Okaii … I just have to narrate my day so far. More like this morning.

Firstly, I had first period free so I slept in. But I slept all the way till just before second period Maths & I figured by the time I got ready & made my way there I’d be extremely late so I didn’t bother & just got there in time for third period Physics.

Just my luck that YLT my teacher wasn’t here again just like yesterday. at first we weren’t sure if he was coming in or not. Only a few of us were there & the rest were slowly coming. C asks if YLT’s here, we’re like Shrug idk. Then someone goes Why wasn’t he here yesterday ? C’s like ‘I don’t know but I know it’s something dirty’. I was just thinking I don’t wanna know your idea. He goes ‘Does he have a boyfriend ? He got pounded. Cackle‘ My face was just like 3411

It’s just a thing that everyone knows YLT is gay. He’s never actually confirmed it. We all just believe it coz Idk … I think it’s coz he looks it. I wonder if he even knows 35f Like imagine it’s not even true ! He’d be so offended 322

So anyways, J the other Physics teacher walked in. Basically that confirmed YLT wasn’t here. We got our assigned work & left.

So I’m back at home 🙂 Got here barely an hour after I left.

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