My Bommie


Found a post on a ‘drug scandal’ regarding Park Bom, on DramaFever. And I just had to read it to see it’s not true ! She’s such an angel

I was so suprised she grew up in the US. And liked soccer :O ! Lol

It’s just to me she seems so girly. I’m totally not like that but it’s something I really like about her.

I felt so sad for her after reading this. Coz of what she’d been through. Things like that are so upsetting. And for it to have been put out in the open like that. Making her remember it all again.

Plus the CEO saying he found her crying her eyes out coz of this. That just broke my heart 😥

Guess Who ?


Who’s bday was it today ?

You get a virtual cookie if you guessed right.

Park Bommie

She is a goddess. One of my fave female artists though she’s part of a band

I love how no matter what you put her. What context. What clothes. Anything. She always manages to look so fuckin innocent. Not to mention gorgeous.








As soon as I saw the outfits I was like I wonder what Bommie’s wearing ?? I find it amazing how she always looks so innocent & girly 322

At first I thought CL was Dara coz of her hairdo. That’s more Dara’s style I think.

Anyways … More importantly GD at 3:16 !! I’m just like what the fuck is he doing there ?!

I’m pretty sure he has a thing for that move. I’ve seen it enough times