Long Way Back From Hell


Klaus’ tattoo is kinda weird. Little birdies flying. To me it doesn’t seem like him.

Elijah ! You’re back ! Cue shirtless Elijah 322 What’s happening ? 

Poor Hayley 🙂 Must’ve been hard to concentrate on copying names off his body 😛

Elijah, when they got to the right track. Well I suppose we have our answer. Only I have no idea what it means.

Agh ! Those flashes to the people suffering from influenza 322 It’s scary. But Rebekah as a nurse though.

Still defending him. Even until the bitter end. When Celeste with Rebekah & she’s saying Elijah’s a good guy.

Now both Elijah & Klaus know why Michael came. But the look on Klaus’ face when Elijah shoved the knife into him. 😦 He looked so betrayed.

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