A Closer Walk With Thee


I knew it was a dream as soon as I saw the baby.

Cammie: Hey. Earth to you. K: Your face C: Thank You

K: My fears of scarring my child as my father scarred me are manifesting as nightmares. It’s horrifically cliche. C: Truthfully, I’m just surprised to hear you acknowledge out loud that you’re going to be a dad.

Francesca. Ugh she’s a bitch. Still hate her. So she ordered the bombings ?

E: Yes. Far better to practice your process of grief Niklaus. Denial, rage & hoarding coffins in basements.

Uh, shite. What’s the thing with Michael.
Oh yeah. So the other side problem has to be here too.

E: Nothing springs to mind at this precise moment. G: Oh gee. Thanks.

E: Please tell me you’ve designed a stronger method to control the witch than playing hard to get. K: Well, I’ve always been partial to the classics.

C: I’d like to say I slept on it, but I didn’t sleep. I stayed awake all night next to the body of a hexed priest, only to attend a funeral filled with vampires. So I’m thinking, you should tell me about the key. Hmmm, she seems a bit … And I’m so used to everyone healing that it looks weird to see her scarred.

E: I believe that was my brothers way of telling you he’d like you to return home with us. Perhaps try a different approach Nicklaus. Fewer references to murder. 

K; This cycled misery ends with my child. H: Hmm. You forgot one thing in your attempt to plead your case. She’s not your child, she’s ours. E: Very heartfelt Nicklaus. K: Bloody hate funerals

Michael: I assume, my reputation precedes me.
Hayley turning !

H: If I died & someone threw a party, I would be so pissed. E: You almost did. A thousand years can’t recall a time I felt so … Frightened. 


H: Elijah …

Woo !! Her lil smile after 😀

No ! Don’t bring Michael back !

What Lies Beneath


That girl all over Tyler. Julian I mean. Maria, her name is. Woo ! He hasn’t turned in ages !
I need help ! Somebody ! They just stare.

S about Luke: Damon I know you’re out of friends. But I’m not sure this guy’s the best replacement.

Luke: So it kills vampires. What does this mean for the witches ? D: Nobody cares.

D: Well good news our friend Luke here is an alleged genius at locator spells. 

D: Meanwhile you & I & our ex girlfriend are gonna go on a little school trip. S: Sounds greaat..

Enzo: For some reason I thought that would feel better.

Elena’s giving it all away. Damon’s gonna find out 3411

Stefan & Elena running off to make the fire together, D: Let the games begin.

B: Not to be, the only girl here. But I, can’t watch this. I’m gonna go upstairs.

C: So my deduction skills really suck.
C: So there secret really was about Enzo.

He took Luke. So they can be found now. Ugh, sneaky bitch.

E: Where did that even come from ? C: I, have no idea.

S: What did you think I was gna do ? Hate me. I thought you would hate me. Ugh ~ Can’t get over when they have these moments. And you just see that brother connection/love ^_^

D: That’s for Enzo. And it’s the last time you’ll hear from me.

S: I didn’t want you to think any less of me. Aaahh, the cute friendship of Caroline & Stefan.

E: Ok. Now I’m really confused.
What was that for ? D: Coz I’ve had a really crappy day. And I needed it.

Echo House


When Stiles was going to Eichan house 😦 His dad seemed to be freaking out more than him. I don’t think anywhere would’ve been safe for him.

Would you feel remorse putting Stiles down ? Please tell me there’s a little bit of feeling behind those words.

Lydia saying how the robbery is gonna go down. And then we attack them ? Ahahaha 🙂

Urgh ! That orderly in the mental place has a creepy look to him 35a Also, he fucking sedated Stiles ! At a time when it was so important for him to remain conscious.

Give me the finger. 326 You know what I mean. I laughed hard at that 🙂 When Kira jumped him … Fail much ? 

Stiles & Malia ?! Really ?! Was that your first kiss ? Was it okay ? Wanna try again ? Ugh ! 361 I am dying for something between him & Derek. Blame it on all the fan fiction. But really though, have they had any interaction lately ? It’s being saved for later, right ? Right ? Right ? 

Oliver … Creepy. What’s in him ? Like he’s not possessed but … He’s doing what the nogitsune wants him to. Oh yeah, what was on that paper Stiles & Malia found in that body’s pocket ? What that the nogitsune’s real body ?

Seriously ?! What kind of ending was that ?! I’m dying here ! 

They’re gonna turn Stiles ?!!?! Wahey !! I wanna see him all wolfed out 3271

Episode 20 :(


The Finale

Don’t provoke me. I’m very upset.

Her team operating on her Sob She knows she’s in good hands. Being a cutie telling Jo he looks good from down there 😉 As she talks to them all & sung Woo won’t look at her 😦 She doesn’t seem to get that it hurts him a lot. Then when Tae Shin came & held her hand I’m just there Please … Nothing in front of my baby.

That moment in the operating theater 341 I thought she was gone ! Hiccuppy Sob

That bitch Director almost gave VP a heart attack ! Or at least that’s what it looked like to me at the time. Then she asks Seo ‘Do you know me ?’ & it’s like Shite ! Memory loss ! But it was the same as before. She came & went. Tae Shin was so cute bringing stuff for her to do 🙂

Yay ! Tae Shin & the others want to get Top Team back together !!

Minho in a suit ?? Where’s he going ? I started panicking coz I thought he was leaving. 😦

Lol ! Min Ji saying Tae Shin was gonna cry 😛

When Tae Shin was doing his little speech & Ah Jin’s just coughing to get him to mention her 333

Awww Seo  333 She fell asleep during his confession. I thought he’d pick her up & take her. But he just sat with her. Still cute ♥

The way Tae Shin rolled back in to peck her cheek !!! And her reaction was …. I giggled for so long over that !

Last Bae & Jeong moment 😦 Bae relaxing Jeong before the operation ♥

I’m crying ! I didn’t want it to end. My poor Minho Sung Woo didn’t get any closure 😦 Even in his video call to Ah Jin, he’s like ‘You’ve got a boyfriend to look after you now’. He’s still the same from when the show began. Left with one-sided feelings towards his friend. A friend who now has a boyfriend.

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