What The Fuck


This was at college today

Well I couldn’t be bothered going with to drop someone off, so I said I’d just wait where I was & they’d pick me up.

Soon as they were gone a random guy sat with me. Started asking about the files & shit. I thought he was just messing coz of where we were, it could totally look like a hushhush meeting.

But he wouldn’t shut the fuck up ?! I was starting to freak out.

So I did the only thing I could think of. I stuck my earphones in & got out my phone. Coz no matter what I said he wouldn’t shoo.

He finally left saying he’d message me.

S turned up right after. I’m thinking, couldn’t you have been a bit quicker ? But in a way I was like, Thank God you didn’t see me in the awkward situation. No end of immature teasing would’ve begun.

But then we kept seeing him everywhere for like the next 2 hours ! And he was like waving at my mate & stuff 35f



Just take a minute to think about this.

My dad bought me a chocolate box for my birthday.

He may not live here. But we’re still people who are a few notches above acquaintances right ?

A chocolate box ! That feels so fuckin formal to me. Like what you’d get if you found out it was someone’s birthday & you had no idea what sort of thing they’d want.



It’s bad enough having A & C making rude jokes out of everything in Physics. Plus A is in some of my other classes. But when my teacher joins in … My life is over

We’re doing about waves etc. & he had this thing set up to show us. There was this little silver piece attached to the start of the string. And it was pulled over a pulley & weights were dangling from it over the edge of the table.

He puts it on & the piece goes in&out of the device it’s in. This is called a vibrator he goes. I was gonna die on the spot. Thought I was lucky coz no one reacted for two secs apart from me. But I hope I was discreet. Then C chuckled. YLT looks up It is funny isn’t it ? I’m just like Kill me now. Please.

I couldn’t look at it pistoning like that. My dirty dirty mind.

But the actual practical was awesome though. Despite the fact I had a headache coz of the constant buzzing. And I could still here it after we were dismissed.

2MIN !!!!KISS!!!!



Just heard about it yesterday !! 3411 It happened yesterday right ?!

I need to see this !

Apparently it was forced by Taemin ?! Well good to see him initiate for once. Though he did leap in quite far /raised brow/

Anyways, I’m waiting for my bus & it’s taking too long 😦 It’s not fair if I woke up at six today & I still get late !

I’m going back to how I was at the start of the year. Waking up at dawnish & getting to college on time. And every day too. No more bunking for me till the year is over hopefully. That doesn’t mean I’ll bunk next year though.

Oh it’s here …

Top Doll


Omg !! I’m so late !!

I just about saw the Kobe fanmeet pics & vids :O ! That was on the 23/24 Feb … And I only found out about it yesterday morning. In bloody March !!

Ok … Enuff on that. Time to say what I came to 🙂

Jiyong as a maid 😀 He looks adorbs ^^ And he’s gone a bit chubby Squealing That’s sho cute.


Was Seungri wearing a skirt ? Or was it a kilt. Idk :/

Ummm … Ji’s dance :O Holy Shit !! And it had to be a TOP doll. What can I say. I’m not complaining 🙂 That’s just perf. One of my top ships 😉



I was watching BTOB MVs last night & my two lil sisters (7&10) were with me

I don’t have a bias in that group yet so I was tryna pick one coz they asked. But they’re all gorge so I was like piss this.

Later my sis commented on one if them. I just turned & looked at her like You’re my ten year old sis. Don’t comment on a guys looks plz