OhmyGod i forgot to post this morning when i watched it.

Without control, violence … Extreme violence is inevitable

M: I could try catching their scent. Teacher: Right, how about I just mark them down as absent.

Teacher: Malia. Do you need to be excused from class ? M: Yeah. Just gets up all ready to walk on out of there.

I get this warm fuzzy feeling every time Derek offers to teach someone. Like duude he’s getting really soft, hasn’t anyone realised. Maybe I just read too many fanfics, coz i am getting hella confused if half the things I remember even happened on the show or not.

Parish: Well, I make 40 thousand a year. I should just kill myself

So they are Buddhist werewolves ? I thought I misheard or something.

Parrish: The last time you saw her you almost gave her a nervous breakdown. L: Uh, almost.

You. I like you. I’m gonna keep you

Scent covering ? I literally thought of Brett the exact time Malia voiced it 🙂

D: Like a hyperactive spazz ?

I don’t like it. Don’t like it at all that Braeden keeps popping up. Especially coz she’s hurt this time. Derek’s gonna feel obliged to look after her, and then anyone could guess where that leads. In this show any lady will do for Derek right ? Ugh!! stop throwing him into weird hook-ups  >:( angry

What a babe is Scott ? Like don’t we all know it but nothing wrong with being reminded. I really hope his plan to save all lives carries through. Though I also highly doubt it.

I literally love that Kate took the berserkers right when one was gonna kill Chris 🙂 Out of control or not. You don’t kill your big bro, girl.

He got so far !! Then frikkin fell. Poor Liam, but d’awww when Scott came & got him ^^ Hugs!! I live for those okay

I’m starting to think Peter is somehow absorbing Derek’s powers :/ Idek man, wouldn’t know what to expect from creepy uncle.

And uh is my bby gonna die 😦 His name unlocked the last third damnit!