Apres Moi, Le Deluge


Woah …. Davina was totally losing it 346 When Rebekah first came to see her, asking what she was doing because that’s not what she asked her to do. I actually thought for a second that Davina was doing it on purpose. Till she said she didn’t know what was happening.

Elijah would give up his mother’s dead body ? Me; Soo … Hailey now owns the place. The three of them will have magic flowing through them. Okaii … 

Well it isn’t a family reunion without our dear mother 

33a I actually believed Davina would be resurrected. Shouldn’t have expected a happy ending.

So it didn’t work coz Sabine took the power. But she’s not Sabine. She’s Celeste 326 I quite want to see Elijah’s reaction to that. It’s like with Damon & Katherine. But Celeste has actually been in front of Elijah all this time but not told him.

I thought the two looked similar but this was a suprise 35a

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