Poor Damon ! His face 323 Looks so sad I wanna cry. Never expected him to show so much feels.

Lexi !! 338 L: I got you. Looks like I’m saving you from both metaphorical darkness, and actual darkness. I think you owe me a beer. Aaaah !! I’m so happy to see her !  

Julian: Sorry your highness, but I don’t buy it. M: That’s because you haven’t set foot in my kingdom yet. 

D: Meaning what ? You’re biceps shrunk & your brain got smaller. J: Meaning that I have a supernatural urge to kill vampires. So, wherever I hated you less, there was no magic. 

C: Hey professor Salvatore. Not everyone can see the map. E: Yeah don’t forget about us. D: Donovan. You had one job. 

Lexi teasing Stefan about Caroline 338 Lol 😛 Se’cute. but I think it’s just a beautiful friendship.

Silas ! You can’t bring him back ! Silas: Ooh I’ve been upgraded to a plague. How biblical. 

S: Is it a crime for someone so good looking to be so sad all the time. 

M: Can we talk about the irony in us blowing up the only place dumb enough to hire us.

D: Alright, not to re-live old fights. But. This is my choice. And I need you to respect it. D: That was a low blow.

B: Bygones. Silas is gone.

Omg ! Sheriff Forbes  322 Liz !

A: Friendly advice. When you finally get the girl, don’t blow her up. 

L: What kind of a best friend would I be if you died before Stefan got his brother back ? You’re not gonna get me. At least she found her peace.

Stupid bitch didn’t react like that when Stefan died. Ugh ! I just hate her right now.

S: I lost them both. The two people I’d known longest in this world. Both gone. 

And Damon. He finally had everything he wanted. He was happy. He should be here.

Damon & Bonnie facing the darkness together. D: This place is going down isn’t it ? B: It is. I’m sure there are a million people we’d both rather be with right now. But … D: couple of thousand at most. B: Do you think it’ll hurt ? D: i don’t know-

I still don’t get what Grams did for Bonnie. And is the darkness what took Katherine away ??

What Lies Beneath


That girl all over Tyler. Julian I mean. Maria, her name is. Woo ! He hasn’t turned in ages !
I need help ! Somebody ! They just stare.

S about Luke: Damon I know you’re out of friends. But I’m not sure this guy’s the best replacement.

Luke: So it kills vampires. What does this mean for the witches ? D: Nobody cares.

D: Well good news our friend Luke here is an alleged genius at locator spells. 

D: Meanwhile you & I & our ex girlfriend are gonna go on a little school trip. S: Sounds greaat..

Enzo: For some reason I thought that would feel better.

Elena’s giving it all away. Damon’s gonna find out 3411

Stefan & Elena running off to make the fire together, D: Let the games begin.

B: Not to be, the only girl here. But I, can’t watch this. I’m gonna go upstairs.

C: So my deduction skills really suck.
C: So there secret really was about Enzo.

He took Luke. So they can be found now. Ugh, sneaky bitch.

E: Where did that even come from ? C: I, have no idea.

S: What did you think I was gna do ? Hate me. I thought you would hate me. Ugh ~ Can’t get over when they have these moments. And you just see that brother connection/love ^_^

D: That’s for Enzo. And it’s the last time you’ll hear from me.

S: I didn’t want you to think any less of me. Aaahh, the cute friendship of Caroline & Stefan.

E: Ok. Now I’m really confused.
What was that for ? D: Coz I’ve had a really crappy day. And I needed it.

Man On Fire


Enzo to C: Seventy years of captivity & she was the one face I clung on to.

S to E: Did i say Damon ? What I meant to say was George.

Shite ! Did Stefan kill Maggie ? But everyone says 1960 he was clean.

Omg it was Damon !

Damon to Maggie: Vividly. It was very hot. Lots of screaming. About the fire in Gilbert House (?) 

Enzo: Coz if I hate you, then I’d have nothing left. Ouch. Right in the feels !
Enzo: There we are. You’re right, I don’t have a care in the world.

Marcose looks familiar from somewhere
D: Yup. Emotion free bye bye humanity.

S to Enzo: I know why Damon didn’t wanna deal with you anymore. You don’t shut up.

Enzo: I think it’s time we both stop coddling him. Stefan & Enzo’s fight. Fuck ! Enzo: Have fun sorting this out with your brother.

S to E: Wouldn’t it be better if no humanity Enzo left for parts unknown & was never heard of again ?

Damon & Stefan’s heartfelt convo, D: Even a crappy one like me ? Even a crappy one like you.
You have to tell him now 😦

Resident Evil


I was just starting to wonder why they were introducing themselves. It was a dream.

Enzo is hilarious xD Pissing Damon off

D: Does your mysteriously missing girlfriend know how insufferable you are ? Maybe that’s why you haven’t found her. Coz she doesn’t wanna be found.

Okay. So they’re visions. Coz her parents aren’t even alive. E: Caroline, if you bite your tongue any harder it’ll bleed. Say it.

D: You know bringing up her name defeats the purpose of me trying to forget about her. Enzo: Bring up whose name ? Elenaaa

Enzo: Temptation 1 Enzo, Hello gorgeous.

E: They’re not sex dreams C: Yeah, they’re more like romance dreams. D: I don’t need to know that. Ahaha, he looks annoyed at being told all this.

Kol: Well apparently there’s trouble in paradise.

Enzo: So, Who cares for a drink in the library ? C: Yes please.
Gosh. Their awkward talk.
E: I mean, the whole strained, awkward don’t know how to act part.

D: So. Sex dreams about my brother. E: Wow. Ok. Yeahh that’s definitely one way to change the subject.

He sounds like he’s gonna cry when talking about Elena’s visions.

D: Liv has a twin ? Is it possible for there to be one of someone around here ?

Liv’s twin telling them about the travelers & stuff, Enzo: Well this just keeps getting better & better.

Her engagement vision ^^

Enzo: Apparently that’s Elena’s favorite flavor. D: I’m gonna staple your tongue to your chin. Marcose: Not in my house please. D: Marcose I suppose. Well I’m not Stefan & he’s not Elena.

When he says he’s the reason for the doppelgangers coming together, E: Well would you look at that. Think we just met the universe.

D: I’m sorry. Are we walking so I don’t fall asleep. When all those people were chanting & shit, I thought they were gonna take over Damon’s body or something :O

E: Does that mean that it’s over ? (They don’t look happy) S: Yeah it is.

S: I’ll always love you Elena. E: I’ll always love you too.

S: You can either be friends with someone. Or in love with them. But I don’t think you can be both.

How ! Did they take over Tyler !!

Total Eclipse of the Heart


Okaii …

Much as I used to hate Elena for how she’s been getting close to Stefan again lately. I totally don’t mind Katherine doing it though 😉

I got so scared when Tyler almost blew it for them. But somehow Nadia’s gotten Matt to sort it out. Phew.

I almost cried when Damon ripped that guys head off. I’ve seen things like that enough times … Like Stefan when he went Ripper. But the way he did it was just … Gasp

Two Down … How Many To Go ?


Finished TVD & TO late last night. Rest today after college 🙂

Okaii so that was a rush post right before I left. And now I’m back to finish off 🙂 ♥

You don’t know how glad I am that Katherine is still alive ! Well … Living in Elena’s body but .. yeah. Personally I think Elena’s just a dumb bitch just saying.

But I mean like how she was all like ‘I don’t know what I’m feeling’ & all that crap y’kno. Okay so she’s stopped breaking down into fuckin tears every two seconds, now that she’s a vampire, but still.

I hate how she acts towards Stefan like she still loves him, I mean it shows through little things, while she’s off with Damon. Seriously I’m totally for Stelena coz I don’t want her with Damon idk why but I feel argh when she acts like she kinda wants him back.

When she was trying to get his memory back after Tessa fried them & all she freakin did was replay their little cute moments. Like bitch ! Get over yourself !

Aaanyways, back to what I was saying. Tyler’s back ? I’m sorry. What ? Urgh. I was totally for Klaroline. Like especially since Klaus just came to pay a visit. And excuse me. Hot moment ?! 😛

And dude ! What the fuck is up with Stefan ?! I’m pretty sure he hasn’t flicked the switch or anything. So … he’s actually over Elena ? :/ …. Well I’m totally glad if he is btw. And that bitch was judging him for sleeping with her ? Pfft … What happened with Damon while Stefan drowned ? And even before that ? They got together when exactly ? I can’t remember. 

But he is soo sweet to Katherine before she goes though. I almost cried watching him change those memories & let her see her baby in the crib *sob* :’)

Poor Matty. 😦 ♥ I almost forgot about him until recent episodes.

And what was up with the last ep ? It looked like a frikkin season finale with the freakin reunion & all.

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Hiatus ?! My Life ?


OMG !! I swear my fuckin life is over ! I can’t keep up !


Soo… From the top deep breath

You know how literally everything went on hiatus for a while near the end of last year ? And by a while I mean ages. And then all came back at once ? Like starting the new fuckin series same time as everything else ?! And like I’m struggling to keep up with everything atm.
• Doctor Who ~ was like 2 episides & now I’ve gotta wait yonks for the next season so keep calm for now

• Sherlock ~ same goes there

• The Vampire Diaries ~ I am halfway thru the fuckin series but at the same time I need to watch let’s see

• The Originals ~ not even fuckin caught up & it’s only season one 😡


• Medical Top Team ~ I got halfway through it then Mid Term Mocks came up or some shit. I can’t remba. And I Never went back 😦

• And don’t forget all the kpop award shows that keep popping up