Twenty ?!


None other than Justin Bieber’s bdaii today ❤ !!!

I can’t believe it ! He’s twenty ! Sob My baby’s all grown up.

It feels like it was just yesterday when I saw him in the Baby video & fell for him hard.

It’s been five years for me. Belieber since 09 … And time has really flown.

image    Sexy Fucker ^_^




I don’t even know what to say 346 How did this even happen ?!

Any ways …

b60 Happy Birthday baby !! Hope it’s awesome ♥♥♥ b60




Lol first thing I’mma do is rant but it can’t be helped *serious face*  Coz of what just happened the other day with Justin Bieber. Like the day before yesterday.

So he was arrested for drug use & I think drunk driving (?) Well DUI … I think that’s either drinking under influence or driving under influence. I’m not sure ….. :/ But I just hate it that every thing he does has to be blown up, like I don’t get it can’t they leave him be for a bit. Everyone goes through times in their lives where they do things they’re most likely to regret later on. But they manage to get through it without half the fuckin world talking about it.

He’s even kinda on hiatus at the moment & I hoped the paparazzi would give it a rest, but I guess not. Okay fine I know drunk driving is like y’know & you shouldn’t get away with something like that but they don’t have to go splashing it about.

On the bus, on my way to college, I was just getting off & I look down to see a newspaper lying on the ground with none other than Justin on the front cover. And you know what made me more mad ? The headlines ‘Justice, Bieber’. Is that menna be some pun based off of the fuckin hate ?!

I just hope he gets through this okay. It must be so hard to be under scrutinity all the time. I get mad if someone even comments on anything I do.

No matter what happens I just hope he knows that there are many of us out there who will always be there for him. Even if only to love & support him if we can’t do much else xxx