, with Hee Joo a lil off.

Time for Yoon Soo & Seok Hyeon to begin makeup-breakup.

Again ! All four of them.
She shoulda just denied liking him.

A Closer Walk With Thee


I knew it was a dream as soon as I saw the baby.

Cammie: Hey. Earth to you. K: Your face C: Thank You

K: My fears of scarring my child as my father scarred me are manifesting as nightmares. It’s horrifically cliche. C: Truthfully, I’m just surprised to hear you acknowledge out loud that you’re going to be a dad.

Francesca. Ugh she’s a bitch. Still hate her. So she ordered the bombings ?

E: Yes. Far better to practice your process of grief Niklaus. Denial, rage & hoarding coffins in basements.

Uh, shite. What’s the thing with Michael.
Oh yeah. So the other side problem has to be here too.

E: Nothing springs to mind at this precise moment. G: Oh gee. Thanks.

E: Please tell me you’ve designed a stronger method to control the witch than playing hard to get. K: Well, I’ve always been partial to the classics.

C: I’d like to say I slept on it, but I didn’t sleep. I stayed awake all night next to the body of a hexed priest, only to attend a funeral filled with vampires. So I’m thinking, you should tell me about the key. Hmmm, she seems a bit … And I’m so used to everyone healing that it looks weird to see her scarred.

E: I believe that was my brothers way of telling you he’d like you to return home with us. Perhaps try a different approach Nicklaus. Fewer references to murder. 

K; This cycled misery ends with my child. H: Hmm. You forgot one thing in your attempt to plead your case. She’s not your child, she’s ours. E: Very heartfelt Nicklaus. K: Bloody hate funerals

Michael: I assume, my reputation precedes me.
Hayley turning !

H: If I died & someone threw a party, I would be so pissed. E: You almost did. A thousand years can’t recall a time I felt so … Frightened. 


H: Elijah …

Woo !! Her lil smile after 😀

No ! Don’t bring Michael back !

Ep 5-8


Episode 5

No Ji Hoo to save her 😦 Gu Jun Pyo comes to carry her off in his arms ^^ At least he believes her now.

Plastic Surgery every two years ?! So she did like him.

Jun Pyo: Did you eat a train’s heart ? Jun Di: It’s not a trains heart. Its a trains smokestack.

The way her fam just stare & nod at Jun Pyo. And he doesn’t know how to eat their food 😀

Jan Di still sticks up for her. Doesn’t that just kill you Min Ji ??

Ginger. Lol. Just Fell down when Jun Pyo announced her as his girlfriend.
No ! Ji Hoo. You cant just pop in & fuckin object 😦 You went ! You’ve lost your chance. Just let her be happy now. Please !

Ga Eul: Cant you go into the bathroom & scream celebration.

Ji Hoo with girls ? What the fuck is up with him ?!
Don’t joke like that ! Saying you were gonna ask her out. You weren’t. Not while being with Seo Hyun.

Jun Pyo’s taking her on a holiday !! Eek ! New Caledonia. Where the fuck is that ?! He fuckin sent waitresses to the shop to help out whilst they’re away.

Oh Em Gee ! Can’t get over hoe cute he is. All the flowers & stuff, on the beds & bath etc

That fortunetelling was just a dream ? Hmmm … I wonder who her hubby & soul mate will be ?

Gu Jun Pyo. Jealous of a genie 🙂 Lol cutie

Main course ? Starts stripping 😉

Episode 6

She covers her face. Lol ! But I thought he couldn’t swim :/

Poor Jun Pyo, he couldn’t even save her. Watching Ji Hoo save his girl.

Ga Eul: Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Haha, she let slip about Jan Di liking someone else.

Player list ? He ain’t a player though 😦 Jun Pyo’s not a player ! 😦

That lil anklet. Jun Pyo: If a girl doesn’t like me. I wont touch her.

Dont you fuckin ‘dare give her that lily, Ji Hoo. She knows what it means.

Hug. Plz … You’re just torturing her. Jan Di knows she can’t have you. Especially now she’s with Jun Pyo.

I like that thing Jun Pyo’s wearing.

He’s another example of a possessive rich guy. Don’t go anywhere without me. 
Well, she lost it quickly -_-

Ouch. Jun Pyo thinks she snuck off with Ji Hoo 😦 Coz he got her anklet which he’s wearing as a bracelet that she said she should’ve been wearing when she claimed to have gone for a walk alone. And he got a bit tipsy.

Poor Jun Pyo. Went out to God knows what race Ji Hoo & got stuck losing his paddle. How the fuck did he get back ? Then she goes fishing with Ji Hoo

Did you see ? My heart ?

It’s fuckin happening ! He’s gonna hate her for this. Everything she said about Seo Hyun.

Her first kiss !! Ji Hoo ! Omfg, Jun Pyo ! He must be fuckin heartbroken 😥 He freakin saw that.

That anklet thing he gave, its for the person you want to spend your life with. Now she gets it.

Drawing. Oookay. I think she does like Jun Pyo.

He kicked Ji Hoo out of F4 !! And both of them are gonna get expelled.

Yi Jung: Even if you hooked up with my sister & dumped her after 3 days, I wouldn’t be this mad. Ji Hoo: You don’t have a sister. Yi Jung: I’m not joking.

Umm, shouldn’t your sister matter more than a friend’s girl ??

Episode 7

His sister to the rescue. Jun Hee. One person he’ll bow to.

Jun Pyo hungry in his room. Butler Lee ends up sending the food back. I always think they’re saying Butter Lee

Jun Pyo & Ji Hoo at the movies.

Ji Hoo: But leave Jan Di alone.

Jun Pyo: What are you going to do if I don’t ?

Ji Hoo: I’ll protect her. I have to protect her.

Jun Pyo /clenches his fist/ It has been eleven times. If you remember we are friends who have seen that movie eleven times together … Then something like this shouldn’t have happened. 

The type of guy I hate the most ? A disgraceful guy. A stingy guy. A guy that can’t let go of the past.

A guy that brags about himself ? A disgraceful guy

A guy that never forgives his friends ? A stingy guy

A guy that can’t accept his defeat ? A guy that can’t let go of the past.

Jun Hee: The three in the triangle, come up. Jan Di: /smacks Jun Pyo to get up too/ Yi Jung & Woobin : /making head motions at him/ Jun Pyo: /to self/ Three. Triangle ? /mouthing/ Me ? Me ?! Jun Hee: /eye rollThis kid

Asking Coach Park if he’ll be able to win, no reply, Jun Pyo: Never mind. I’ll make my own destiny

Ji Hoo looks so happy recently. It’s kinda weird. But good, good for him 🙂
But Ji Hoo’s the better rider. How ? How did Jun Pyo win ?

Ji Hoo’s sho cute talking to his horse.

Poor Jupiter. Can’t run no more 😦 You overworked him.

Omo ! That flashback. Plz don’t make Ji Hoo drive a fuckin race car. How can Jun Pyo be happy about this ?! His fuckin family died in a car

Dip his face in his soup. Lol I love Jun Hee.

Jun Pyo skidding after seeing Jan Di sitting with Ji Hoo eating. I feel so fuckin sorry for him.

Secret weapon ? Jan Di
Wow Ji Hoo’s not hyperventilating in the car 🙂
Jun Pyo loses control thinking of them together

No fair ! Ji Hoo faced his fear Grrr  320 Why is Jun Pyo allowed a way out of it ?!

Ugh. Her fam just wants her to suck up.

I think Jun Pyo really does love her. I want to think the same of Ji Hoo, he was my first choice for her. Also my fave in the whole show. But is she just a kid to him. A rebound ?

Episode 8

Isn’t that like the first time he hugged her. The time Ji Hoo did, right before the kiss that started all this, I was like at least he knows to hold her when she’s upset. Anyways, his Just one word … reminds me of Chuck & Blair Just three words. 

That boss has some powers. He like always tells the future or summat. Like when he goes Don’t leave me to Jan Di & Ga Eul.

Jun Pyo turned out the power ?? Ugh, who won the swim though.

Was that a friendly punch Yi Jung ?

Ji Hoo’s robo story 😦

He can’t ruin her so no one can have her ? So he’s letting her go ?

Jealousy to get Jun Pyo out of bed 😉

He even bought that coffee. To drink alone. My heart is aching for him. Ji Hoo just took her to the first place she went with Jun Pyo.

Jun Pyo wrote that in the cable car? Blubblub 33a

Your house on the first date. Isn’t that a dick move Ji Hoo ?

Then he says she’s an easy girl ? Child’s play ? Is that his way of letting her go ? Oh. It was to make Jun Pyo admit to it.

I knew it ! I knew he’d be the one in hospital. But I thought he’d crash the night he left while she was at Ji Hoo’s.

Lil shit ! He got her to confess like that. Doesn’t it hurt Ji Hoo to do this. That is love right there (I think), Ji Hoo is totally letting her go for her own happiness.

Those suit guys. The worst. Picking up snow ? Push ups on the fence ?

He needs to stop bundling Jan Di into his car like that.

Almost kiss ! Seriously, you called her for that ? Fuckin food ! She was gonna get kissed !

Faking to be busy. Lol ! She just doesn’t wanna face Jun Pyo.

Ji Hoo kept the one she drank from 🙂 You cutie

Jun Pyo came to stay at her house. Got a good night ? 347

I’mma be dying of suspense till I get back to watch in my free period. Fuckin hooked. Literally up all night for this.