Danger !


So, technically this should be on my other blog. But it would feel so wrong not to have it on here though. So I’ll just repost it there (:

Oh ! My heart was not fully prepared  😕 I was expecting it on the 18th. And Baam! I wake to this :O !! Guess it’s still a welcome surprise though ;P

But honestly the nose to ear chain does not agree with me. Sorry bby 😦 But apart from that … You sexy lil fucka 😀 ! Do you wanna kill me ?!

Ace Release Date Revealed [updated with teaser pics & video]


Pretty much hyperventilated when I found out Taemin’s solo debut had been set for an official date.

Shoulda seen me 😀 I couldn’t even type because my fingers were trembling. I was constantly bursting into a giggle or squeal every ten seconds.
I can’t believe this is actually happening ! My bby’s all grown up ! Have you seen the teaser images ?? I’ll put them on this post in the morning ~

Finally calmed down enough to post this. So that’s good.

But … SHINee not having any further comebacks for the rest of 2014 ?! No activity at all then :S ? I would be so upset, if I wasn’t rejoicing over my bby’s good news.
Watch me in a few days. I’ll be in tears over that.

SM Releases Details of SHINee’s Taemin Solo Debut