Smoke and Mirrors


I kind of don’t want to watch it coz then I have a lot of waiting to do. And I know it’s gonna end with a load of questions.

Sheriff: I can keep you from going. Sti: I’d find a way. Sheriff: I could throw you in a cell. Sti: I’d still find a way.

Derek: It’s not about power. It’s about being able to help. I don’t like, feeling helpless. Aww my poor bby :( I still hate that you so chill with dying.

Braeden: Do you really think you won’t be coming back ? Derek: Not …Alive (?) Does Derek basically speak through snogging.

NO ! Why are they so naive. Peter shouldn’t be allowed to help. He wants Scott dead. But he does also want to kill Kate so .. ?

Sti: We would have to freeze you in carbonite to get you down there. Liam: Okay, then where do we get carbonite ? Sti: Seriously ?

Wait. Braeden’s US Marshall line wasn’t just a line ?! She actually is one ?

Gdi ! These Berserkers seriously get around sneakily for such massive creatures. But the way Lydia sniffed Kira’s jacket, I was wondering if banshees can catch scents too.

P: Ah, this little one is terrified of them aren’t you ? Don’t worry my friend, it is that fear which will keep you alive.

Sterek moment ! Don’t anyone dare tell me otherwise. I have been deprived. I’ve been thriving off of fanfics.


IS LIAM TURNING CGI LIKE SCOTT ?!!?! Did you see his face ? It was turning black. I’m  guessing anyone Scott bites will turn like that. Maybe anyone Peter bites, and just continues down the line.

cgi liam


Just don’t mind me and my little shipper moments :)



Like honestly, what is Derek looking at ? I’m pretty sure you can’t see out of that glass.



You shoulda fuckin checked before trying to just jump out !! I just had a heart attack crying :'( He went down so quick I was shocked. I know he’s human and all but he put up no fight at all. Guess it was down to being taken off guard.


I was screaming through the screen for someone to feed him their fuckin blood. Then I remembered this isn’t TVD. And they’re not vampires.

Okay. Seriously. Just spare my heart crying :'(crying :'(

6 7

Look at their faces ! You could totally forget that Peter is evil. Even evil has a heart when it comes to family and blood, right ? But, uhh, hasn’t he attempted to kill Derek before ? Nevermind.


What are these expressions ? Confusion? Conflict? Fear on behalf of him ? What ?! Because obviously my hardcore shipping brain is gonna read it how I want to -_-


When the Kalaveras turned up I got happy thinking they might be able to actually save Derek. When I saw Parrish with them I’m like, How the damn hell did you get a hold of these guys ? But Chris was there too so that cleatred things.

But then he went and died on us. D: It’s a mortal wound. And right now I’m feeling pretty mortal.


L: They need me. I’m going for it. And yes with a baseball bat. Poor Mason. He must be going out of his mind right about now. After all this is over, will they explain it all to him too ?

excuse me catch

I literally loved this moment so much 🙂 Excuse me. Catch. Sheriff Stilinski is awesome ! I laughed, during this episode of hearttbreak.

Also, Kira’s mom coming to her in a vision thingy :) Kinda reminded me of when Allison’s mom came to her, the time with Scott in the rest stop toilets. But Victoria was dead though. Kira’s mom isn’t.

derek wolfblue eyes wolf

Oh daamn! How did I forget that the wolf from the opening credits would have to make an appearance at some point. I remember his mom, Talia taking the full wolf form, in flashbacks. And Laura’s body did that, when Scott and Stiles dug her up, in Season 1.

Even as a full wolf, daamn gorgeous heart eyes <3__<3

D: No. I was evolving. Something you’ll never do.

The only thing I could thing was, He’s naked. Butt-naked. But people are staring. In awe maybe.

S: You were never an alpha, Peter. Because you were always a monster. His wolf form is still hella freaky, even though he’s not the previous cgi. Okay, so Scott got the transformation powerthat should be passed down their family line ? Even though Derek got it too ? Or does Peter mean becoming the Alpha.

yo daddy

Sti: Yo daddy ? This is his punishment for running off to Mexico, right ? 😛

Coach: You boys are gonna stick together. You’re gonna look out for each other. And you’re gonna have each others backs. Get it ?

L: Whatever you are, it might be in here. I’d like to help you figure it out.

Wait a minute. Braeden’s been tracking down the Desert Wolf for a while now. But that’s apparently Malia’s mom. Now that Peter’s locked away, will she tell the others ?

Lmao but Peter’s scream after he saw the third eye on that man ^_^ :D



OhmyGod i forgot to post this morning when i watched it.

Without control, violence … Extreme violence is inevitable

M: I could try catching their scent. Teacher: Right, how about I just mark them down as absent.

Teacher: Malia. Do you need to be excused from class ? M: Yeah. Just gets up all ready to walk on out of there.

I get this warm fuzzy feeling every time Derek offers to teach someone. Like duude he’s getting really soft, hasn’t anyone realised. Maybe I just read too many fanfics, coz i am getting hella confused if half the things I remember even happened on the show or not.

Parish: Well, I make 40 thousand a year. I should just kill myself

So they are Buddhist werewolves ? I thought I misheard or something.

Parrish: The last time you saw her you almost gave her a nervous breakdown. L: Uh, almost.

You. I like you. I’m gonna keep you

Scent covering ? I literally thought of Brett the exact time Malia voiced it 🙂

D: Like a hyperactive spazz ?

I don’t like it. Don’t like it at all that Braeden keeps popping up. Especially coz she’s hurt this time. Derek’s gonna feel obliged to look after her, and then anyone could guess where that leads. In this show any lady will do for Derek right ? Ugh!! stop throwing him into weird hook-ups  >:( angry

What a babe is Scott ? Like don’t we all know it but nothing wrong with being reminded. I really hope his plan to save all lives carries through. Though I also highly doubt it.

I literally love that Kate took the berserkers right when one was gonna kill Chris 🙂 Out of control or not. You don’t kill your big bro, girl.

He got so far !! Then frikkin fell. Poor Liam, but d’awww when Scott came & got him ^^ Hugs!! I live for those okay

I’m starting to think Peter is somehow absorbing Derek’s powers :/ Idek man, wouldn’t know what to expect from creepy uncle.

And uh is my bby gonna die 😦 His name unlocked the last third damnit!

The Battle of New Orleans


Dav: Josh. Now that you have a ring I think you need to leave town. J: Woah. Wait. We breaking up ? Lol

J: Wow. Okay. Guess he forgot to call me. Rude. 

K: Well that’s typical isn’t it. Marcel fills the room with dynamite. And yet I’m the tactless one. 

E: Impeccable timing.

E: Jackson is fine. He’s a little tied up right now. Can we call you back ?

H: Thank God you’re alive. K: I’m fine too, thanks for asking.

H: It’s complicated. E: I think that’s the understatement of the year.

Jackson: Seems I owe you yet again.

Come on, Elijah. For once in your immortal life can you just not be so noble.


What would you have me do ?

I just told you that I’m betrothed according to some backwater arrangement by people that I never knew. Tell me that you think betrothals are stupid. Tell me that I have a choice


You will always have a choice.

Gen: You say the most romantic things Lol

Omlg ! That bitch Francesca & her family are freakin werewolves too !!

K: I thought this lot would’ve learnt their lesson. E: Well they’re not exactly renown for their genius.

M: Fine. Come get me. E: If you don’t kill him I will. K: He’s mine. This won’t take long. 

E: Gentlemen. Shall we ? Ever so polite (:

Knew Olly was in with the wrong people.

H: Why are you doing this to me? Monique: To be reborn you must sacrifice. H: What the hell does that mean ? You psychotic little bitch !

Klaus growling in answer to Hailey.

You can’t take her baby ! Noooo !!!

Promised Land


D: What’s up blondie ?

D: I think he’s trying to say something. Come here sweetie pie.

Agh ! They’re draining Stefan & Elena !! But lol at the fact that Stefan’s the one laid down.

D: You have Elena participating in squirrel slaughter ?  

S: Do you wanna talk to her. Or you still, pretending like you don’t wanna hear her voice ? 

D: It’s gonna be a busy day for me Stefan. Time to strap on the hero hair

D: Get both yourselves safely home brother. I’d hate to have to kick her ass for losing you.

D to Jer: You. I need you & your xbox buddy to run an errand for me. But he just came to see his Bonnie ):

S: Our blood. Okay. Our blood. Don’t hog the blame. How can Stefan be so selfless. When they were together, all Damon wanted was Elena for himself.

Stelena imagining what Caroline would do if she were there. To keep themselves sane. Lol ! Cuties.

S: I do know this. If Caroline Forbes was here right now, we would both be laughing. E: We’re so pathetic. You know what, let’s put on our best Caroline Forbes hats shall we ? 

Elena struts to the car, Hi- Oh … Not what I was expecting. Over to Stefan.

Matt to D: Why don’t you do us all a favor & start dating Elena again ? Nooo !!!

Found cave of wannabe witches. For more information call Damon Salvatore. Lol ! I found that a bit too funny.

D: Now listen. Don’t be offended but I can’t just give them to anyone. So, what do they look like ? Marcos: They’re ragged. Beaten down by the world. Desperate for a home. D: You just described homeless people, aging hipsters & Matt Donovan. 

Marcos: Mystic Falls is a means to an end. Like a small pebble dropped into a very large pond. D: Very poetic. No idea what it means.

No !! Stefan can’t die !! Nooo !!!!!!  33a Watching Caroline cry for help 33a

Long Way Back From Hell


Klaus’ tattoo is kinda weird. Little birdies flying. To me it doesn’t seem like him.

Elijah ! You’re back ! Cue shirtless Elijah 322 What’s happening ? 

Poor Hayley 🙂 Must’ve been hard to concentrate on copying names off his body 😛

Elijah, when they got to the right track. Well I suppose we have our answer. Only I have no idea what it means.

Agh ! Those flashes to the people suffering from influenza 322 It’s scary. But Rebekah as a nurse though.

Still defending him. Even until the bitter end. When Celeste with Rebekah & she’s saying Elijah’s a good guy.

Now both Elijah & Klaus know why Michael came. But the look on Klaus’ face when Elijah shoved the knife into him. 😦 He looked so betrayed.

Apres Moi, Le Deluge


Woah …. Davina was totally losing it 346 When Rebekah first came to see her, asking what she was doing because that’s not what she asked her to do. I actually thought for a second that Davina was doing it on purpose. Till she said she didn’t know what was happening.

Elijah would give up his mother’s dead body ? Me; Soo … Hailey now owns the place. The three of them will have magic flowing through them. Okaii … 

Well it isn’t a family reunion without our dear mother 

33a I actually believed Davina would be resurrected. Shouldn’t have expected a happy ending.

So it didn’t work coz Sabine took the power. But she’s not Sabine. She’s Celeste 326 I quite want to see Elijah’s reaction to that. It’s like with Damon & Katherine. But Celeste has actually been in front of Elijah all this time but not told him.

I thought the two looked similar but this was a suprise 35a

Episode 19


So Ah Jin has a brain tumor that causes her to pass out ? I don’t get it … The way she uploaded the wrong CT scan so as not to worry Tae Shin.

What is Hong Song Wook so sorry for ? I’m confused 361

They’re disbanding Top Team ?!!?! Brb. Too shocked

Chief Jang is a bitch ! Trying to transfer Seo again !! Just coz he’s got more authority now Scoffs

Shite ! Tae Shin saw that sheet Sung Woo left behind. It’s Ah Jin’s records 322

Seriously though, poor VP 😦 Her son passed away & she didn’t even know. She was looking forward to meeting him so badly. At first I was like How on earth did she forget being told that ? She just turned up here to meet him, then remembered ages later ? And then she was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia & I’m like Ohh … that makes so much more sense. I knew something was up with her when she was acting weird & turning up in her office when she should be at home but still …

Tae Shin told the whole team before he even mentioned to her that he found out. But Bae & his gob tut bloody Gossip Queen.

Date night !! Wow I never thought he’d ask her out on a proper date.

I think Seo’s idea for saving the team is great. But you shouldn’t have hidden the fact you’re being sent away. He knows you just as well as you know him.

Kiss !! 3271 I totally expected a lil innocent peck on the lips but … b04Then he goes for another one 😉 Damn time those two moved on a bit !

Another Date ! Tae Shin & Ah Jin ! Pfffttt … Taking the day off to play … Her reaction though 🙂 And when he says ‘Tae Shin is with you. Who’d dare to say anything ?’ Ugh ! He’s so sweet to her it hurts me 😦 I’m sorry but I’m still waiting for my Minho to get a bit of happiness. He was the reason I started watching this.

Everyone’s so sad 33f I don’t like it. Why are they getting diagnosed with this in the last few episodes ??