No Exit


Damon is hot with his mouth smeared in blood 347 !!

Caroline’s eyebrows when she says Elena is studying with her ex 🙂 Stefan’s all ‘She’s studying with a friend. Without the implied quotations’.

I really think Katherine should slow down with how she’s coming onto Stefan though. I literally watch her & worry he’ll start suspecting any second.

But I must admit that I thoroughly appreciate her being a sneaky bitch 😉 Whatever you’re having. But with a lot more salt. And maybe a little chocolate. 

When she got all dirty & convinced him to go shower at the hotel. Leaving the door ajar as she dressed. He didn’t even try to not look 322 When they were sucking face … I was wondering Wait … Are they officially on their way to getting back together now ? Then he stopped it from progressing. While she pretended to be sorry 😉

But Stefan … The way he talks about loving her 328 It’s too adorable ♥ 

Wait. Since I’m gonna forget this anyway. 327 But then he got her phone out. Way to kill the mood 🙂

It looks hilarious when Damon is trying to shove Elena back out 🙂 But how did they get him out later on then ? Did the spell wear off or something ?

I love how when Stefan is telling Caroline how Elena‘s been acting different & then says it could be Katherine, you can see her brain ticking as she realizes it 🙂

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