Echo House


When Stiles was going to Eichan house 😦 His dad seemed to be freaking out more than him. I don’t think anywhere would’ve been safe for him.

Would you feel remorse putting Stiles down ? Please tell me there’s a little bit of feeling behind those words.

Lydia saying how the robbery is gonna go down. And then we attack them ? Ahahaha 🙂

Urgh ! That orderly in the mental place has a creepy look to him 35a Also, he fucking sedated Stiles ! At a time when it was so important for him to remain conscious.

Give me the finger. 326 You know what I mean. I laughed hard at that 🙂 When Kira jumped him … Fail much ? 

Stiles & Malia ?! Really ?! Was that your first kiss ? Was it okay ? Wanna try again ? Ugh ! 361 I am dying for something between him & Derek. Blame it on all the fan fiction. But really though, have they had any interaction lately ? It’s being saved for later, right ? Right ? Right ? 

Oliver … Creepy. What’s in him ? Like he’s not possessed but … He’s doing what the nogitsune wants him to. Oh yeah, what was on that paper Stiles & Malia found in that body’s pocket ? What that the nogitsune’s real body ?

Seriously ?! What kind of ending was that ?! I’m dying here ! 

They’re gonna turn Stiles ?!!?! Wahey !! I wanna see him all wolfed out 3271

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