Once again my awkwardly awkward class. Being the only girl & all
So we’re doing Sorting in Decisions. You don’t necessarily have to even know what it’s about coz yeah … It’s not important right now.
IC my teacher really likes to get us all up & about. So he makes us get up & be sorted.

The first time we were given letters. Thankfully I didn’t get D because I would’ve never heard the end of it.

The second time I wasn’t so lucky. It was fruits so I’d let my guard down because I thought I was safe for now. Oh apparently strawberries are a girl fruit ? Coz one of them got it & he’s like Sir ! Why did you give me a girl fruit ? And I’m just like ‘Wow Really ?’

Anyways, he comes over to me & he’s like ‘Because you’re special you get to have a whole bunch … of bananas.’

Well, the rest didn’t hear that but when we got in line they obviously wanted to know who got the bananas. Pervs.
Well wouldn’t you know … It was the girl.

As usual I’m tryna keep a straight face

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